Overwhelm is Optional

Episode 90: The Dietary Cheeseburger Episode

November 03, 2021 Season 1 Episode 90
Overwhelm is Optional
Episode 90: The Dietary Cheeseburger Episode
Show Notes

To the extent that not you believe that you can have such a thing as a dietary cheeseburger, determines whether or not you can have one.

This week’s episode continues with the theme of making the impossible possible by realising that what you’re struggling to make possible is actually impossible.

So the extent to which you believe it is possible to have a life with meaningful satisfying work without compromising your health and happiness, without stealing time and energy from the rest of your life to maintain hard-won work positions - determines whether or not it is possible for you.

The Dietary Cheeseburger model allows you to play with this idea and removes the barriers more serious matters such as life and work and health and relationships - you know, all the really important fundamental stuff - because it doesn’t actually matter. It’s only a cheeseburger.


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