Heartsing Podcast | Weight Loss | Meditation | Future Self by Namaslayer

Limb One Yamas: Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, External Interactions Trust, Love, and Letting Go

May 14, 2021 Slayer Episode 28
Heartsing Podcast | Weight Loss | Meditation | Future Self by Namaslayer
Limb One Yamas: Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, External Interactions Trust, Love, and Letting Go
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Live in love and create more health, happiness and heartsing in your life! Dive in this week as Slayer starts to break down  the 8 Limbs of Yoga from the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali. This week she's breaks down the first limb, the Yamas that guide us in how to show up in the world. See how a weight loss or any goal journey can be a spiritual path.   Slayer delivers thought provoking ways we can take action now on these age old guidelines that guide us to our inner light of awareness and set us on your Yogic path. Leave inspired to live a life full of more love and start releasing judgement of others and impact your weight loss and big impossible goal journey in the process!

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References in the Show:
Debbie Ford's

The Dark Side of the Light Chasers: Reclaiming Your Power, Creativity, Brilliance, and Dreams

To Reference more on Patanjali and the Yoga Sutras:
The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (Sacred Teachings)

Welcome to Episode 28 brought to you from Resort Addie sitting poolside with a heart full of gratitude for this life I’m co-creating and able to share with you. I’m amazed each week as I create the content for this podcast, I try to do it somewhere that gets me out of the Rv….whether it’s a coffee shop or a pool area…somewhere as this was my vision Circa 2017 Corporate Addie and part of what I love so much about the new lifestyle I created. 

Today and the coming weeks I will leave you with some practical application to increase your Yogic powers to build the life of your dreams. As always, through sharing some of my story and of the women I lead in this transformation process. 

It’s my goal to inspire you to explore more on this path of self discovery and give you some tools to do just that through the application of the Yoga Sutras * Limbs of Yoga. 

Now, don’t turn off the podcast…this isn’t just about the physical practice of yoga. This will all apply to your journey of dreaming big and finding more health and heartsing in your life! 

On my path these past few weeks I had quite a few little off plan indulgences, and the cleaner I get in body, mind and spirit connection, I start to realize these for what they are—my discomfort with something in my life. 

So, I decided I needed a bit of resort Addie this week to break up years of Corporate Addie programming!  I am starting to recognize Corporate Addie for what she is—a work bufferer. Instead of feeling emotions and listening to my inner voice, or eating it or drinking my emotions, corporate Addie…. WORKS it. She just goes, goes, goes under the guise of creation, but Corporate Addie doesn’t have the heart radiance. 

She’s “good” and capable at what she does, but she’s not all shiny and stuff. 

Anyone feel me on that one? Who has a workhorse personality lurking in there in disguise as your GET IT DONE girl. 

Now, sometimes we need to rely on this energy, but recognizing when we need balance before she leads to me making Small choices that don’t serve me. You know the ones.

A piece of cake here, a glass of wine there, gnocchi over here…all fine, as long as I chose them from a space of centered awareness. 

Which, truth be told, I never do chose those things when I’m in alignment. I always choose the other way. 

Never fails. 

This is the power of the Yogic Path. Of becoming aligned with your inner I AM. You naturally WANT to make better choices. So, we just have to get better and better at recognizing, by listening to our bodies when we are out of alignment. 

As I saw this happening, I crawled onto my magic carpet in the Adventure RV. And I mean crawled. Corporate Addie was fitting me in her “work” chair to get it done and I dragged her ass on the floor on my soft, cool oriental rug AKA the magic carpet, got in child’s pose, and I stretched out and just asked how I can serve. How can I best show up? 

I started to weep. I allowed the emotions to process and I listened for what was next. 

Sometimes I need to just get my ego out of the way, you see, my ego—and by ego it’s meant these things we are in life—the roles we play—corporate addie, Slayer, mom, Guide, Sister, daughter…all of these roles are attached to our ego. 

I wanted to be guided by my iinner light of awareness, my inner mind, not my ego. When my ego is in control it’s all not quite as shiny, fun or full of love. 

As I allowed the emotions to sweep over me and finally came to rest, to listen to that inner mind which is always there, but so much easier to hear when I am still. --When I allow her to be heard, which I’m doing more and more as I build this connection through these paths I’m going to share with you.

