Heartsing Podcast | Weight Loss | Meditation | Future Self by Namaslayer

Yoga for Everyone: 8 Limbs, Weight Loss, and the Path to our Highest Self

May 07, 2021 Episode 26
Heartsing Podcast | Weight Loss | Meditation | Future Self by Namaslayer
Yoga for Everyone: 8 Limbs, Weight Loss, and the Path to our Highest Self
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You ARE a Yogi! Slayer brings it once again to inspire us on our journey of self discovery. Learn about the 8 Limbs of yoga and how yoga isn't just about a yoga mat and exercise, and what you learn here might just be a game changer on your journey! We take a dive inside Slayer's world and start opening our minds to more possibilities of what more there is to seek in this world. As she outlines the 8 limbs of Yoga and the relationship to our personal quest, we start to realize, maybe we are all Yoginis and Yogis after all, and what if we seek the path inside...as we work on the outside? Prepare to open your heart, mind and soul...and seek some heartsing!

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References in the Show:
Deepak Chopra and David Simon's
The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga: A Practical Guide to Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit

To Reference more on Patanjali and the Yoga Sutras:
The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (Sacred Teachings)

I’ve been reminded a lot lately that I need to update my intro to over 100 pounds lost now! I’ll get on that sometime, but I’m even more excited to update it in a more spiritual manner too as the deeper I get the easier the body part is and the weight loss, and by deeper, I mean in knowing myself. 

Opening myself up to the wonder that was right within me all along. The part that screams in me EVERYONE MUST KNOW THIS OR I WILL DIE!

It’s this part that I’m going to really kick off with you today. First, I want to clear up any confusion on yoga and what it is, incase there are people like me out there that thought, for 40 years of my life that it was only moving my body on a yoga mat. 

Over these past few years of self discover and following my path that led me to the Chopra Center and getting my Meditation Instructor Certification where I really started to understand that Yoga is SO MUCH more than the yoga studio and the mat. 

 I will give you some insight into how you are a Yogini or yogi right now because Yoga by definition might not be what you think, and you just being here listening to this indicates you are on the path that starts from the Inside of YOU to change the outside, which will take you right back in to the magic spot inside—you inner magic sauce. 

As I have started teaching the Primordial Sound Meditation method this month I’m deep in my spiritual roots teaching right now and the podcast will move right along with it as it relates to our health and wellness…which is pretty much anything and everything on our path. LOL

This path that leads to your inner being, your I AM, that magic light inside! 

You are a light being, full of love, we all are. Yoga is the path to living in more of it. More light, love, joy and bliss…who doesn’t want more of that?!

Before I dive in, let me assure this this applies most definitely to weight loss and your health and is a path for everyone. 

You don’t have to be a monk or someone dedicated to a yoga mat for hours to practice, and in fact, the physical posture is only ONE path to yoga, called Asana, which I will break down for you in a bit.

While I can tell you I have been a long time fan of yoga, that asana practice of showing up on my yoga mat to a class, that is not what this is about, although that is a path there. 

Understanding these concepts and paths may just be that little perception shift you need—that contains that nugget of knowledge or action to take on your path. 

It’s my goal, as always to leave you lots of little nuggets in this episode and I will of course drop some links in the show notes for you.

I have been seeing a lot about Nuggets this week. 

In fact, Mary, one of your fellow listeners posted in the Free Heartsing Podcast Facebook group this week how she was feeling all stressed out and overwhelmed, and then she remembered the episode where I shared about the concept of Einstein Time, and remembered that she is the creator of time. The world stopped and she felt an instant settling and said that “little nugget” saved her day! 

Meanwhile, I was over writing a post about “here’s another little nugget for you”. LOL! 

Ah, synchronicities! 

Okay…that was a bit of a squirrel. But what would a Heartsing Podcast episode be without some squirrels thrown in? 

hahah, but the point is…You just don’t know what that little nugget might be, or maybe it is several nuggets you will pick up that will cause you to have a perception shift 

Think of these nuggets you are picking up like the breadcrumbs on your path of the Universe. I always like to say knowledge will come to you when you are ready for it. You will be interested in it. It won’t be torture. You will ENJOY the process of seeking once you allow yourself outside your current restrictions and beliefs of what you think is real and true. 

Start exploring Yoginis! 

Pick up those nuggets that are YOUR path.

What nuggets have been in your path lately? Have you been more aware? Are you watching for the syncronicities? The messages that are all around you that might just be the Universe saying….THIS WAY ADDIE…go this way!

