Heartsing Podcast | Weight Loss | Meditation | Future Self by Namaslayer

Creating Life: Abundance, Synchronicities and Spirit Guides

April 23, 2021 Slayer Episode 25
Heartsing Podcast | Weight Loss | Meditation | Future Self by Namaslayer
Creating Life: Abundance, Synchronicities and Spirit Guides
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Abundance, Synchronicities and Spirit Guides lend some fun to this episode! Slayer gets us thinking again about what we can create in our lives....and what might be holding us back. Using the same process she used to lose over 100 pounds and create the life of her dreams, Slayer runs us through ways she is using this to create more abundance in her life now.  Question your limiting beliefs and start to ask WHAT if? Learn through Slayer's story and questions more tips about how to get what you want whether it's better health, financial freedom, love, more travel. Are there signs all around you and you are walking right by? Slayer gives us a few questions to ponder in this episode to help us dial in to that magic inside.

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The Abundology Podcast with Renee Spears

WOW!!! 25 Episodes and here we are! Today we are going to dive in to Abundance, Synchronicities of the Universe! 

How FUN does that sound? 

Now, most people find me because they are working on weight loss. They quickly discover as we get started that while it is about health and honoring our bodies…it is about so much more than just what we are eating! 

Of course it’s about the mind work too, but this is SOUL work my friends! 

Dreaming of new big impossible things, like weight loss may seem for some of you, as it did for me,  can be the path that leads you to uncovering your magic inside because it can lead to bring your attention to all of the signals that are right there, right now, in your body and all around you. 

So, whatever these things you are wanting in your life, a healthier body, financial freedom, traveling, love, whatever it is—you have no limit except your own mind and we are going to work on some avenues to open the floodgates today so we can start creating the lives of our dreams!

All of these things you desire—the body, the health as you build the vision and seek with joy and fun of it, you can uncover the path to self realization, your dharma or purpose, or living as our highest selves. 

No two paths the same.

Some are more cracked than others, some have many entry and exit points, some are dirt and others are paved, some hike up huge mountains, and others follow a meandering mountain stream. 

The point is, we are on a path all our own, and it’s our job to seek and watch for our bread crumbs to follow. 

 This week I want to talk more about being in tune with the Universe…and recognizing those breadcrumbs to start to uncover your path to what lights you up! 

I will, as always, share my story with you and drop some bombs for you to think about, some tools you can dig in deeper, and please join in the discussion about all the podcasts in the free Heartsing Podcast Facebook Community, I’ll link it below in the show notes. 

This past year I have been mind blown by synchronicities I’ve noticed. 

Since I really started paying attention to what arrives in my world, and now that I know more about my body—how to listen to my navigation system. 

It’s NUTS!

So, this past week it was like BAM BAM BAM!  Here’s what went down—

I was playing the Money Game (LOA tool, super fun and eye opening if you haven’t played—you “spend” money each day ) I’ve been really working on abundance this year and working to remove old limiting beliefs I know I harbor deep about money. 

Last week  I had the virtual adventure camp going on, where my heart is just singing, I’m in radiant FLOW, I’m playing the Money Game, spending virtual money—1,000 the first day, 2,000 the next,etc) You can spend it on whatever, but you must spend it. 

Eventually you run out of bills to pay and donating to the same organization gets old so you start to think, hmmmm…okay, what now? 

Well, one of the first things I bought was a Virtual Assistant. I didn’t’ realize until this point how important that was to me. My brain started working on that. 

Eventually I realized…I have so much I can share with someone, I bet I could wrangle an Intern to come to Namaslayer HQ and learn all the things that I’m willing to train, in my way, with my tools! 

This step was really needed in my puzzle so I can be freed up to create more content to get to the next phase. I also realized how much I missed that part of Leadership that I had always experienced. Building my teams and businesses. I just used to do it for other people. Now I get to use this skill I have honed and crafted over the past 30 years to build my own business even more! Wow. 

So, I got an intern well, we are calling her an apprentice—And Inspiration Apprentice Since I’m the Chief Inspiration Officer here at Namaslayer. I’m sure you will hear and see more about Jazzy J, whom you might remember from the Heartsing Podcast episode with Success Stories form the Sisterhood as she shared her story. 

I put it out to the Universe (and on a Facebook Live as I was thinking out loud), and literally two days later, I had the person that was the exact right fit for this starting endeavor. 

