Heartsing Podcast | Weight Loss | Meditation | Future Self by Namaslayer

Future Self Orders "Amazon Box of Skinny"

July 30, 2021 Slayer
Heartsing Podcast | Weight Loss | Meditation | Future Self by Namaslayer
Future Self Orders "Amazon Box of Skinny"
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Do you trust the Universe to deliver like you do Amazon?  Slayer shares her learning moments from her session with Renee Spears she aired last week we get an inside seat to future self creation and pick up many tools for the journey of transformation. Deal with overwhelm, fear and getting out of the "Land of How's" and into the land of magical creation with the Universe as your trusted source of delivery.

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Do you trust the Universe to deliver like you do Amazon?

It’s another great week of creation here at Namaslayer and I would like to welcome you to the Heartsing Podcast epsidode 39 from the beautiful Island of Oahu! 

I am here with the young jedi working on some Namaslayer creations and we had our first official annual meeting on the beach, because I create this world, life and company, and what do I want my brainstorming meetings to look like? Why not on a beach? Why not make everything fun if we can? 

To add to this joy my youngest daughter is here so my heart is full, which is appropriate since this episode is all about flexing our joy muscles. 

It’s also about future self creation—which is really what this entire podcast is about in so many ways, but specifically this episode is very future self joy focused So what every you want in your future—thinner body, financial freedom, love, peace on earth and in your mind…whatever it is, this episode is for you. 

I’m calling this episode the Amazon Box of Skinny and you will see why soon, first, let me take you to the writing of this episode, where I was sitting on a plane somewhere over the Pacific Ocean flexing my joy muscle

I had just received an email just as I was stepping on the jetway down to the plane. Yes, I was looking at my email while walking on the plane—I noticed it was about the podcast and I opened it to a big congrats because we hit 10,000 downloads! 

I had forgotten that this milestone was even close as I had decided to stop focusing on downloads and just have FUN. So I opened this and was like WOW! Then it happened….I was like transported into this future self walking version of me in the moment. 

The energy rushed through me….”I AM Slayer. It’s all coming….”

THAT feeling is what creates the magic. I could FEEL my greatness surge. And by MY I mean the life force within me—not this ego being talking into the mic right now. Do you know what I mean? 

It’s this energy all it’s own. Time and space stop to exist and I move as though in a dream, but I’m here and I’m LIT. 

I love this surge and I have many terms for it. It comes more and more frequently when I am in flow. When I’m in alignment, body mind and soul. 

How to harness this surge?  That’s what I seek and what I’m sharing on this journey with you as we are creating our future selves. 

IN today’s episode we are back to my favorite topic: creating our future selves. As promised from last week’s episode, today I’m going to share about my learning moments from my private session with Law of Attraction Mentor Renee Spears that I aired on last week’s Heartsing Podcast episode and in these lessons we will be taking another trip along the path of creating our future…in this moment. 

I like to share these moments with you because I want you to see how I am creating—my fails and my wins. I never quite know what is going to be a WIN when I am in the moment, but I always know that there will be a lesson in it we can all learn from and that THIS is where success comes from—being willing to try new things, fail , try again, learn…to keep moving forward, even as we move backward

You know what I mean?  

Stop and ask What IF? Is this door open for ME? What if I step through it and move into my greatness within? 

And as Brene Brown would say—we start daring greatly. We open ourselves up to the field of infinite possibilities. 

We start to question everything we that we think is TRUE and ask what if? 

IN this, we start to create an alternate future. 

As I was putting together my notes and re-listened to last week and my session with Renee-- I just laughed out loud at what has been staring me in the face—and I KNEW but I don’t yet believe…

And, Of COURSE it’s all the same thing. Creating our future selves, whether it has to do with our bodies, love, money—whatever! It’s all the same process. 

The cycle continues—believe, become and be. My tagline here at Namaslayer. 

It comes down to that vision, starting to believe and then taking the actions in the becoming, and the being part—which is where I need to focus right now according to my guides—this part is the emotional navigation. Allowing the joy. Trusting in the process. 