The voice was clear—commit to my healthy path and the rest will follow.

For me I KNOW that fueling my body mind and soul. And fueling it with food that lights me up—gives me energy, with beverages that hydrate my body, and my soul with practices that help me live in gratitude each and every day!  

So, I committed. 

I rewrote my 90 day plan in the MEfirst Guide to achieve my 90 day weight loss goal even though I was off track and went to the mattresses as they say in the Godfather. I pulled out all the guns in my recommitment to this future version of me which is reflected in that data on the scale because it is a reflection of my process to a healthy body, mind and soul. 

Those “guns” in my recommitment included going LIVE to be accountable to the world, and those in the Mefirst Sisterhood that know my journey intimately so they too can see the rising up. Because even though I might have been out of sorts for a bit, it doesn’t mean the end goal isn’t getting achieved. It means I remove judgment, learn, adjust and move on. I recommitted, again, to no flour, no sugar, no wine, because I want to shine! I want to radiate!

I’m also telling you here on this podcast about my goal of 174.4 by the end of the 90 days. I will be a mere 12 pounds away from my Impossible goal at that point. 

Well over 100 pounds lost. I weighed myself at one point over 300 pounds in 2017, but officially at a doctors office at 288 in Feb of 2018 when I had been meditating for a bit and started the path down. 

But, really, does it matter if it’s 100, 110, 120 pounds? Does any of it matter? 

Are you thinking how do you blend all of these numbers and goal achievement with a spiritual path? 

I hope to show you through my journey and as we explore these next few weeks how this journey of self discovery that has been guided by my weight loss quest is exactly that: a spiritual journey. 

I’m making choices that keep me living in love and feeling my emotions and not eating, drinking or working them. 

I’m make choices for better long term health and wellness, and create habits that allow me to find the sillness and listen to that voice that already knows everything I need to know.

What about you? Do you make better choices when you are more mindful? 

Through practices that I am going to share with you in this series we started last week about the 8 limbs of yoga that Patanjali, the ancient Sage from India we talked about in the last episode. 

Patanjali left us a guidance system to that magic inside in the Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali back somewhere between 500 BC and 200 AD.  

The only thing you need to practice yoga is a willingness to change. 

So, if you can open your mind, try and learn new things, and have a desire to turn inward…you are already on the path of Yoga. 

As I mentioned earlier, Yoga is not just being on a yoga mat and an exercise, indeed that is a small part of it, and one of 8 paths to yoga, but it encompasses much more and you are already in the midst of it. 

So, what is yoga then?  

Yoga is a science. 

It’s purpose is to connect us to that magic inside. 

It promotes a life of kindness, love and peaceful joy. 

Yoga comes from the Sanskrit work Yuj, which means join, but it’s even more about connecting—connecting your consciousness with your self. 

In this place we calm the mind and heart. This mind heart connection, called the citta is key to having the guidance from our inner light and not our ego. 

We can use any and all of these 8 limbs or paths of yoga and I’m going to recap them for you here. 

Picture 8 circles…radiating out from the inner circle, so as each circle is layers, it is larger in circumference from the circle before it, as if they are stacked inside of each other. 
 I’ll post a picture of this in the Facebook group for you to give you a visual. 

We start the journey today with the outter most circle, the largest, called the Yamas

The Yamas are guidelines of social aspects of our life and how we interact with others. This is the limb we will cover today in detail and how it can apply to your life now, affect your health and some practices you can put in place to start increasing your awareness of self. 

As I recap each of the other 7 limbs of yoga, keep in mind that there in no ONE path to self realization. It is a combination of all of these paths that lead us there and we can enter at any point. 

This is life changing stuff you all! 

After the Yamas, the second limb in is known as the  Niyamas, which, like the Yamas there are 5 of, but where as the Yamas are about the outside, the Niyamas  takes this practice inward and talks about our self care (hello HABITS) and we will discuss that next week. 
 Asana Yoga is the 3rd limb and this is the one you probably know as “YOGA” –the physical postures. 

Did you know the intent of Asana yoga, or the postures is to prepare the body for sitting in meditation for long periods of time? 

I had no clue about any of this until a couple of years ago, and I was already on this path—not just with the postures, which I did infrequently at best, but with all of this! 

You will see yourself in these too as we move forward! 

