Heartsing Podcast | Weight Loss | Meditation | Future Self by Namaslayer

Limbs 6-8: "It's all so easy!" Signs, Vision, and Meditation (Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi)

July 02, 2021 Slayer
Heartsing Podcast | Weight Loss | Meditation | Future Self by Namaslayer
Limbs 6-8: "It's all so easy!" Signs, Vision, and Meditation (Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi)
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"Holy Sh*t! It's all so easy!" Slayer has found her new thought and is lit up! You will light up  too  as we follow Slayer's journey of  signs, intuition and creating vision. Ultimately we dive into talking about this magical place of heartsing and Unity as we travel through the inner most limbs of yoga and learn about our Highest Self and what this path in means. Or, more simply put as Slayer says, "Today is about the big guns!"

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To Reference more on Patanjali and the Yoga Sutras:
The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (Sacred Teachings)

Welcome to episode 35 of the Heartsing Podcast! I’m Addie B, aka Slayer of Namaslayer. You guys! We are at only 35 episodes and almost at 10,000 downloads!!! What?! This is awesome! Thank you! 

Keep sharing with your friends, subscribing and downloading it helps the podcast get noticed, but also lights my fire…and you know what happens when you light this Pitta fire over here! Hahaha

Hold on to your seats, and you are going to need a seatbelt today because we are going to get more talk about the signs in my life in this episode, because I have had a heck of a week full of them, but also because I know that these Limbs of yoga…these limbs that take us to the inside have helped me hear my voice so much clearer on this journey and live in my Authentic Power. 

These are the big guns you guys! 

If you are just diving in to the podcast….all good! You can start anywhere on your Heartsinging Slayer binge. Lol

In fact, depending on when you are listening, this might be a timely episode as there are a couple of special offers built in here you might want to catch while they are HOT!

Today’s topic--the final three paths on the 8 limb path of yoga—is all about the journey inside of us to that space of magic, of enlightenment. 

Think of a tree trunk rings and we are working our way in to the core. 

Today we get to the core and I am LIT UP! 

This is my JAM!

As we work our way in on these paths of yoga—yoga meaning joining your body, mind and soul, we started on the outside, with how we treat the outer world, or the Yamas, and moved in a layer to work on US and how we treat ourselves. 

The second limb the Niyamas, then followed by the third, Asana yoga, focusing on the physical body, and then into the forth and fifth  layers, the breath control and sensory withdrawal –here we are starting to come to inner practices, getting closer and closer to the core. 

After we prepare the outer and inner limbs we are ready for the inner most practices right around the core, which we are coving here today. 

The first of these 3, Dharana, allows us to move beyond the body and mind to dig in to that magic space inside—we learn to train the drunken monkey—more of that monkey business later. 

Then we will head into Dhyana, also known as MEDITATION! Woo hoo! Then, the Mack daddy of them all. Samadhi—or enlightenment, or self actualization, our Highest Self. 

But first---my SIGNS!!!

I can’t even begin to tell you about all of them! 

Boom! Boom! Boom! One after another!


Well, I mean, of course I can tell you, it’s what I do every week right here. Haha

You guys my heart is singing! Full of radiance love and life force energy. 

It’s cultivating this feeling—as I’ve been sharing building the tapas—the self discipline to show up, even when I don’t want to, yes through doing habit work, but also what those habits ARE affects my radiance. 

And mediation is key on this path. On everyone’s path to self actualization. 

Patanjali, the ancient sage that brought us the yoga sutras that inspired this latest series on the podcast tells us that being able to focus our mind is necessary to reach samadhi. 

We will get into the definitions of this more in a bit. 

But first….my signs! 

I’m bursting with my new vision and of course have to share with you how it is coming about and the amount of trust I put in listening to myself now. And knowing what it feels like when I can hear it and am in alignment. 

I want to share because I want you to see it happen in the moment and know that this is possible for all of us!

This has been my entire journey—sharing to show what is possible now, as I create my future self. I talked about this in a podcast I did with Renee Spears on her abundology podcast that just came out today and is on YouTube too! I’ll link below so you can check us out and hear more about that, but first—

Back to my signs!!! You will want to listen to this first and then go listen to Renee and me on hers.

So, I have been writing in this box in the MEfirst Guide planner I created as I assess my day at night. Notice I said assess and not judge? I put on a scientist had and reflect!