I’m getting better and better at this and I want to be sure you get all the tips and tools along the way so stay tuned!

The vision—starting to believe. Starting to envision my life at the next step—as a world famous author in this case. 

What is your big dream? 

4 years ago this dream was BURRIED under 110 pounds on my body. All I could see was that I was physically miserable. Which makes so much sense to me know. My misery was just manifesting itself on the outside—my soul being smooshed away in there as I pounded down the wine and pizze. 

 As I picked away at theses habits and got in the field of creation more and more with meditation and my mind, all my other dreams started to awaken and these seeds started growing.

If you are an avid Heartsing Podcast listener, you probably have no doubt that my book is going to happen. You are probably like, “where do I get a copy?” And I’m like, “well, I need to write it yet.”

But you KNOW I will right it. I know I will right it. 

My Guides know I will right it. The timeline has been set—the one that doesn’t exist in what we know as time. 

This is how I create—by telling you. The Guides call this my “hacks”

Your future self tactics may look a little different than mine, but I say whatever works to get us there! 

I am working on abundance because somewhere within me I’m telling myself I can’t write the book because I need to do all the other things—pay bills, teach courses, make technology funnels, make posts, blah blah blah—getting caught in the HOW’s. 

These Hows—you gotta watch for them you guys. 

Here’s how it looks—you get the dream, you create the vision, you start getting excited, and then your good old computer processor—your brain comes in with the how, how how and quickly spins you into overwhelm. 

This happens with weight loss too. We look at that big impossible goal and our brain comes up with all the ways we can fail…and if we don’t know what to do with this information, it spins us into a tailspin of…NOTHING. Netflix binges, pizza parties and other such distractions from what we WANT in our lives. 

So, what can you do? What can you do when you get a case of the HOWS (aka Overwhelm)??!

We do this as part of our 90 day process in the Mefirst Guide and is my recommendation any time I see someone (or myself) spinning in the HOWS or feeling lost in general

—You take that main goal—that thing you desire more than anything and let that monkey brain GO TO WORK. Yeah, brain, give it to me! Give me all the ways I can FAIL!

Yes! Let’s think of them all! Write them down. What will you need to learn? What could stop you? 

This is the GOLD my friends—this is your roadmap because inevitably, when we try to stay out of the HOWs and avoid them (act like they don’t exist)—they are still in there, we just haven’t addressed them so they are brewing.  This leads to worry and Netflix pizza party binges the question arrises—

How do we stay out of the “how” and yet take action? 

When we dream big and dare to step into the unknown we will have fear, experience overwhelm, and if you don’t initially feel this-- you probably need to dream bigger. 

You should have FEAR! You should have doubt come up. You hadn’t yet done this thing and our brains like to keep us safe—in the cave, not out being best selling authors or getting super hot when your 50! Hee hee

I experience and manage my fear and self doubt nearly every day. Some days I need my tools more than others, depending on what new thing I am working on!

So, when Renee and I were commiserating about the “friggin” hows in my session, I listened and thought, yes, but I DO need to take action….we don’t change who we are by not doing anything. 

Here’s what we do you guys—so we have the vision—we have the dream. Get a vision board, write it out, close your eyes—see it FEEL IT. 

With the vision created you trust that the path will be unfolded, but it is up to us to take action as well. Like I can’t enjoy the heartsing from the book…if I don’t ever write the book. 

Of course it all comes down to staying in the present moment with it. 

We dream big, and then bigger…we get out all the HOWS on paper. We make a list of little TINY actions we can take each day that move us in that direction. 

We call these 1% action items in the Sisterhood and the Guide. Those baby steps. In the case of weight loss this can be as simple as finding a new recipe or food to try, listening to a podcast you wanted to hear on gut health, focusing all day on mindful eating and leaving 2 bites behind…the list could go on an on. 

This one tool and skill to cultivate, making one tiny little step each day is a game changer in so many ways- it keeps you focused on your goal, allows you to see progress—as tiny as it may be, it doesn’t matter. In our action we dissolve fear. Try it. Each day—what is one tiny little step you can take? 