And then I started having other women and opportunities in my path—for guidance, and help, marketing. All kinds of things!

 You’re thinking, yeah, big deal. So you put into motion an idea you had. Which, BTW would not have happened had I not been playing abundantly, but I was thinking the same thing…okay, that all makes sense, but synchronicity? Hmmm. 

So, I’m keep spending this fake money—buying all the things, and really having some future self fun and getting specific. Now mind you, I’ve been writing in my MEFirst Guide planner on my assessment each night under “How can I increase focus on what I desire?” I’ve been writing: Build the Vision—get more details for months. I had started doing some home tours as I’m gearing up for a brick and motor lodging soon. I realized I need a home base for some massive creation. 

Then this game falls in my lap where essentially what I’m doing is getting detailed. 

I almost ignored the invite to the group, but it said “Magic” in the title and it was an invite from my Chopra school classmate, so my curiouslity was peeked. 

A little nudge from the Universe perhaps? 


As I’m spending the money, I’m FEELING how great it feels to experience these things! I can feel the shift happen within me as I’m spending and creating.

And I’m getting deailed alright! 

My debt is clear, I’m taking Mili, my youngest to Japan-she loves it there, I’m going to California for the month of May to RV, I’m going to Hawaii for a full month in July to stay near Mili, I’ve gifted lots of people money, I’ve hired a PR company and advertising agency so I don’t have to mess with that stuff. I want to stay in my zone as I create. 

I have a personal shopper I’ve commandeered that has a great sense of helping others with their style and knows how to get it done (BABs strikes again)! Now I have a pinterest going with all of the beautiful clothes I will have—not TONS, just pieces I LOVE and we ponder what my body will look like 20 pounds from now.

I’ve just been having so much fun!

So, I’m spending this money the same week of the Sisterhood Virtual Adventure Camp I did and my heart was justing singing. 

Alignment at it’s finest.

One day I was like, “Oh, I forgot to play the money game” and went to my inbox to get an email about it, and had an email from a friend that didn’t even know I was playing and she gifted me a session to Renee Spears (check out her Abundology Podcast if you haven’t yet) we listen in the Sisterhood for the energy reading of the week. 

Super fun and she is a Radiator, there is no doubt. 

So, I’m gifted this one hour session with her (the friend didn’t even know I was playing the money game) WHAT???!! Right?

Mind you, Renee doesn’t know me for jack. Well, she does now. 

I can tell we are in each others futures somehow even past this session. So, she is channeling my spirit guides, which I’ve experienced before and they are a hoot. So Fun! My guides in particular, of course. 

So, anyhow, out of the blue, pretty early in our conversation Renee says-wait I’m getting this right now and it seems important, “I don’t know your business or your journey, but your guides are saying it’s time for the book about your journey on awakening, and then there will be one about signs.”

This smacked me in the face. First of all, it’s been my life long dream to be a best selling author. Me and a million other people I know, but I SEE it. Ever since I was a little girl. It’s a dream in a window in my brain. It plays some times. I can see it now. It’s in the top right corner, like 2’oclock position, whatever that means. LOL!

In this movie space, I see myself writing in places all over the world. 

In fact, I created my special little writing Nook in the Adventure RV AKA the “Rig” just for this. 

Even when I have my mountain house, I’m keeping the Rig as my creativity space. Were I can go off for weeks on end and just get in the earth, create, connect. YES!!! There is also a houseboat in Amsterdam where I write for some reason, and on the streets in Paris at a café, I’m seeing a balcony in Tuscany too. 

Remember this as I’m posting pics on my social doing just that! Heh! That’s how this RV Adventure all started you know!

To back it up even more on the book to give it some context for you and because it’s coming. 

I want you all to hear it now, so you can be like—wow, look how that happened! Kind of like everything else I’ve done up to this point. 

One of my Uncles who listens to my podcast messaged me out of the blue a few weeks ago and said, “It’s time for the Book Add.”

Last  summer I was walking around saying I was going to write the book. Maybe I would take the summer and do just that. 

It just never was right. 

What was COMING loud and clear was doing a podcast—from my Facebook fans and Sisters, friends, family , and this same Uncle, my Aunt who I speak with all the time.  

The podcast was calling more then—from EVERYWHERE, and myself included.  