There is a space that says, How can I increase focus on what I desire?

I worded it this way specifically because we want to stay focused on positive action and positive emotion. 

Notice it doesn’t say, “What did I do wrong and how can I beat myself up?!”


Do you reflect on your day like this? 

Write that down and ask yourself this each night. Write it on your mirror—

How can I increase focus on what I desire?

Over and over again I’ve been writing “work the vision” build your vision. I knew it wasn’t clear yet. 

Part of me feeling stymied, like I spoke about last week when I got all the signs to deepen my asana, or physical yoga practice and to start teacher training on that. 

Getting back in alignment with all of my habits and expanding them, and asking, How can I serve? And Knowing I need to build this next vision MORE. 

I’ve been starting and stopping. 

Almost like fear to move from where I am. And, what do we do at Namaslayer? 

Like the Simba form the Lion King we laugh in the face of Danger! Ahahahhahaha

Bring on the fear! This is how I grow, how I learn. 

It’s TIME to leave the comfort of my RV adventure life. 

To expand to this next vision. I mean, the Universe is making that one clear stranding me on back ordered parts! LOL!

Here’s what happened—

Last week I’m getting all of the signs about yoga over and over. I was like beat in the head with it and added my favorite asana back in. 

My heart starts vibrating on that level again. 

That excitement cultivated within as I build this energy within me. 

This energy I build through this process takes me from a fear based mind to a heart so radiant and full of the power of love, there is not an influence from the outside would that can dull my shine. 

Then I have to take a dip back in and get to that space as it wears off a bit from all of the inputs. 

Get to that stillness. 

And keep asking, How can I serve? What is my purpose? What do I desire? 

And being still and allowing it to come.

On Monday, I decided to just chill out and read in bed a bit, my legs up the wall, just allowing myself to enjoy this magical little space I created, with the cool air blowing on me on a Monday afternoon, reading a fiction book that I had gotten in to. 

I took a break from creating to enjoy the fruits of my labor-

being able to read a book with my legs up a wall on a Monday afternoon without a care in the world. 

The thought struck me how grateful I was for this life I created and I looked over to my vision boards installed at the foot of my bed. 

Where these images I chose because they create an energy and vibration within me that says YES! That!

 You must have emotion generated from your vision boards people!

If you just look at the pics, and are like, yes, that would be nice. Take them down. 

If you have to read it to inspire you—that’s more of an inspiration board. VISION means that, you look and VOOM! You feel the emotional flair. No brain power necessary. 

Look for what brings energy to your heart when you look. 

This is what creates it on a subconscious level. 

Okay, a little vision board squirrel there, but all my vision boards have taken hold. All of them. I still have employees reach out to me that I made do vision boards that tell me how amazed they are that it’s all happened!

Okay—on Monday, I look over and realize that I have made everyday a weekend—which are one of the few words allowed on my board and more because it’s on a Tommy Bahama post card with a killer view, but also the message. I look at it and get the vibe.

I create my days. It’s not the words that matter when I look at it…it’s the message to me. I created all of this. 

 My life of adventure on the road. I looked at the other pictures and was like, “I need a new vision board.” Then I looked closer.

There is the picture of the swimmer gal that lost 101 pounds that I have been moving from board to board since Hawaii in 2015. I’m like, been there, done that, and exceeded that now. Over 110. She is a great memory though of what I have done and helps me cultivate gratitude and love for myself…and a bit of awe. 

I decided she stays for now and because it’s good to come from abundance on your boards too. Things you want to KEEP in your world that you are grateful for now can be there. If they high vibe you on impact!

Then there is picture of the laptop at a coffee shop with her feet on a table. This is my life, how I work. From anywhere I want. Writing away. I’m doing it right now at a Starbucks near my house. I take pictures of this all the time, just look at my Instagram at addiebeall_namaslayer and you will see. You will also see that picture of the vision board, or a piece of it, that I’m talking about. 

I can’t explain to you why I love writing in coffee shops so much, but I do and I have had this vision forever. 

I have the Classical music for the soul playlist in my ears and people are chattering around me lightly in the background, through my headphones. I’m so grateful I’m brought to tears of love for my fellow humans. 

Maybe being in an RV and the solitude of covid has something to do with that. Ah, the power of gratitude! 

Am I right?! 