If you can pause me right now, do so and make a list of 7 things. One tiny thing that shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes a day, or even shorter over the next week. Write them down and plan one each day until we meet again next week. Share your list in the Heartsing Podcast community!

When we think ahead of time and have these smaller items written out, when you see the tailspin come on, you just go back to “stay in the present moment…what is one small thing I can do”? And then we trust the plan and the Universe. 

This of course gets us to the part of the session where my Guides told me I need to trust the Universe as much as I trust Amazon. 

HA!!! Think about that you guys! Do you? 

Like your plans you make. Do you trust yourself that you will show up for your plan like you trust your package will be here from Amazon? 

I realized I BELIEVE in the Universe, my signs and I’m learning each day to follow my intuition, to work this muscle of believing. 

Belief is just colored by all of my life experience—all my limiting beliefs about money, such as you have to work SUPER hard to have lots of it. 

Is that TRUE? Of course it’s not. There are plenty of people who have it that don’t even work! Think about it. 

If you believe you can’t lose weight—is that even TRUE? 

What do you believe? 

And.,..how would you act if you DID believe? 

If you KNEW the Universe was going to deliver skinny to your door…like it was coming on December of next year. That GOAL weight. 

What would THAT FEELING be? 

Allow yourself to imagine this…

You pull up Amazon,. 

You type in the search: box of skinny

You purchase for whatever this box is worth to you with your unlimited virtual funds that’s how the Universe works—there is no limit, so whatever you want to spend (that’s an interesting concept—what WOULD you pay for that THING)? What is it’s value to you? 

So, you get this Amazon box of skinny that is coming next December. 

It’s just that simple. 

Next December you have that THING. 

So, WHO ARE YOU in December when you have this thing? Are you the same person? 

This part is SO IMPORTANT. SEE it, feel it..imagine it!!! She is in there—in your imagination—we are just using our imagination to bring us crap—use it for this—SEE what you can create in your mind with your box of skinny.

Close your eyes if you can. Really picture it. Allow yourself to believe the crazy, if even for just a minute. 

What does your body feel like? 

I feel a great surge within when I think of this future version of me, just like I did with my physical self and body. 

Now it’s in the BEING. 

Like walking down the gangplank today…feeling the greatness surge from within as I approached the plan allowing myself to feel myself BEING. 

That image on my vision board of the woman walking on a tarmac in her white flowing outfit to a private plane…that image to me represents the life I lead when I am that world famous author traveling the world to inspire and creating. This is the vision. The feeling attached –the emotions is what creates this in our reality. 

This process—that I created this body transformation you see—that morphed into this spiritual weight loss journey. It’s the same for all of it. 

As the guides said in that session it is no different—which intellectually I “GET” but I’m still in the KNOWING Phase. The learning to be. . 

Who AM I as a best selling author? What does that FEEL like? 

When renee asked me those questions, I had the surge-that same feeling I had walking down the runway to the plane today, that knowing of it just feeling SO good. 

Because it means I DID it. I became what I always wanted to be. Which is scary to even type, because like when I came out of the weight loss closet (see LIVE video link to Facebook below), it was like throwing my stake in the ground and saying, “Here I go…no MATTER WHAT.” I will get up over and over until I realize that reality.

That is what you do when you start to believe in your future self…well, it’s what I do. 

If you BELIEVED skinny was in that box in December of next year—how would you act all year? Like you open the box and you get POOF! You are this version of YOU. 

Now, you may see the BODY but WHO are you? 

When she asked me if I’m the same person as a best selling author selling my first million copies the answer is NO. 
 My soul is the same, but I am forever changed—and it’s not the selling of the books—it is WHO I became in the process. 

It’s not the 110 pound less body. 

It’s the better habits, the more love in my life, the more energy spent creating and not consuming. 

The showing up for myself first and foremost.

Writing ,sharing and teaching from my soul. Through my words-written and spoken.

My voice I uncovered and let roar again. 

In proving to myself that I DO DO hard things. 