I keep talking about how all of our paths are different, and by this I mean the journey to self actualization, that realization that we are SO MUCH MORE than we ever thought. That pure understanding of THIS IS WHO I AM, who I am MADE to be. 

That path that includes of course meditation and breathing, but ALSO habits, plans, self love and so much more I will illustrate it through the 8 limbs of yoga over the next few episodes and how they accelerated my path to creating this life of my dreams, but also losing weight, and finally, to helping teach others how to do this too.

These 8 limbs of yoga are attributed to the legendary ancient Sage,  Maharishi Patanjali (PAH-TANG-AuL-LEE), who they don’t really know who he was, but there are a lot of cool mythes and stories about who he was. 

One story, Lord Vishnu, the god who maintains the Universe was asleep…he sleeps for thousands of years at a time, because as you can imagine, maintaining the universe can be exhausting. He was asleep on Ananta, his cosmic Serpent. 

Lord Shiva, who is the god who comes to dissolve things so new creations can be born appears. He is doing his dance of dissolution and Ananta, the snake asks a favor of Lord Shiva, “I would like to be born, and be born into this creationg as a great sage to teach the path of yoga” 

Shiva agrees and Ananta is reborn into the palm of Gonnika, who had been praying for a child,  and she names the child Patanjali, meaning Pat =  “descended from heaven” and Anjali = “word for her praying posture”

So, there you go, that is one of the myths surrounding Patanjali. Of course we assume he was in more of our physical human form, but who’s to say? heh

Regardless, we now have the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali in which he elaborates on each of the 8 branches of yoga which help shift your internal reference point from restriction to the infinite. 

You move from being contained to containing everything. 

Before we get to the nitty gritty details of all of this and how the heck we apply this wisdom from thousands of years ago NOW and something that can seem not spiritual, like weight loss, let’s peel back the layers on yoga.

Yoga is an art and science of healthy living. The word Yoga comes from Sanskrit word Yuj, meaning “to join” or “to yoke” or “to unite”  

Yoga is the union of the body, mind and spirit. 

Deepak Says in the Seven Spiritual Laws of yoga, “In yoga—in union with your spirit—your desires and the desires of nature are one. As you participate in the process of creativity along with the infinite being, your worries fall away and you feel a sense of lightheartedness and joy. There is spontaneous blossoming of intuition, insight, imagination, creativity, meaning and purpose. You make correct choice that benefit not only you but also everyone affected y your choices. 

Christ Jesus says, “My yoke is easy, and my burden is light” He is expressing the core principle of yoga. His intelligence is aligned with cosmic intelligence, his will divine will. 

Now, because I said Jesus, I want to clarity that yoga is not a religion. You can practice any religion and still be a yogini!

In fact, Ask yourself this…did Jesus, Buddha, any of those guys come here to START A RELIGION? Was Jesus like, I’m going to live in my likeness on earth so the humans can create Christianity and cause a divide among other people? 

Hmmmm…..I quite thing all these religions are tied with the common thread of all of our leaders and gods trying to show us the way to the inner light, that can be seen in this path of yoga. 

I think they came here to be an example, to show us how to live, we made the religions out of it, and there is much to be learned from their examples and religions because of these stories, but remember that the path is inside of us, and religion is an external practice, so they can be separate. 

You can be spiritual and religious and you can be religious and not spiritual. 

Okay….off that squirrel and back to the yoga…

You might be like I was saying, but how is doing yoga helping me do all of that get to this union of self? 

I would go to yoga classes because I would think I would catch a glimpse of this Union. I really didn’t know or understand what was happening, I knew I just felt SO good when I was done, and it wasn’t just the stretching out and the poses, it was that feeling as I would be ithere in Shevasna would melt into myself 

In fact, this is how Meditation even made it to my everyday adventure list when I started my journey, which as you all know was THE GAME CHANGER of my life, and many, many others! I figured it had to have something to do with that—the all elusive thing called meditation. Now it’s becoming common place for us to talk about. Back then it was a little more elusive.

I remember in 2011 or so for this period of time in my life I lived in Downtown Honolulu and I loved it so much. I would walk to my yoga classes and some of them would be packed mat to mat, warm and sweaty, but full of love and energy. 

I especially found myself drawn to classes that had chanting and aromatherapy of some sort, which is interesting since scents normally bother me, but not in that environment. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am far from a professional on my yoga mat, and that is such a tiny part of what I’m going to share with you today. But I mention it because it was one of my nuggets. 