What are all those little things you are grateful for that you might have been missing during the pandemic? Take note of them and cherish them. Let’s use that high level vibration! 

There are the pics on there that I created mini-versions of in my RV…my special book reading and writing area, the white, light, airy look, my magic carpet that arrived from a friend from the middle east just in time for me to decorate. The hard wood floors (albeit super awesome crash resistant vinyl)—a great look like wood floor, my white fluffy bed, everyday adventures, spirituality on my board. 

Check, check check…

But, wait, what’s this??? I sat up!

There are all these travel pics—international travel I have not yet done that is the heart and soul of my vision….me writing at a café in Paris, on a houseboat in Amsterdam, having a women circle in Glastonbury connecting with our ancient roots. 

Jets, planes, exploration!

And, guess what I had started last week, half heartedly I will admit? 

A course on planning retreats, figuring I would scope out the online software she was using and see how I could improve my next online camp experience I put on. 

I laughed so hard!!!

There you go again Universe—right in my path!!!

How can I make that next part of the vision and how does it fit with future Slayer, author, motivational speaker…and…Retreat Leader. 

Of course—I LOVE this part of what I do. I feel like I was created to do this for sure. You know, Team Captain, Leader of whatever…I  love to create, motivate, inspire and make experiences memorable for people. And bond with other like minded people. This is why I call myself a Guide, or the sister by your side. 

I am you, you are me, and together we shall BE!

Believe. Become. Be. As we do. 

The next day, I’m in the coffee shop doing my plan and there is a vision box. I close my eyes for one minute each day and I started FEELING myself in all of these fantastic places. I could feel it and I just knew. All of it, is happening. The rest of that board. The travel, the book writing, the sisterhood circles…the magic of the big vision—the mountain home. I can FEEL it. 

And my new thought came, as it does when I’m in alignment: 

It hit me. My new thought is, “Holy Shit! It’s so easy!” 

We practice a new thought in the Mefirst Guide everyday. The thought you will believe at your goal that you don’t yet have. 

I had been working mine and unable to settle on it. It was too wordy, too lofty. Not enough Slayer in it.

This is it. This is the thought I will have. Like the thought I have now about my body that I couldn’t imagine having at the beginning—the “OMG I’m SO skinny!” hee hee. You can use it, go ahead. Try it on. The Young Jedi did and she’s down about 50 pounds. 

Speaking of the Young Jedi, she started to get excited about the retreats too and  we started to talk about the cool retreats we can plan. 

The Young Jedi is my assistant and also has been part of the sisterhood since the beginning, so you will get to know her. 

Fast forward a scene and I’m messaging a fab friend of mine from Hawaii on topics unrelated. 

And all of a sudden, I have her house to stay in in Hawaii and use her cars and all that Jazs because they are coming to the mainland. 

Woohoo!!! I get to see my amazing child more!!!

I have this written out in an abundance exercise I did in April “Hawaii in July”. I had let it go the “how” but have kept saying, Yes, I’m getting to Hawaii soon. 

Also, just like I’m going to Colorado. 

I have been dreaming of being up there because…well, it’s HOT here and I also have a Beaver Creek mountain home on my vision board, because, why not? It’s friggin gorgeous!

Well, my Aunt polo’s me that Beaver Creek is ON this year and I should come up. 

Done and done!

So, this adventure RV that is planted by the Universe for a back ordered catalytic converter? Woo hoo! Thank you! Because I’m going to Colorado and Hawaii and get to see 2 of my favorite peeps!

See, you just gotta keep the faith Slayer. Create the vision, the vibrations and it will come. 


All these doors just open, open, open when I’m in alignment, when I find the stillness and practice my habits that serve me. 

“It’s just so easy!!!” Resist and it persists. Let it go, accept, love it and it COMES. 

So, I was on this fence about joining this retreat program to learn more about that—there is a lot of legal and travel stuff and all that unsexy business you need to know if you are going to do it right, and who has time to research all of that? 

This is why I pay for coaches, education, courses btw. THOUSANDS of $$$ in the past few years. Still less than my college education and I’ve learned WAY more.  

Want to learn about something? 

Sure It’s free on the internet somewhere…if you have all the time in the world…google away my friend. 

Me? Sign me up! 

Learn, learn, learn. 

And then I churn, churn, churn-- growth and creation and share/teach and learn some more. 