That I can show up for ME. 

Each time I do this I build more trust with myself, and trust in the Universe. 

Yes, when I am that NEXT version I will have different priorities and engagements than now. 

Some things will be easier and others harder—because I will have more things to learn and my days will be different.

I will not look the same, think the same or act the same.

So, no, I will not be the same person.

Yes, of course I will be “Addie” but I will NEVER AGAIN try to remain the same. 

I will not play small. 

What about you?!

Will you be the same person when you open the skinny box or box of whatever your BIG ASS DREAM is in December?  

Now I’m asking myself this—

Can I ALLOW myself to step into my greatness? 

Will you? 

When my Spirit Guides said I can postpone it if I want….it doesn’t really matter. Time doesn’t matter—there is no lack of that. There isn’t a time restriction on joy it’s there waiting for me to allow it. 

RIGHT???! Think about this you guys. 

Are you postponing feeling this pure joy, this bliss? Because of what? Because we are not used to flexing our joy muscle perhaps?  Or being uncomfortable?

I like this idea of a joy muscle. 

This could also be a heartsing muscle. They go hand in hand to me. 

The more I allow this feeling and don’t run from it, but rather recognize and embrace it, the more I create and accept!
 How can we work this muscle? I have been doing many things since my meeting with renee to do as my guides said—they said I don’t need more knowledge, what I need is trust and belief—and that to practice my joy muscle I need to realize I am receiving—


So as I took a look around the plane right now I just feel this overwhelming surge of joy and love for my fellow plane companions. It feels so GOOD to be with people again—to smile (with my eyes, because of course they can’t see my lips, but they can tell by that twinkle and those beautiful laugh lines that surround my eyes—and there are lots, because I smile A LOT)

It’s great To say Hi! To help someone that needs a hand. To practice living in love and breathing it. 

To enjoy receiving breath. 

Gratitude for my practice of meditation on the plane as I enveloped the sky with my radiance

I’m working on it. All. Day. Long. 

Not just when I check my little vision box in the planner. 

The Joy of Receiving—this muscle that I can use ALL Day with EVERYTHING! It’s the same muscle with air and energy as it is with muscle. 

I’m quite sure they want to wallop me over the head and they are cracking up at how hard this part is for me. 

Like, “Allow the JOY! The pure bliss ALWAYS.” 

You are ready to BE. 

And, like with weight loss. We don’t focus on restriction, but rather what you WANT to feel. 

For example—instead of being like, Oh NO! I can’t eat the pizza and drink all the wine—

Being like—OMG! I FEEL SO good in the AM! My body feels so amazing when I eat the foods that make my body and mind happy! It just FEELS good. 

And, if you don’t yet know that…you find something you could imagine believing about food—like

I can imagine how great it will feel when I have more energy!

Then maybe your brain says—I wonder what could make me feel that way? I wonder if eating the foods on my gut health test will help me FEEL good? 

Now, for me, I’ve gotten really good at training my brain with this food business, and I am still on my path there, but I also know that this path of abundance is tied to this last part of the journey of me BEING this next highest version of myself. 

Of receiving ALL things from with a joyful heart! This includes Money and dispelling any limiting beliefs around this aspect of life that can bring me all of these experiences and even more freedom. 

For me, dispelling this limiting belief in there that as I come into this financial abundance that I will lose the freedom I have created and love so much now. 

Ridiculous Addie! I CREATE this future. So create freedom to be ME and design my life into this vision. It’s that simple—what DO I want it to look like?  

Just like weight loss—it’s not about focusing from restriction, or what I don’t want, but from a place of it already IS and what I do want.

What DOES IT feeling like as I walk toward that jet? Well, it felt just as it did walking the plank today…THAT FEELING of “I’M DOING IT.” I’m living it! LIFE IS LOVE! 

The adventure, the fun, the heartsing!

Where are you in your journey? 

Can you see how this focus is not on what we are trained to think about? 

We are retraining our brains here as we are starting to open our hearts to this experience. 

