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"There must be something more to life" ?- you're in the right place! Your host, Chopra Certified Meditation Instructor, Slayer of Namaslayer has transformed her life losing over 100 pounds and creating a life of adventure and heartsing finding her "something more"...finally! She is leaving no stone unturned to create and discover even more magic in the world and wants to take you along for the ride so you can uncover what is deep within YOU. If you like to talk about spirituality, health and weight loss, habits, soul journeys, meditation, food, self help, chakra cards, adventure, fun, and authenticity you will like the Heartsing Podcast by Namaslayer! Uncover the magic within you on a health and spiritual quest of self-discovery. Uncover who you were made to be! Addie B, a.k.a. Slayer was a stressed out "middle aged" Regional Property Manager and to the outside world seemed to have it all "together" and be happy. Inside she was falling apart. Addie set out on a quest to solve her life long battle with weight, losing nearly 100 pounds, and in the process found her inner guide, her I AM that set her on a course to LIVE the life of her dreams, and share it with the world how it can all be done. So put those ear buds in and let's uncover some magic! Check out www.namaslayer.com for info on the Slay Sisterhood Community and coaching opportunities!
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