Because of that feeling I would get in those classes that I DARED to venture out and be the big girl in the yoga mat next to all the tiny lulu lemon clad size 2’s, because of that bravado and badassary, I had the nuggest of meditation planted which changed the entire trajectory of my life, and got me in some Size 10 Lulu’s hahaha

Now, don’t fret, you don’t have to get yoga pants, a mat, go to a studio, do a video, or have any equipment at all. This process just requires YOU and your open heart and mind and to be curious.

ARE you curious? Ask yourself…do you WANT to find that magic inside, or more of it? Are you ready?

Back in January, probably sitting in said yoga pants, as I do…. I was putting some material together to study for my instructor exam at the Chopra Center so I could give this amazing gift of meditation, and as I was typing out about the 8 limbs of yoga I realized it’s exactly what I have been creating at Namaslayer!

Of course it was! I can see it so clearly now. I could see all the nuggets line up! I could even see those paths that were blocked that I thought I should go down and the resistance was too great. There was no flow, no union, no yoga in it. 

Writing the book was one of those paths that was blocked last year, and you know what that did? Kept me in my spiritual studies. So did being on the Road, being remote. Internet service was spotty, moving was not easy. I couldn’t get online as much. I was learning how to just enjoy BEING for the first time in …well, proabably EVER. 

Covid was a blocked path that led me to Chopra Center. While I had been building the runway, and had a foundation of Namaslayer, the HOW I’ve been really trying to allow. 

This is the tricky part, to have the vision and then allow the Universe to bring you what is needed. To be aware. I share all of this about my business not so much because I want you to join and sign up and all of that...which of course I do, and you MUST meditate…if not from me, then get trained somewhere! But I share it so you can see how I work through creating it. Just like I share my weight loss journey. They are the same principles we apply to both. When I decided to leave Corporate America last year, my plan was to travel the country and do workshops to light up all the women on my path! Well, hello pandemic, right? There couldn’t’ have been a bigger obstacle than that. And, yes, I could do it online, but I was in an RV and let’s just say one of my biggest lessons being on the road was internet service capabilities, and that my rig is not equipped for me to have successful zoom meetings unless I am hardwired in somewhere. TMI probably, but I just want you to see…all these little potential OBSTACLES guided my path and I made different decisions, trusting that it was all working out for the better good, and for what the Universe knew I desired, and so I could help even more people!

Well, the UNIVERSE Really wanted to me get in deeper with my meditation and all of these blocks last year, led me to the Chopra Center where I deepened my spiritual practice. It set me up to be living remotely, traveling this beautiful amazing country in my RV that I made look as much like my vision board as I could. It set me up to BECOME. It was not EASY you guys. 

Every morning I wake up with doubt and fear and until I get through my asana and mediation and then through my magic pages and the MEfirst Guide it’s an inner battle. And then I do these things, I manage my body, heart, mind and rise and radiate! When I don’t…I’m a bit less radiant. 

As I started to live with more love, for others, but also learning to put myself first so I could love more my life started to change completely, the pounds dropped off, the world started to open up to me in a way that it never had before. 

I started to help others do the same, and now I am building a business that can be modeled after the 8 limbs of yoga that Patanjali (PAH-TANG a lee)  outlined for us thousands of years ago! 

I was in a ball of amazed tears when I saw all of these pieces click in place. I actually ran to my org chart, my future dream and added in the 8 limbs where they apply to each section. 

Everything I’m building has come through me trying to serve more and more. To HELP more women. Women that were seeking, just like I was, better health, but also something MORE. The answers to those big questions—who am I? What is my purpose? 

Or how about…the kids are gone or almost gone, I have time for ME, what do I do with ME? Is this it? 

But how to help? How to show them? I knew the path was so different for each. I also knew that I was not yet formed in what this was for me, and of course, as I grow, that will probably always grow, but how could I lay out a foundation? 

I tested so many things you guys. There are so many times I just wanted to give up or felt like I failed someone, in fact, people have told me I have. I just hold tight to being as authentic as I can be and listening to that voice inside

Because we are built to want to seek and grow, if we do not answer this call we will inevitably find ourselves in a ball of misery, like I was in 2017 before I found meditation. 

I have no desire to return to that ball. 

I wasn’t listening. I think of it now like my Soul was in there banging on the walls, “Wake UP Addie!!! It is TIME! Enough of this!!!” Go here. 