When I was doing a lot of soul searching last year though, the book kept coming up. 

When I would ask myself, what is the one thing you would regret not having done 10 years from now?

It wasn’t “do a podcast”. 

It was always “write a book”. 

I’ve had visions about being a best selling author. I could see myself traveling the world with my books, writing and speaking. 

I’ve taken pictures of the best selling rack and superimposed my picture over the top. When I was in Hawaii, on that vision board it was all about being an author

AS yourself that now—take a moment., What is that THING for you? 

What is the one thing you would regret not having done 10 years from now? 

Have you taken action on it? Why not? 

Is it still on your vision board or do you need to get it back up there? 

For me, the prospect of writing a book always seemed so daunting. Before I learned about the Universe this happened with everything. 

I got so caught up in the HOW I couldn’t push past it.  I would start, learn all I could about writing! I even paid $1,000 for a course on becoming an author. 

I was writing everyday in my journals, I knew I had like 20 books of great stories just waiting to be written, or put in a book even, and yet it was just overwhelming. Even once I really understanding the “How”.

I was doing the motions because I wanted to listen to my soul, but I was not really passionate about it yet, I wasn’t’ creating from the future. 

I was struggling against the now with an awful lot of the past bundled up in there, wish a healthy dose of perfectionism too. It was like I was trudging through mud. 

No, I wasn’t even trudging, I never started THIS book. The one I will write this year. 

Obviously, I shifted gears, and started the podcast. 

Those of you thinking of starting one—do it! 

It’s not exactly EASY, and yet it is. 

Everything is once you learn it! LOL! This is the problem. 

We start doing hard things and then give up. You have to want it badly enough to keep going when it’s not easy.

Man, the tech I have had to learn to put my art and vision in the world. And I’m so happy I did—all of it! 

It’s a superpower now! It all helps me create at a mastery level now. I can see the pieces. 

It was a lot of trial and error and stepping away from perfect at the beginning. With every new software I have learned, and there are literally about 20, not just for the podcast of course. That Might be the easiest thing to produce, actually.

Every single time I push publish on a podcast I still wince you guys. I still have to rewire those thoughts about it could have been better. Every. Single. Time. 

Just like I experience Self Doubt nearly every morning before I do my AM Habit stack. 

I’m not “fixed”. 

I’m not immune to all of these emotions. Now I just have better tools to deal with them and I’ve learned how to push through and step away from perfect. 

I do it because I want to reach you. I want to inspire you in some way to help uncover that magic inside. It lights me up, so I must, no matter how painful it may feel to push publish, or learn a new software. 

What is it you care so deeply about you would learn 20 new software programs if you had to? Is there something that drives you inside? That you are really interested in?

As I learned with the Podcast, after all of this torment at the beginning and wrestling with my own bouts of perfectionism,  I finally figured out that I needed to write them out first so I could clearly see my message. 

I would spend a few hours in the AM writing and then proof it, say it out load so that I can deliver it in a manner that I want you to receive it…just like we are chatting and I’m in your ear, not reading a book to you!

25 episodes and I now know EXACTLY how much time I need to write 4,000 words which is what my podcasts usually are. 

90,000 words in a book, so doing this for 22 days, I would have a draft of my book!


That makes it seem so much more doable. 

Another path was opened to my book THROUGH writing the podcast. Can you see that magic?!!

I could SEE what I wanted in the end, but the HOW was burying me in a ball of self doubt, frustration and overwhelm any time I thought about it. 

As soon as I let go and followed the Podcast breadcrumbs, well, I BECAME a writer, a better writer than I was before. 

How can you gather skills you may need to live more in your zone of genius while you are on your current path? 

Learn to stay open to nudges from the Universe—when it is coming at you full force—in your news feed, from friends and family, take notice. Don’t let those pass you buy. Stop, think and take some action!

What if it is your path to BECOMING that vision of your dreams is that things you let pass you buy—because you were afraid to try something new, or it was too much money to spend on yourself—I see this one with women all the time. WE will spend THOUSANDS on educating our children, but have remorse over spending $300 on a course that might just be that magic thing. Or maybe that’s a crazy idea—you couldn’t possibly become that at this age in life. Your path is made. 

Any of these ringing a bell, or do you have your own limiting beliefs that are stopping you from action. 

It’s important to focus on what we DO want and not what we don’t. 

