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48: Secrets To End Overeating (COVID19 edition)

May 25, 2020 Kim McLaughlin Episode 48
Feed Your Soul with Kim
48: Secrets To End Overeating (COVID19 edition)
Show Notes

Overeating is extremely prevalent in the era of COVID19. Even as we are entering a lessening of the shelter in place order, there is a lot of fear and concerns about health, wellbeing and safety. These fears are showing up in many different ways, including food fears, food obsession and overeating. We have been stuck in the house for months and life is changing by the moment. Food issues are showing up as well as fear of gaining weight.  

Join us on the Feed Your Soul with Kim Podcast we discuss:
 ·         Six shared fears that are showing up RIGHT NOW!

·         Why is food an issue now?

·         Three concrete ways to lessen the focus on food.

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·         Self-Care Guide

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