The 4th Limb is Pranayama—or the breath, the life force…mastering our breath leads us to still the mind and again, prepares us for the practice of being able to focus, or meditation

The 5th limb is Pratyahara and has to do with withdrawing from the 5 senses. 

The 6th limb is Dharana where you choose what to focus on and learn how to focus your mind. 

The 7th limb, Dhyana is where we master the ability to focus

And the 8th limb, Samadhi is where our consciousness becomes the object. 

Where we are one. Where we reach self actualization, realization that we are all in everything and it in us. 

We are ONE and reach freedom here. 

It is this place, the Center of the circle where we reach that field of infinite possibilities. 

As we practice in each area we lessen the fog  keeping us from that freedom and we are able to see all things more clearly. 

This my friends is that path that takes us on that journey to discover that answer to those age old questions “Who am I? What is my Purpose? Why am I hear? How can I serve?” All of these are answered as we experience the stillness of being. 

As you probably well know, being still is quite an accomplishment itself, much less stilling the mind. This is a practice and we can use all of these paths to meander our way there. 

Add in a meditation practice and you will accelerate your path there for sure. 

Now that you have the overview, let’s dig in to the first limb and how the heck this stuff from 500 AD applies to you in 2021! 

I know…crazy, right? HEH

This outer most circle (note it’s also the largest in circumference, is where the first limb is, called the Yamas. 

The Yama’s is said to be the foundation of all the other limbs. 

Yama—Most commonly translated as “rules of social behavior”

I like the word Guidelines, because of that rebel thing I have going on, but do what works for you!

These give us ways to self reflect and work on how we are engaging with others—There are 5 Yamas and I’m going to break down each and how you can work on them daily…and probably already are in aspects!

The Yamas are: 

·      AHISMA: Practicing Non-Violence

·      SATYA Truthfullness

·      ASTEYA: Non-Stealing

·      BRAHMACHARYA: Moderation

·      APARIGRAPHA: Non Hoarding

Are you thinking, “come on,  Slayer, WTH does this have to do with Weight Loss or reaching my goals?” Its okay if you are, just hang on my dear friend, it’s my intention to illustrate how it all comes together and open your mind to perhaps a path to achieving the health and dreams you’ve always wanted in a way you haven’t yet contemplated! 

I know, big promises here at the heartsing podcast. 

I aim to serve, you know. 


First up of the Yamas….AHISMA

Hisma means violence which comes from greed, anger and attachment and can be a cause of suffering…for ourselves and others. 

The “A” before the hisma means non. 

So, therefore Ahisma is non-harming, non-violence or freedom from harming. 

You might be thinking that you don’t harm people or things, and in the sense you might not be beating people up for a living, this might hold true, but let’s take a deeper look at ways we cause harm and how we can amplify our vibe by becoming more aware. 

Afterall, awareness is our superpower. 

Once we can become that observer of all things, and most importantly ourselves we can affect true transformation and go from living in fear to living in love. 

What we think, say and do matters. 

Often we think we aren’t harming others because we aren’t taking physical action against them, but if you have started to realize the power of your own thoughts yet, you will realize this is not the truth. 

Your thoughts cause feelings and energy in your body. 

When we vibrate with a negative energy we give that in our field to others, and to ourselves. 

Just by thinking a negative thought is a way we cause harm. 

Does this mean we try to shut down and suppress all these thoughts? 

No…then we get bottled up. It means we become aware of the negative thoughts and work to improve them. This journey is a process of self improvement and self discovery. Stay open and for crying out loud…don’t beat yourself up if you see this happen, you are just adding to that pile of negative energy in your body. 

Rather, step back a moment and reflect when you see it happen.

I did this the other day. 

As much as I’ve learned doing Shadow work about judgement and realizing myself in everyone, I saw myself talking to a friend about another friend. In my mind I was being kind about it…kind of one of those “bless her heart” moments, but as I was writing this episode, that moment washed over me in a hot flash of shame. 

As I was talking about her, I knew I shouldn’t be, that it was harmful. 

I would venture most of us do this on some level. 

The trick is to catch ourselves and get better. 

A good rule of thumb is not say anything you wouldn’t say in front of that person. 

Then you level it up and try to not think anything you would not think in front of them. 

EXERCISE: Pretend one day that everything you think, say and do is being recorded. How do you act differently? 