I really liked it when my guides said I am an anataane right now…I’m receiving all things-I’m seeing my signs. I’m noticing the intuition in my body, I’m noticing the Universe in sync with me. 

I said, “Yeah, but sometimes my antanae gets fuzzy.”

You know when it gets fuzzy you guys? 

When I get in the HOWS.

When I don’ts do the little actions, see the vision and f-ing ENJOY the presenet. 

When I don’t take time for MEfirst because I’m on a trip to How Land. 

Are you in How land? 

Do you want to join me in the Land of Magic? 

Where the Universe has a better delivery rate than Amazon? 

Hell yeah, Slayer! I’m in!!!

Universe, I order one Best Selling Book by October 12th.

The order is in. 

Now I set on trusting, believing and BEING that author.

Watch me my friends. Join me for the ride right here as we create this reality. Let’s create yours too!

What are you ordering?  

Do you dare tell the world about your Universe order? 

Share with me! Send me an email to [email protected] with your order. It’s as good as done once you put it in writing. I’ll even keep it private if you insist. heh

Believe. Become. Be. 

It’s never ending because we will always be working on that next version…unless, of course the Netflix Pizza Party runs away with us. 

Who’s ready to stop sucking the joy out of creating???!


It’s time I stop sucking the joy out of writing this book and put the joy in becoming. 

It’s time to get out of my own way so I can experience the joy. 

All. Day. Long. 

I have been writing and thinking and enjoying JOY for the entire planride. 

We are beginning our decent into Honolulu now…I’m so excited to be back to this pace I called home for 10 years, and be united with my little heart that lives over here, in the form of a 12 year old Mili. I’m SO excited you guys!!!

I’m so proud to be Mils Mom and I’m so happy she’s proud of me and what I’m doing. Now I’m tearing up. 

On that note, I’m going to leave you with this—how can you flex your joy muscle? What are you receiving…all day long? 

Are you stopping to be present? To have joy for that breath of air you just took?

I find most women I work with have the giving part down—like literally giving their lives for the lives of others.

It’s in this receiving for ourselves—ALL JOY that we start to unlock that magic inside. 

Receiving all that is abundant in the universe—time, money, health, love, joy. 

All abundant

Just waiting to you to say, “I’m all in Universe. I AM READY,.”

Open your joy funnel and let that heartsing in! Like Renee talked about opening the funnel each moment to allow the money to flow in—

Open the funnel! Open your funnel for wealth, love, health…. 

Open your funnel for greatness!

I used to stand on the mountain in the AM and shout, Universe, I AM Ready with my arms open and my chest wide. 

Make your Joy Funnel. 

Now, go and be joyous! 

If you let your joy spill over to Drop me a review, it would go directly into my funnel! See how that works? Hee hee  if you haven’t yet, and if you did…OMG!!! Thank you! You are the BEST! Seriously, You have no ideas!!!
 I am receiving your love and joy! I joyously received coffee from 3 heartsing podcast listeners last week too!!! Thank you Liz, Gnarly Nelly and Jazz…I appreciate the love!!!  I am all amped up on the fumes right now so you can thank these three for my extra speed on delivery today. Heh. 

It was so FUN to practice receiving Just for the joy of it! If you want to give me more caffeine, it’s at https://www.buymeacoffee.com/namaslayer.   My joy muscle is in process of flexing and it’s ready for you! 

Now, as for flixing my joyous giving muscle—make sure you don’t miss the free intro to meditation courses—because the world must meditate! Hee hee…have you started yet? Let’s HAVE fun and meditate! Make it easy and comfortable…join me and learn how!

Okay, I’m off to the beach now. I’m here with Miliona, my youngest and the young jedi and my heart is full. 

Seriously write me about your Universe order….let’s put it in motion. I’m dying to get all your orders! [email protected] or PM me at Addie Beall. 

I don’t care if you are listening to this 5 years from now after I have 3 best selling books—write me. I care and I want to know. 

That will not change. 

Light and Love my witches and bitches, 

Let’s create some magic in our future and get those orders to the Universe clear for delivery!

Slayer out