Instead though, she was just a voice that said, get up. It’s not over, keep seeking. 

Thank goodness I did. 

So, as I’m trying to help others BEFORE they end up in that ball of misery (sometimes they are in it) I couldn’t figure out what the right “method” was.  

And, of course there is no “right” method. There is no right or wrong path, because as it is said, all paths lead back to the source. It’s up to us to chose to be on that path. 

I’m going to spend a few weeks on the podcast sharing this path with you. I’m going to wrap up today by sharing these 8 limbs and a bit of how they were a-ha’s for me and what I am building. 

This subject has a lot of potential depth and a TON of nuggests for you so I’m going to spread the 8 limbs out. For this week I want to leave you with a path somewhat to see in your mind. 

And know, that as they are generally layered paths, one can enter at any point of the path, and this is what was so tricky! I saw the women entering my group coming in from all kinds of directions, and while I didn’t have the bandwidth to individually help each one, I knew that it was possible. 

I have been very mindful of the big picture of what I believe I am here to do, and that is simply to help lead those to this path that involves mediation but also to help reach our higher paths as a sister by your side. Someone who is IN IT with you. Who also thought the woo was a bit woo, and debunked all religion matters for ever, stuffed my face to not feel and not listen to that voice. 

So, after a few years of testing and tweaking the path I’m still laying, brick by brick at Namaslayer, I’m so confident where it is going, but again…the HOW might just end up a little bit differently than I think now, but that is for the Universe to decide. I just keep building the vision. 

So, now, about those 8 Limbs of Yoga and how they just might be a path you are already on!

While it is said you can enter the path really from any angle, in addition to the traditional tree you might see displayed with this, I also like to picture as circles with the outter circles leading in to the self in the center—your inner light, that focus of oneness.

I’m not going to get in detail in this episode, but that will come in the next weeks, and small practicle tips and actions you can take now to start working your limbs. 

Now get ready to rock your concept of YOGA and jump on the Yogic Path with me! 

Remember—this is not a religion, this is a way inside of ourselves, so keep practicing whatever you do religiously and dive in to your inner self at the same time! 

Why NOT? 

What have you got to lose? 

So, here are the paths with a quick breakdown and then we will dive in all of May! 

Bring on Meditation May Baby!

Picutre the most outter realm of your 8 circles. This outter most circle (note it’s also the largest in circumfrance, is where the first limb is, called the Yamas. 

Yama—Most commonly translated as “rules of social behavior” Guidelines for engaging with others—they are 

·      Practicing Non-Violence

·      Speaking Truthfully

·      Exercising appropriate Sexual Control (yeah, I know, but listen, Deepak clears that up and tells us that there are two paths of this—where one if you obstain,,,therefore the nuns and monks, but the other path of the “householder” is that we are discerning with our sexual appetite, more on that topic next week—that will be fun huh—maybe don’t have the kids on for next week. Hahaha)

·      Being Honest

·      Being Generous

Are you already thinking—OMG I’m a YOGINI? Lol. You probably should be. 

The Second Limb is Niyama “rules of personal behavior”. 

The Niyamas enoucrage

1.     Purity

1.     Contentment

2.     Discipline

3.     Spiritual Exploration

4.     Surrender to the Divine

You might be thinking, wow this sounds a little goodie-two shoes Slayer! 

But wait until we dive in, because these two limbs are what I realized I have been most actively building tools and a process to help with and I had NO IDEA, and I can assure you I am no goodie-two-shoes, not that there’s anything wrong with that…my inner rebel just raises her haunches at that! 

Even us choosing to make better food choices, speak to ourselves with love and kindness, make a plan and show up for it, asking the big questions and seeking joy….these are all ways we affect the energy that is created in these first 2 limbs, and as we bring it in to today’s world and apply it in our everyday living, for example, working on our Habit Stacks—form of discipline. 

Getting curious about asking, “Who AM I really? What is this that can see my thoughts?” spiritual exploration.  More on that in upcoming episode…how you can work these limbs, right now every day. 

They don’t require ANYTHING but the awareness you are cultivating right now. 

How amazing is that? Moving on to wrap up the limbs!

The 3rd branch is Asana—which means “seat” or “position” This is the one we usually think of when we think “YOGA”. At a deeper level Asana means mind-body integration. 

Performing action in life with awareness—that is our asana. Of course we can do a workout for fitness, but no matter your fitness level, there is an asana practice out there that can help you connect your mind and body at this level.