What does this have to do with weight loss and goals? 

Everything…because guess who else you are talking to that way? 

Most likely yourself, and does speaking to yourself unkindly ever get you anywhere? Not unless you power through with some knuckle biting will power. 

How about we try to live more in love and speak and act kindly and want to treat ourselves with that same respect?

When we judge others, we are full of self judgement as well, and we are striving to become the observer so that we can affect change in our lives, and live in more love. 

As I was speaking about this friend of mine I felt bad and even mentioned that to the other friend. This was negative energy not needed and had the other friend heard, she would have been hurt, so in essence I was causing harm. 

It is my goal to get better and better at not doing this. Of living in love and kindess which brings us to The other part of AHISMA which is about non-violence as loving kindness. 

Understanding that we are all a result of past experiences and when someone acts from a space of unkindness or with a negative consequence this is all about what they have experienced in their life. 

When we can remove the person from the action and realize that they are not the ego, that they are just like us, we are the same, we can look at the situation with love, regardless of the act. We can see past this to the light, and in this live in loving kindness. 

Of course this is a practice. 

One of my favorite things I’ve done on this journey is to do Shadow work, which I lead in some groups now as I think it is a powerful part in this process. 

You can do this at home on your own! 

I did this with the book by Debbie Ford: the Darkside of the Light Chasers, of course I will link that for you in the show notes. Make sure to do the exercises at the end of each chapter—this is where the magic is in self discovery! 

Debbie leads us in the book through the process of uncovering our own shadows, those parts of us we have been taught to pack away because they aren’t “acceptable” in society, or we learned through behavior that they weren’t rewarded. 

Oh, I shouldn’t be loud in class, so I’m going to lock loud Addie away and seek another path…..

We learn through the process Debbie takes us through as you meet your deepest self that these shadows are often where our gifts are, but also that we see them in our judgements of others. When you see yourself judging another person, it is usually a reflection right back to you. 

You have probably heard that phrase if you point one finger forward, you have 3 pointing right back at you. 

That is this. As you are talking about others or judging them, regardless of how bad you think the act is, they are, whatever it is, you are judging yourself. 

We are all in all. You are all of me and I am all of you. 

Once we realize that we have all of the same capabilities—let’s take a rapist. Something most of us would agree is wrong in our rules of society and in being non harmful of others. 

Let’s say you learned that this person that had raped and beaten someone else had grown up having that done to them every day and lived in that world….do you think had you been in that environment that you could be like that too? 

Think on that for a bit. 

You are who you are in good part because of the life you have led, so as we look to judge others, to step back and say instead 

“They are not this ego self, this identity I see, they are light inside just like me, they had a much different path to get to this moment. “

This puts us in the observer mode. 

Where we can come from compassion and love regardless of the act. 

This is an extreme example, but do this tomorrow as you are observing what you think, say and do all day—step back and ask yourself if you had the same life history, could you be the same way that person is? 

This also puts us in the drivers seat of our lives and our thoughts…

And don’t you WANT to be driving your life? 

Where YOU happen to life, it doesn’t happen to YOU?!

As you become more aware of your thoughts and this impact you have on the world around you, you step out of victim mode, and this puts you in the seat as the creator, or co-creator of this experience. 

You can generate all the positivity, light and love you want and as you practice these simple tools and perhaps dive deeper even doing things like the shadow work you will increase this vibe and capability…

And guess what the side affects of that are? 

More joy, happiness, and bliss in your life. When you are free of judgement. 

And guess what happens to your weight loss and life goals as you find more joy?  

Doors open, magic paths appear before you. Yes, you must act, but now you are doing so from love and the Universe will respond accordingly. 

Let’s move to the second Guideline of the Yamas: SATYA

Satya is the practice of being truthful with yourself and others. 

Remember we want to keep our CITTA (chi-tah) clear so we have a better heart and mind connection. In living in honesty…with ourselves and others that this starts to clear. 

Being honest with others you release energy. If you are holding back truth this can build up in you causing cloudiness or blockages. 

Now, of course you probably aren’t doing to walk around saying every little thing that is on your chest. You need to determine if it has the protentional to be hurtful to another, which one carries greater weight. 

Ask yourself- are you avoiding honest conversations with people because they are difficult? 

