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How to Dream Big: Future Self Creation

August 06, 2021 Slayer
Heartsing Podcast | Weight Loss | Meditation | Future Self by Namaslayer
How to Dream Big: Future Self Creation
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"Double Dog Dare you to Dream Big with me!" -Slayer
Slayer creates the next version of herself in this episode sharing visions of past and future, guiding you in creating your own in this episode. Listen in to get inspired and then watch and follow as Slayer creates her life as a Best Selling Author sitting on Oprah's couch and digs up things she did not expect, such as--does she see loose skin on her future self body? What does it look like when she just feels so comfortable? Namaslayer grows and serves even more women. What will come up as you allow yourself dream with abandon--without thoughts of what others might think, or what your inner critic wants to bring up?!

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Ep 40 Dream Big

This is it my witches and bitches! Today we dream BIG! We create those next versions of ourselves, right here. I have to tell you I’m really surprised about a few things that came up as I wrote again about my future self: one being my excess skin and another being the details in my Namaslayer vision. This is SO FUN. So pull on your fun hat and let’s get dreaming BIG!
 To set the scene as I’m writing, I’m on the plane back from Oahu, Hawaii to Arizona. I had a glorious time in the islands with my youngest child and the Young Jedi on this trip. She did a lot of future self dreaming herself which was a lot of fun for me. 

Also to set the scene-- this airline still serves food and it’s not half bad, but I committed to fasting today on my way back from Hawaii to kick start my return to my happy gut health. There have been a lot of small town ice cream shops in my travels and it’s time to recommit to ME. I want to get my vibe back in alignment and that includes my gut health and making a happy place for my microbes on the inside. 

So, I’m proud to say, they were passing out food and I proudly said, “no thank you! Water, no ice please”

BOOM! I saw this moment this morning as I anticipated my monkey brain. I knew she was going to have a field day because Naddie has been having her way on this trip! Even though I look back at what I ate and it is still 100 times better than Addie circa 2017. 

I just AM a different person….so back in the cage you go Naddie…we are on to version 3.0 and in this space we have control of our mind…it does not control us. 

So, what does Namaslayer, future version of Slayer look like? This is like Version 3.0?

Let’s dream together, shall we? 

Today let’s throw caution to the wind and say all of this Universal magic Law of attraction stuff is really how the universe works—just for any doubters out there. 

Let me ask you this…if you dare to hop on this ride with me…what do you have to lose? 

You will have tried something different and if you don’t have results you like…then you can just stop dreaming. 

Big deal right? 

But what IF? 

What IF this is true—if we create our lives, this world we live in, and we can have, do, be, achieve whatever we want…. why not make it the most fabulous world we can? 

In the last few episodes of the podcast you heard me first share my private session with Renee Spears, Law of Attraction mentor where my guides were very specific about me just delaying my joy and I need to trust in the Universe like I do Amazon and that I’m blocking my joy funnel! 

Following up on that last week I talked about putting our orders in with the Universe—and trusting that it is going to be here like you would trust Amazon to deliver your cocoa nibs so you can make your bulletproof coffee just how you like it. 

What do you do when those cocoa butter chips aren’t at your door? You don’t stop believing you will get them—you are shocked! Why aren’t they here? I ordered them! 

They must be on their way…maybe via a different currier or something. 

You don’t give up belief, you find KNOW you will get them. Somehow, some way, even if it’s not from amazon. 

What is it you want? Did you decide? 

Did you listen with your heart open and ask…what is is I desire? What do I want? 

I received many orders from listeners! This was so fun! Even if you are listening years from now, email me at [email protected] with your order! Put in the subject line: Heartsing Order for the Universe or something like that! Put your order out there. 

What do you want? What do you always seek? Is it weight loss? Is it to be a Best Selling Author? 

Here are a few that came in from our listeners…

Liz is ordering a box of contentment and her impossible goal weight of 155!

Hippie is unwrapping a box of self love…and a whole list of 100 other things, which is good, because we need to get specific, which is what this episode is about! Way to go Hippie…you got a jump start!

Stacie is ordering a skinny body that weighs 162 and along the way, she gets to heal and connect her relationship with her children. She also will own a home with an ocean view and will write my life story into a book.