Back to the retreat-- I’m on the fence and I’m listening to hear about charging, and one of my shadows rears her head. 

The good ol’ self worth shadow. 

We all have this shadow in some aspects---

It’s true!!!! …. I heard Oprah talk about it.  heh

This shadow that says, but what if people can’t afford it? 

What if you people don’t who up? 

What if no one likes what you create? 

That shadow. 

The worth shadow. 

So, I’m in a coffee shop without my card deck and I ask Erika, Hestia from our sisterhood to draw a card for me. Her readings are spot on always. 

She pulls the Self Worth card!!!
 I kid you not!
 Are you like WOOOOOOAH Universe? 

Right? And the card is very specific in telling you that all the pieces are coming in to place that are aligning with the future vision you are creating and that you are worthy of all that is to come. 

It says, “people, events and material objects beyond your frame of reference are being drawn to you. Aim higher, for you will draw even greater experiences into your life. Allow your energy to grow. Receiving is an action.”

Keywords: Faith, self Love, Value

Ideas: Grater knowledge; innocent curiosity, being rewarded, receiving divine love.

Well hot damn! Don’t you just love that innocent curiosity?!!

So THEN, …yeah, I’m not done, I hope I have time to get to Samadhi today. 


After all of this, I’m doing a LIVE on Facebook telling everyone about how I’ve been seeing 717 everywhere to the point, I was like, “someone look it up!”

Well, It popped up again a few times and I was like OKAY already and looked it up myself. 

Here’s what I found on 717:

“development of your spirituality, following your inner guidance when it comes to deciding on which steps to take on that path, going towards achieving spiritual enlightenment, leadership, determination, initiative, ambition, success, progress, achievements”

WHAT???!! Of course! 

Inner guidance again. Intuition you guys. Spiritual Leadership!!! 

Remember the episode I did on our Internal Guidance System? Learning to listen to this voice inside. 

And then I go to listen to one of Renee’s Abundology podcasts I hadn’t finished and it literally picked up in a space where they were talking in detail about intuition and listening to our guidance systems. Learning to trusts ourselves. 

Cracking up! Over and over again. 

You are on the right path Addie. 

Today!!! Walking out the door for my walk to said coffee shop, I literally got 5 feet out the door and there was a hummingbird…and it just hung there. 

Allowed me video and all, and then a lone butterfly…beautiful yellow butterfly flowing down the street. 

And then the number 222 on a sign—and this number coming up over and over. Randomly some posts came up in the sisterhood yesterday I commented on, and Ounce pointed out it was from Feb 22nd. 222. 

I decided to run a Podcast Listener coaching discount through July for you, my listeners and for those of Renee’s podcast that just aired yesterday. You guys are going to LOVE this episode—link below of course and you can even see us in person on YouTube, but make sure to subscribe to her and get your weekly energy update! And, better yet, go see her and get some abundance in your life!

Back to the 22-- I decided I wanted to do a little something special with my Pitta fire this summer and use some of it to fire some of you witches and bitches up so I’m doing a 22% off my regular one hour session. 

Why 22? 

Mainly because the number 20 just didn’t seem magical enough. (and yes, I’ll post the link below to that if you want to grab a session I’d love to meet you and light it up! If you are listening to this in July 2021 the discount will be valid and you can book 2 months out!

Back to the 22!

And, guess what 22 means? Maybe this is YOUR sign. 

It’s a master number and symbolized intuition, emotions, balance, evolution and expansion. 

Add another 2 and go to 222 and it means creating new beginnings and expanding with the Universe. 

You guys, there are even more signs that this, but the point is, you can believe in signs or not. 

They are there. Your intuition is there. Your soul is there, the magic right within just waiting for you to open up and listen to what your heart desires. 

To being open to discovering the magic…right inside. 

And this brings us to rain and magic and our topic this week. 

After I went to the mountain earlier this week, it started raining, such a welcome relief here in Arizona. In Hawaii we call rain the blessings, and I certainly believe that to be the case.  

I sat in my car and listened to the magic of the drops hit the roof—just enjoying the little things in life. 

I thought about this analogy I had heard about meditation and these final 3 limbs of yoga. 

See, how that flowed right to meditation… just like a river…which is also where I’m going with this. 

Heh. I’m so witty. No wonder you guys hang around.