The Universe is going to bring you what you are putting energy toward. 

Do you KNOW specifically what you want? 

What it looks like? 

Do you want it so badly you are going to get up over and over again, no matter what? 

Writing a Book is one of those things for me, and it’s time. 

Listen to this for synchronicities you guys!!

Today I’m playing Resort Addie today for my Everyday Adventure—I talk about making these in episode 17, Every day Adventures Bucket list and link to the sample of mine you can download and do your own. I’ll list it in the Show notes for you 

For Resort Addie today I went to my roots in Phoenix and hiked the mountain that held my body while my soul awakened. I even dropped a little LIVE in the Heartsing Facebook group for kicks, then I planted my body in the earth as I do, did my magic morning pages, and then I come to the Pointe Hilton resort and write and enjoy the waterfall and the pool. 

So, I’m sitting here, pool side with the breeze blowing my hair as I type under an umbrella in the shade grinning my ass off at this life I have created!

Friggin A I’m just so grateful!

As I’m writing this podcast and that same Uncle from last summer literally just called me and said he is shipping the book about writing the book that is a must read and he’s reached out to some people about this publishing stuff himself and I just laughed. 

I told him I was going to have to add that in this episode, because literally I’m writing the podcast talking about the synchronicities around it being time for me to write the book! 

I might have mentioned my spirit guides and he for sure thinks I’m nuts but that’s okay! 

Bahahahahah. How fun is that? 

What IF I have spirit guides, and I listen to mine? 

And the magic happens? And then I see all these other signs start to say YES! YES! YES! Do you ever wonder What IF? And just stay curious and have FUN?!

Do you all see things like this happen in your life? 

When you are on the path all things in the Universe just start to bring them around full circle? 

I’m just cracking up! 

How fun, and amazing and ABUNDANT feeling. 

I’m so peacefully happy just as I am. This is how I know I am ready to keep manifesting like a MoFo. The release of attachement to THINGS. 

I saw this thought work come out this week as I’ve been working on abundance in Renee’s Course called 28 days of money. I’ll link her site here for you! One of the days we did some work around our limiting beliefs around money. And…I was like OMG! They are JUST LIKE MY FOOD thoughts!!!

Growing up I had such mixed messages about Money and I’ve been battling them and doing a lot of work to bring knowledge and awareness to this, because I WANT more FUN life experiences, that money can buy! I WANT to see my daughter on a whim. I want to take my girls to Europe, and fly to NYC for a broadway show and shopping when I feel like it, just for fun! 

I finally feel like my AHA on that hit while we were working on this. Growing up, we had “money” so to speak, we didn’t want for anything. We had a beautiful home, really anything we desired, but I remember feeling with my Mom that we were always spending from a place of restriction. 

We would go on big shopping sprees, and stay in nice hotels when we would travel for swim meets sometimes, but there was always a comment about how much it cost or how we shouldn’t be doing it, but what the heck! Let’s splurge. 

Meanwhile, my Father, who grew up with more money, was just generous, and didn’t ever act with scarcity around money that I saw.

I realized I was relating Money to happiness my entire life, as much as I would try not to and say that wasn’t true. That’s what my Mom and I did. We spend money for experiences. Just like Food is a celebration, or Booze. Money was the same way. 

This is when Mom and I would have FUN. So, I had joy an love wrapped in those experiences, but even to this day I feel buyers remorse from the spending and some of the clothes shopping. So odd! 

My big AHA is this--

I realized this past year that I DON’T NEED MONEY TO BE HAPPY. Literally at all. I am so peacefully happy in my little Adventure RV. Do I want more? Yes! I want to have experiences that money will buy I told you about, but am I worried that I will get these things and then they will be gone and I will no longer be happy because I lost a house, or a car, or a thing, or a retirement fund? 


Because I am happy right now. With literally, in the eyes of the world, and my former self nothing but what I am creating. 

It’s worth SO much more than my big six figure job, the house on the ocean, the RV, the motorcycles. All of it. 

CREATING my life, serving others. Living from my heart. In alignment FINALLY. 

And, listen. Shut that inner critic down! The one that might be sitting there listening to me saying, “But ADDIE how are you going to support yourself when you are old and sick?” Or “That’s so irresponsible to act in that manner”


I hear you because I manage those thoughts and have daily for years. Here’s what I say. 

