Faith Over Breakfast

Crazy Weather and the End of the World

February 28, 2023 Pastor Eric and Pastor Andy Season 4
Faith Over Breakfast
Crazy Weather and the End of the World
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Show Notes

In this gripping episode of Faith Over Breakfast, Pastor Andy and Pastor Eric engage in a discussion on the topic of "Crazy Weather and the End of the World." 

The frequency and intensity of extreme weather events have increased dramatically, and we must examine the causes and consequences of this phenomenon. As Christians, we must ask ourselves how we can make sense of these events and how we can take responsibility for our impact on the environment.

The hosts explore the biblical perspective on the role of human beings as stewards of the earth, and the moral obligation we have to care for the planet. They also take a look at the relationship between climate change and the end times, and how this affects our faith and worldview.

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