Stacie, you are sounding like my twin! I love it! 


We have a lot of listeners and sisterhood members ordering that impossible goal weight…if you have not listened to that episode yet….not to toot my own horn, but it is SO good.


Here’s the thing about the number—people seem to get hung up in they are ordering self love and not a box of skinny…


What if it’s in the seeking of that box of skinny that you find self love? That you find contentment? 


Don’t discount what you desire because it’s not pure enough or because you think it’s going to jack your mind up. Stop overthinking what your heart wants. 


That is where the work is at. Really dial in to what you want and don’t SHAME yourself for wanting a thinner body…even if it is to be hot in a bikini. 


Look at me. When I got honest about this when I started, I just wanted to look hot on my motorcycle. True story. But before I learned all this future selfing I would tell people I just wanted to be healthy…


Sure, I wanted that too…but I didn’t DESIRE THAT. I mean, what does healthy look like? If you were to ask me…the first thing I would have said would also to lose weight!


So, if you want a thinner healthier body, think how you will measure it and get ON it. Allow yourself to dream about it and use the numbers to measure it and watch your brain…because it’s in creating this goal that you become. 


Now look at me from wanting to be a smokin’ hot biker B to now being a smokin’ hot spiritual leader witches and bitches!


What? So how did that happen? Let’s take a look, you know I like to teach through my experience, and learn more myself, every, single time.


Today what we are going to do is figure out HOW to get what this is you desire…If you ordered up contentment, what does CONTENTMENT LOOK like? 

Who ARE you when you are content? Remember, content means peacefully happy…what does that look like, where you are just in love with who you are enough that you are content…there is self love wrapped up in there too. 

Let me ask you this…Can you create with abandon? Can you allow yourself to dream and not censor yourself? This is why I have women build alter egos first—fictional is great because you will restrict and censor your dreams and not even know it. 

Can you let go of the inner critic telling you you can’t have that thing because of XYZ before you even give yourself a change to dream? 

I invite you to let it all hang out this week. Critic be gone! 

Do this with blind trust and faith that what your heart desires will lead you on a path to your highest self, to your purpose?  

Even if what comes out is that it is your heart’s desire to be a skinny biker B!

This is an important part of future self creation…to be able to see and build your dream world. 

Let’s look at how I created this life of adventure I love so much…

Back in my 2017 ball of misery when I felt trapped by “Having” to go to this job that I thought was a big source of my misery I dared to start asking…what if this HAVING is not true? What IF I can create whatever I want? What is just by daring to dream, create and believe I can change this? 

What would it look like? How could I be the coolest, best mother in the world across the ocean AND not have to do seomthing that smooshes my soul? 

Well, I would have an online business so I could travel more while she was here with me, during my time. When Mili started to visit I took her to my conferences to experience San Diego and then Denver. We did a long road trip in the car to Beaver Creek where we ice skated in the summer and enjoyed the amazing place my aunt and uncle had gifted us for my 10 day vacation!

I dreamt a lot about my future self on these trips…I could FEEL myself there even when I was gone. 

We had the most amazing time, and not many kids growing up in Hawaii get exposed to the mainland in this manner so I was suddenly empowered—this is how I can be an amazing mom across the ocean! I can support and of course be involved over there, but I can be ADVENTURE MOM! I can create experiences for us that will last a life time and she can take in her heart when she goes back to the island and school. 

Why not do this all the time? If I had a mobile job and an RV I could just do everything as we explored the country!

And then, what would that look like? I was already sharing my experience online doing free challenges on my Namaslayer Facebook page and sharing this journey as I created it. 

I could SEE myself in this RV traveling, writing with my laptop. I could see it was white with wood floors and just my magical little space. I could SEE Mili and I traveling, bonding, laughing, creating memories and a relationship that you can only do on a road trip. 

So, I did the think hour. Just one hour—me and my pen. I took the vision and put it to action.  I asked all the things I would need to do and I started doing them…just for the hlell of it, not really believing I could do it. I remember thinking it was a little crazy to think I could do this, but what the heck> 

I would say on my lives…I’’ll get an RV and travel the country visiting all of you to my fans and friends on Facebook…yes! How amazing will that be?! We will take this heartsing show on the road!