Reflect on times you have had those hard conversations, or told the truth when it was hard but with it a huge burden was lifted off of you. 

What else are you holding back? What else is building up? 

Sometimes I will get these things out in my magic morning pages where I let the stream of consciousness flow from that space of truth. In this safe space I find right on my paper. Then I determine if that is enough. Am I clear or is more action needed for my vibration to be okay around this topic? 

Sometimes speaking about the situation in groups of like minded people can be helpful. We do this in groups as we work through things like the shadow work I was talking about. 

For example, one of my clients stole a pack of gum from a store when she was around 8 years old. She had been carrying around the feeling of being a thief for 40 years and didn’t even realize it….it came up as she saw herself being especially triggered by any reference to theft or being called a thief. 

As she shared with the group, she said she felt the burden start to lift. Obviously she couldn’t go back and make amends to the store from 40 years ago..and no one would care at this point anyway. So, in this case, uncovering the truth was for HER, to be true to herself and in sharing that honesty with others, she was able to move through the process. She now has more compassion and understanding for others recognizing this shadow she had buried inside herself. In that moment she was she was capable of being a thief too. 

Think about your interpretation of things too. Start to question WHAT IS TRUE? 

We can all have the same conversation and come away hearing completely different things. 

As you are building trust and integrity with yourself : 

What ACTUALLY HAPPENED?  Like if a video recorder was there, what would be seen? 

What do YOU think happened? (your truth, which might not be what actually happened according to the video—it’s colored by your experiences)


How do you communicate what happens? 

Making these choices to become a better observer, release judgement will put you on this path to living in more light and love and have better relationships with yourself and others. 

Do you remember that movie from the late 90s called The Truman Show with Jim Carey, where they are on TV 24/7 and don’t know it? His entire life is a TV show. 

Now, he didn’t know it, but what if your life was like that? 

Where everyone could see everything? 

How would it change how you act? 

Would you roll through the drive thru for a that doube QP with Cheese and Milk Shake? 

Think about this with food plans.  

The more times we show up for what we say we will do, the more we start to believe and trust ourselves. That we will show up for us. 

Then we start to believe that we are capable to lose weight, start the business, get the house, whatever the dream is. 

Not only does living in truth up your vibe, but it has massive impact on your life as you apply it. It inevitably rolls back to you and your habits. 

The 3rd Yama is Asteya—or Freedom from Steeling, non-stealing

You might be thinking here….oh good! I don’t steal, I’m off the hook. That’s what I thought too….except…well, let’s dig in here. 

Stealing is comes from feeling of lack, of those limiting beliefs of “not being good enough”

It is said desires and want are causes for stealing. 

When we hold judgement against others we are stealing their confidence and freedom. Have you ever shot someone’s dream down, or even thought to yourself, “There’s no way she can do that—she’s not smart enough, thin enough, pretty enough, whatever enough.”

Be honest with yourself. There is no shame in this. It’s in the awareness we grow, and you are not alone. 

What about yourself? 

Are you limiting yourself by playing it safe? By not trying new things and staying in your comfort zone? 

If so, are you not stealing a field of infinite possibilities from yourself? 

This is why starting to dream big, to step into fear is such a big part of this process, your potential is unlimited and in seeking your hearts desire without coveting other’s possessions and progress is key because you then stay in love, and get to that light of awareness, which is of course where we create all the magic from! 

So stop stealing other’s dreams and your own and start wondering…what IF? 

The 4th Yama is Brahmacharya…and this is often translated to celibacy. LOL…no don’t’ freak out and shut me off. No one here is suggesting you never have sex again. Lol. 

Brahmacharya actually means moving in to infinity….it is said that Brahmacharya is a result of the experience and not an action. That to practice this now, we work on moderation. 

So, how can we apply it to your life? Because, I don’t need a slew of divorces from celibacy on my hands. Hahahah

We get into habits with this one—pick any habit you might do in excess. This doesn’t necessarily have to be just about sex you know!
 So, pick over eating, drinking, social media scrolling, shopping…whatever habit you find yourself over indulging in and start to work on moderation. In this process you will conserve energy so you can use that for your self discovery journey. 

I definitely saw this on my weight loss journey. As my food has gotten cleaner and cleaner I have so much more energy to spend on creating! I don’t spend hours on end thinking about what I’m going to eat, when and where I’m going to eat it. I don’t plan events around food, sometimes I don’t even remember to eat! 