You know what is more irresponsible? For me to not follow my joy, what lights me up, my heartsing. 

Following my bread crumbs and learning to TRUST in the Universe and the field of infinite possibilities. 

Allowing the creation to flow and TRUSTING that I am right where I am supposed to be, and as I keep building the vision of that future self that is abundant and content, just as we are now, allowing the universe to deliver the path. Of course this requires action as well. We can’t just sit around wishing for stuff! We probably will have to fail a TON too!

You know what? It’s all so worth it! 

Say it with me---

I am READY Universe. Bring it on! 

Did you guys do that last week? Open your heart to the sky and say it! I am READY Universe, Bring it on!

I walked around for 40 years missing many signs—probably most of them. Sometimes you just have to know to look, and to understand the difference between doing hard things and persevering and something just not being right. 

Start to identify with your intuition again—with that GUT feeling. I talked about this a lot in the episode about your internal GPS. 

About knowing how to listen to our body, minds and souls. We are the most amazing machine on the planet, and it’s complex. 

There is another question that was KEY on my journey to BECOMING Slayer and manifesting this life I created and I love to ask people. You may have heard me ask before, and have you done it yet? 

It’s really simple. 

If you are reborn and have the choice to pick any occupation/career in the world, and you will be the most successful person at it—what would it be? List 5 of them. 

I still have this in the margin of my Artist Way Book by Julia Cameron where, when I was back at Corporate America, pre-Namaslayer, I wrote: 

Author, Yogi, Motivational Speaker, TV Newscaster, Travel Blogger

LOL! Check that out you guys. I’ve BECOME these things I dared to dream in the margin of a book, 3 years ago.

So far, I am a mediation instructor (AKA YOGINI), I Motivationally speak right here, on lives, and in person! Traveling the country in an RV and reporting back to you all? Travel Blogger nailed! 

Newscaster? I tell you guys my news all the time! LOL I see my YouTube growth in the future playing that roll out, and Author..and we all know that’s happening now. 

You know why? 

Because it’s a goal, I’ve set the bar and if you have followed me for awhile you know that it’s going to happen. None of us know quite when, although my Spirit Guides were certain it’s Oct 12th at 2:45 I will launch my book. But you know how we KNOW? Because I have built this vision, the emotion, the Universe is working with me, and so am I! I will not STOP. 

I’m going to use these skills I built losing weight, and my MEfirst Guide process and make it happen—and happily fail along the way. 

I’m doing part of that process right now, by committing to you right here. By telling the world. I put the date on the calendar and invited the key players in this abundant Addie the Author game! How FUN is that?!

I had to drop this late add in to this podcast because I had my first Official Namaslayer meeting with the Young Jedi (That’s my nickname for my Inspiration Apprentice,  Jazzy J) and, it’s just sticking for me, so you will probably hear it more.  

Anyhow, the young Jedi said to me as we were talking about freeing me up to create more she said, “Yes, so you can write your book.” 

My mouth about dropped open, I’m like, did I talk about this somewhere???? I was saving it for this podcast in particular so I was pretty sure I didn’t. 

She just said, “No, I just know it’s something you want to do.” 


Synchronicities indeed my friends. 

Watch for your doors the Universe opens, for the bread crumbs on your path! For all this arrows that the Universe gives us YES YES YES! This is the WAY!!!

That vision you want…get detailed, and have FUN with it!

Ask yourself what are those 5 careers or paths for you? Are you willing to dream, create and fail your way there? 

What IF you knew you could get there—you would become that thing, you just didn’t know how, what would you do? 

Start trying things and eliminating them by failing at them

All great things come from this space—the willingness to fail. To get up over and over. 

Once you get there you will just want to try something else anyhow because you will have already become her, and we are growth seeking beings. 

You will just get better at growing and stepping into fear. 

This is why in the Mefirst Sisterhood we practice each and everyday to as I like to call it “step away from perfect”. We do small little actions. We work to increase our awareness, to live with intention. 

We learn to accept failure as a learning experience and eventually wear it as a badge of honor because we are moving forward, each and every day, little changes at a time, one habit at a time we are building a new future version of self. And starting to get still, to listen to that magic inside!

Pay attention for those signs around you! 

Join us in the Heartsing podcast Facebook group so we can discover and learn together how to live more abundantly from our highest selves. 

Until next week my Witches and Bitches!

 slayer out!