These last three paths to this space of awesome—the indescribable Samadhi, which Of course I will attempt to describe for you, as I do. Heh. 

First Let’s look at the rain analogy and these 3 limbs.

As the moisture of the clouds form clouds and fog—think of this as our everyday awareness…a little on the cloudy side. 

Out magic is in there, but we just can’t quite see it. Just like the sun is always there…you just can’t always see it. 

Some times the clouds are just passing by, and other times it’s a full out storm and feels like we have lost the sun forever!

As this moisture becomes concentrated it becomes raindrops! 

These raindrops are like the 6th limb, Dharana—this is focused attention. 

As the rain drops, we have these moments of intermittent focus. 

It falls and becomes a river

This river flows, merging all of these raindrops and they stream together and this is Dhyana, The 7th limb and also known as meditation. 

As the raindrops continue to flow they merge into uninterrupted focus and therefore meditation. 

Our western definitions sometimes confuse meditation and being lumped in with mindfulness and use it in a term to mean to “think on it”

Patanjali tells us mediation is not thinking, it’s a sense of deep unity with and object or subject. 

Swami Vivekananda called our minds “drunken monkeys” when he introduced meditation to the US in the late 1800’s. 

You know I love that metaphor-drunken monkeys! 

So true! Led around by our wild horses—our five senses! 

Last week we talked about Pratyahara, that 5th limb and path that takes us away from our wild horses and begins our focus inside. You can do this beginning to bring focus in through things like Pranayama, the 4th limb, breathing exercises, or the 3rd limb, asana practicing on the physical postures. 

As you head into the 5th limb or Dharana, this is a state of complete concentration, and this is where we really start to train those drunken monkeys! 

Think of your mind like when you are training a new puppy. At first the puppy doesn’t want to do what you say and you have to keep repeating the action over and over until they start to catch on that this is the new way we are doing things and they start to display the behavior you want. 

This is the same with training our minds. As you practice focusing, you can do this in a multitude of ways, you can actually do this in pranayama—become so focused on your breath that you withdrawal from all your senses and put complete focus of the mind on the breath. You can do this in a physical asana yoga pose, you can do this with a mind vehicle, like a mantra. 

This is what we teach at Namaslayer, as certified by the Chopra Center, —the Primordial Sound Meditation method and it is a mantra based meditation. In addition to the knowledge, you receive in the course so you know what to expect and how to do it and have support on your meditation journey, you are learning how to focus your mind through a mantra. 

Come to a free intro course and you can learn more about it. Links will be below to make this as easy for you as your meditation practice should be. 

Remember my new thought, “Holy Shit! It’s all just so easy!”

And, this is where we get stuck and many of us think we can’t meditate—in our thoughts. 

All the thoughts in our head. 

That we are doing a meditation wrong because we have thoughts. 

Thoughts are part of the process. They are the clouds and as you start to focus, on something like a mantra, you start to create these rain drops. 

It’s in this deep concentration where we have access to slip between your thoughts. 

You cannot have two thoughts at the same time. 

Therefore, there is an end and a beginning to each thought, and also what Deepak Chopra calls the “gap” between the thoughts. 
 It’s in this gap we experience this return to who we truly are. 

You won’t have a thought when you are in this space—you just are, so often we don’t even know we have slipped in the gap, other than the benefits we receive outside of our meditation practice. 


Talks about this next limb, which is on of the experiences we can have from mediation, Samadhi. 

Samadhi meaning enlightenment, of this awareness of the Unity of who we truly are 

Deepak says 

Sama means evenness or expansiveness and 

Dhi means the finest quality of our intellect or that which cognizes—meaning it’s the place we are Still and unbounded. 

We are aware of being the magic, if you will. 

We are intensely present without a point of view. 

You have probably experienced this. 

As I was writing this episode I was reminded of episode 2 of this podcast called Heartsing?! What it is and how to find it. 

This heartsing I talk about—this awareness of being, or the magic within us is in a way some of the things I explain in there are what I was trying to explain about Samadhi. 

And I catch glimpses but I want MORE

How can I get more of that heartsing? 

And, sometimes you just don’t know when it will strike. 

Like on the sanddune in Oregon last summer when I was brought to my knees with the majesty of it, or as I came out of meditation yesterday and just wept with gratitude at the enormity of it all and this overall sense of well being and awareness of self, but Self as in Self as the Universe, or God or Creation. 

