Overwhelm is Optional

Episode 115: So what's the Gentle Rebel's first step then...?

April 27, 2022 Heidi Marke Season 1 Episode 115
Overwhelm is Optional
Episode 115: So what's the Gentle Rebel's first step then...?
Show Notes

This is such a big shift I could do a whole series of episodes on it!

Everyone wants your attention and these days we know how to hijack it and have the tech to do it in a more targeted and invasive way than before.

Attention is our experience of our life - where you place your attention is your life.

Controlling your attention means freedom from your attention being hijacked.

If you’re not happy with the amount of overwhelm in your life - gaining control of your attention is the first step in gently rebelling and getting your life back.

The Overwhelm is Optional podcast is for you if you want to quit the struggle with overwhelm and live your life to the full. You don’t want to compromise your health and relationships in order to have well-paid, satisfying, meaningful work. You want it all - on your terms.

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