Overwhelm is Optional

Episode 60: Overwhelmed by 'shoulds' and 'betters'?

May 12, 2021 Heidi Marke Season 1 Episode 60
Overwhelm is Optional
Episode 60: Overwhelmed by 'shoulds' and 'betters'?
Show Notes

Overwhelmed by ‘shoulds’ and ‘betters’?

Sometimes we can overwhelm ourselves. Noticing this gives us power to get out of overwhelm.

Looking back, it was the ‘shoudling’ myself, the need to keep being better at everything and the comparing myself to others who seem to have everything far more together than I felt I did, that led to complete overwhelm and making poor decisions that eventually led to a rather inelegant exit from a once-loved career.

Working with clients I find that with practice noticing how often they ‘should’ themselves or think they ought to be ‘better’ in some way, soon leads to a marked improvement in how they feel about their life.

But for all of us, we also notice that these habits rear their ugly heads whenever we are in the process of reaching for the next level in our lives.

Noticing this too gives us valuable information and more power than we realise.

This episode was recorded in my garden, just because I can.

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