I know…who am I? 

I tell you this much…I was on a yogic path and didn’t even know it!
 How about you? Are you on one too?

The 5th and final Yama is Aparigraha or non-possessiveness

Let’s sum this one up To: let it go. 

I’m reading one of the central yogic texts the Bhagavad Gita, in which, Lord Krishna shares one of our most important lessons: 

“let your concern be with the action alone and never with the fruits of the action. Do not let the results of your action be your motive and do not be attached to inaction” 

This my friends. I work on this daily. Often this will be one of my Mindset Tools I pull into my daily plan and I call it ALLOW. 

Like this podcast. Just releasing it as I hit the button. Having my intention set to inspire you to meditate, of course, but to find ways to find more love and joy in your life too…and ultimately more heartsing! 

So, there is the intention, and my ATTENTION, or action is writing and hten recording this podcast for you. 

Then I have to release it and let it go. To not concern myself whether it lights you up or not, but to know that my motive was pure and I did take action. So whatever comes of the creation is to be seen. 

This is why it is so important I keep myself in alignment. So that I can create from a space where my Citta is in balance. My heart mind connection is strong so I can speak my truth and share it with you. 

In summary of Aparigraha….don’t be concerned about the outcome. This causes us worry, which leads to suffering as Patanjali tells us. 

Live NOW with abundance and love and do it…do it with all your heart and let go!

Feel the joy in your creation. 

Do it for the love of doing it. 

Find happiness in the creation and not in things. 

This also will align with minimalism…all of these Yama’s. Having less clutter leads to less attachment to things and a clearer mind. 

So, look around your home….do you have things you never use? That don’t bring you joy? Are they taking energy from you that you could be using to create and uncover more of your magic? 

Take stock. 

Start to clear some space…in your minds each day with journaling magic pages and self coaching yourself, in your homes with letting go of clutter and attachment to things, and in your life in general…with your attachment to the foods you put in your obdy, the media you mindlessly consume and in people to provide you happiness. 

Clear space to live from that light inside and be prepared to light this world up!!!

Who is with me?!!

Wowzer…and that was only ONE YAMA!!!

Can you see how this all relates to your path to health and wellness? 

IN Summary, and hop in the Heartsing Podcast Facebook group where we will talk about this during the week, take some action and do one or all of the following: 

·      Pick one day to pretend you are on the Truman show, where everything you do is observed by others. Level it up and pretend they can see your thoughts too. How does this change how you live? 

·      Get a copy of the Darkside of the Light Chasers and do the exercises in there as you uncover your shadows and learn to release judgement of others. 

·      Pick a habit to work on slaying so you can use that energy for creation…maybe start a journaling practice with that time and energy you save and get your truths out on paper. 

·      Honor your plans to keep building trust with yourself. 

·      If you see yourself gossiping, acknowledge it, stop and reflect on how you can improve next time—live with empathy. 

·      See how much joy, light and love you can harness this week!!!

Next week on your Yogic Path we will talk about the Niyamas and take this deeper into self application. I’m quite suire my inner habit guru is showing up for that episode. 

I can’t thank you all enough for sharing this podcast, your reviews, and your love! It makes my heartsing. If you are called, please take a few minutes and do leave a review if you haven’t already, it really helps us the podcast get noticed and we can spread more light and love to the world together. 

I will start teaching meditation outside my private group soon, so if you want on the list for those FREE intro talks to find out more, check out the link in the show notes, or go to the Meditation Page on Namaslayer. I WILL be teaching men as well, so guys, don’t be shy. I know there are a lot of you listening, and while my group is for women only at this point, the meditation and that group that will have ongoing support is for ALL! Spouses—this is amazing to do together. There is nothing quite like meditation energy together. More on that soon!

I am beyond excited to be able to share some of these tools with you that have helped on my journey and to be able to help you all mediate???? OMG!>…..you know my heart is a singing! 

Next week we will dive into some practical aspects of your new Yogini status on the first limb or two, and I can’t wait to see you! 

Until Next week my Witches and Bitches! 

Slayer Out!

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The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga: A Practical Guide to Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit

To Reference more on Patanjali and the Yoga Sutras:
The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (Sacred Teachings)