The 4th branch is Pranayama

Prana is life force. (nothing in there when we are dead—it doesn’t weigh anything either, so what is it)? That is our life force. When this is flowing freely you feel healthy, when it’s blocksed fatifue and sickness follow. 

Pranayama means mastering the life force through your breath and mind. When you mind is centered and quite, so is your breath, when it’s turbulent, so is your breath. 

Pratyahara – Direct Senses inward so we are more aware of them (5 senses) If you listened to any of these podcasts you know how I am about trying to master these 5 senses of ours. I’m particularly fond of the Chariot story from the Upinishads that talks about our 5 senses being the horses out leading us, to take us on the path, and if we don’t have control of the direction and reigns, it could be a ride we don’t want to be on in the end, and that may not serve us. We do a lot of this work as we are working to better fuel our bodies. As we withdrawl form the world a bit, we tune into these senses more. 

I’ve seen this most recently with Fasting, which I LOVE by the way. I just finished another 42 hour fast and I feel AMAZING. It cleanses me and I am so much more focused. When I do this I understand I truly am starting to remove my attachment to food. It’s just a miracle! More on that upcoming,

Now to the inner most layers…known as Sumyama

6th branch is Inner Limbs

Dharana—choose focus and learn how—this is the mastery of attention and intention. This is the law that whatever we place our attention on grows in attention to us. We can consciously create whatever we want once we start to activate this attention and intention. This attention can also be how we start to focus our minds to enter the 7th branch of yoga

Dhyana—this is where we master the ability to focus and develop the witnessing awareness. “we are in this world but not of this world” Most direct way here is through meditation where we learn to observe thoughts, feelings, sensations that arise without needing to react to them. 

How powerful is this skill when you are looking to make healthier choices??? Am I right? Can’t wait to dive into that more with you. 

Finally, but not in the least, for sure, is Samadi—your consciousness becomes your focus, this is where we are in that state of unbounded awareness, where we are one and it’s our essential nature. It’s who we all are at the core, and in the understanding of this we are truly FREE. 

As we connect to inner light of awareness

Side Effects of all of these limbs? — A healthier body, a more joyous, love filled life, and freedom of self. 

Let me sum it up with this: Heartsing my friends. 

Pure heartsing. 

So, tune in for more on the HOWS and what we can do now on all of these paths. In TODAY’S world, with all the apparent crazy going on…how can you get to that inner light? 

It might feel impossible at times, but I promise you it’s not. This is available and accessible to us ALL. 

All we have to do is seek, and in fact, if you were to pick one Impossible Goal as we discussed last week, let it be to find your inner light. Why not seek more joy? 

What would it look like if you knew that heartsing was there? Would you try everything? 

I hope you are as excited as I am for Meditation May! Hop in the Free Heartsing Podcast Group on Facebook. I will be LIVE all month of May on Friday mornings at 8 AM Pacific time…for you time zone challenged peeps, this is 10 AM Central, and 11 AM Eastern. WE will discuss the episode from the week before and if you already listened to the current week, we can chat about that too! If you can’t catch me LIVE the replays are there!

Also, so many of you have joined my email list, and I want you to know that the Universe has been smacking me up lately because I’ve been bombing doing emails and I’m about to get back at it, not that I have my trust Young Jedi to help with some other items. Head over to Namaslayer.com so you can stay in the know. 

I will start teaching meditation outside my private group soon, so if you want on the list for those FREE intro talks to find out more, check out the link in the show notes, or go to the Meditation Page on Namaslayer. I WILL be teaching men as well, so guys, don’t be shy. I know there are a lot of you listening, and while my group is for women only at this point, the meditation and that group that will have ongoing support is for ALL! Spouses—this is amazing to do together. There is nothing quite like meditation energy together. More on that soon!

I am beyond excited to be able to share some of these tools with you that have helped on my journey and to be able to help you all mediate???? OMG!>…..you know my heart is a singing! 

Next week we will dive into some practical aspects of your new Yogini status on the first limb or two, and I can’t wait to see you! 

Until Next week my Witches and Bitches! 

Slayer Out!

Slayer also shares will start meditation instruction outside her private group soon, men and women! Jump on the mediation email list at Namaslayer.com to get on the list for one of the FREE intro talks to learn more!

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References in the Show:
Deepak Chopra and David Simon's
The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga: A Practical Guide to Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit

To Reference more on Patanjali and the Yoga Sutras:
The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (Sacred Teachings)