I didn’t’ know why, just that I KNEW and was so grateful and full of love and light.

This space. 

This magic inside. 

Where judgement isn’t even possible. 

It can’t exist. 

All of our shadows melt away. We just love it all. 
 Pure love.

Patanjali tells us this, as many scholars have before and since, that we are all capable of this. 

As Jesus said, “I and the Father are one.”


How many others have brought us this same message and are seen throughout history? 

It’s in this realization of oneness that we realize our Highest Self, this power that exists within each of us, and then it’s up to us to see through this screen of our life and start to make decisions that will better serve us and therefore serve our brothers and sisters as well. 

Think about this—all of us having this same light, all parts of that ocean the river is running too. 

We are different because of all of the experiences and beliefs we have had and created through our life. 

Picture our personal histories, all our ego identities, culture, education, where we live, how we live, the parents we had, the schools we went to…all of this has created this screen that we see life through…like you are looking through the screen door into the outside world. 

I remember pushing my face against that screen when I was little. 

I’m trying to bust through it now. 

Conquering and questioning old beliefs and habits that don’t serve me, or humanity. 

Think about food this way—we all need it, but what we decide is food is filtered by this screen—where you live, what you were taught to eat, what is accessible to you, what you have created a habit of…all of these things affect what you call food. 

Knowing we are capable in any moment to have this full realization of who we truly are—that all we have to do is bust through that screen, don’t you want to explore these things you have believed to be true that may just not be serving you a little more? 

Do you want to cultivate your attention on what you DO want and see where that takes you? 

What if the heartsing is just waiting for you to push through your fears on you worthiness shadows? What if all your dreams are right on the other side? 

What if my friend, you can cultivate this magic right inside of you, right where you are because it is already there? 

What if, just learning to be STILL. 

Learning the skill of concentration, and ultimately letting go and trusting YOU. 

The Universe inside of you—you the infinite all encompassing light being? 

This is the path all of these limbs of yoga take you on…from the first of the limbs, the Yamas, guiding us on what is important in this life. In how we should act to others. 

Are we living in truth, love, non-violence and authenticity, or living in lies we are shoving down with food, wine and netfix because we are too afraid to feel the greatness within? 

Are you ready to live in a greater love?

What about the Niyamas, or looking within?

 AS we explored the second limb where it’s about cultivating this self discipline, love and compassion for your human self as you explore who you are and dive into self study? 

Learning about building habits, clearing the clutter, creating gratitude. 

Then we looked at the physical 

Don’t you want to just run and do it all right now so you can get more and more heartsing?!

I do!!! Let’s do it! Let’s do it together. I’m almost ready my friends. I’ve been building this process over the past 2 years. 

As my friend Ginnie told me, she said, “Addie, it’s like you are over here just doing your own thing and everyone else is way over here….” Picture me in one hand far away from her other hand. 

I thought, well, yes, of course, right? 

Because I’m listening to my Instint, which incidentally was my card today that Erika drew for me because I’m Coffee shop Addie again today without my own cards. 

Another sign my friends. LOL!

Instinct—all about listening to the intuition right inside and hearing Im on the right path. This is a higher level chakra card and right in alignment with my current spiritual surge. 

I’m on the right path according to my soul!

If this is singing to you, get in one of these intro to meditation courses because, at least for right now, my inner guide is telling me this is the path in to the Mefirst Sisterhood and guide process. 

It is SO important in the process, that you will at least own this skill. Once you learn it no one can take it away and it will always be there for you. And I can sleep better knowing one more person has it. 

Listen, I know you all just want the planner (I mean, it is fabulous) heh. 

But, here’s the thing—the planner is magic because you infuse YOUR magic in it. You make it your own and the process….will help you each day come from fear to love. 

But first, you must learn to meditate. 

With a easy, comfortable way to practice. 

Come learn with me. 

This, my friends, wraps up our series on the 8 Limbs of Yoga. 

I hope you understand how you are a yogi or yogini already and maybe a little inspired to understand a little bit more about the union of your body, mind and soul and how it can impact any change in your life on a magical level. b

If you are so inspiried, be so kind as to tell your friends about me—tell them to subscribe, download and all that magic because we are just getting started here on the Heartsing Podcast. 

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