Then I thought, well, I might as well look at RVs…how much are there? What is it like to live in one? I started following people on Youtube and really started to get excited. I went shopping with my good friends Erin and Jay. They never doubted my dream. 

I think they believed more than I did that I was going to do it. 

Just like it might be possible that you believe more than I do right now that I will write a book and be a Best Selling Author. 

Why is this? Why are we so quick to believe in others greatness and just as quick to doubt our own? Curious right? 

Okay, squirrel!

My point is this—I created this current life I love so much and it looks quite a bit different from my initial vision—COVID happened and I ended up not doing workshops, but learning to teach meditation—this tool I’m so passionate about. I started creating more online as I traveled…but the heart and soul of what I wanted to experience was there. The universe delivered my life of roaming, adventurous freedom and set me up perfectly in a pandemic…once I started to trust and allow…that was my growth during this phase…learning to see signs, and how to know I was on the right path. 

This part I got good at, but what came from my sessions with Renee this past month to me was FEAR of giving up my freedom if I grow. 

IN other words: Fear of success. 

This is hilarious right? Because shouldn’t we agree that I have proved to myself—I mean I have evidence, over and over that creating my future self in this manner works! 

I use vision work, dreaming, planning, small action items, mind work, accountability systems, habit building—all the things I am sharing and teaching you here and in the MEfirst process. 

Here’s all my proof: over 110 pounds lost! I am a successful, independent entrepreneur. I have proven to myself that I can succeed on my own. 

I built my own company, I travel the country, I am adventure mom!

I am helping raise the consciousness of the planet—inspiring people to meditate and teaching all I can myself!

I am helping other women transform their lives—lose weight, create careers, get inspired to seek their greatness,. 


I get messages from women like this one from Stacey that ended with this line, “ I just really feel love and gratitude for you… I am grateful that you exist and are putting your energy into the world! With tears leaking from my eyes…. Please feel the gratitude I’m sending thru this screen to you.”

OMG…can you FEEL my heart cracking open? You guys don’t understand what it means to us creators on this side of the screen to hear about how something you heard or how you feel hit home. It’s why I do this. I accept your gratitude Stacey and I have so much to give to you….because you gave to me. All of you. I FEEL you. I love you. Each of you. And, no it’s not weird because we don’t “know” each other. Because we do. I am you, you are me….

Whether you like it or not. Lol!
 Okay…squirrel..back to renee and my Guides…they told me it’s now up to me to BE. To show people how to BE. 

So, today, I am going to share with you my next version of myself. How I am going to BE. 

A dream I have not yet fully committed to paper. 

 It’s in pieces in my visions, on my vision board, in my dreams, through my writings and my lives. I am going to put it all here and show you how I dream. 

I urge you to do the same—set aside one hour, no phone, no distraction and dream with me…where and how do you wake up? What do your days look like? How are you different? Are you the same? 

I’ll put a link in the show notes to a PDF print out to help guide you in this process if you need it. I like to allow myself to write and write and write, but sometimes the prompts can help if you are just getting started. 

You want to know the difference between me and people that don’t achieve their dreams? I DO THIS STUFF. Everything you learn here on this podcast and I share with you is because it has worked for me and other people…it amplifies my life experience and moves me forward. 

Every single time I do it. 

And, in my experience you can’t know what little thing might be the “click” for you—that Might just put things in motion. It also may be the totality of it—the entire MEfirst Process I’ve created that takes us through meditation, future self dreaming and vision, learning about habits and the mind, planning, self study and self reflection and most of all…putting ourselves first and not ever stopping the process. 

When I take a “break” or miss doing this…I’m not quite as inspired. Windows of opportunity don’t quite open like they do when I’m in flow…when I keep DREAMING. 

So funny! I just noticed not one time did I type anything about food, exercise or weight loss in what I teach, and yet, I assure you, this is a Spiritual Weight Loss path on many levels—any version of YOU that is increased in health, vitality and existence is this process. And of course I love to talk about gut health and food and such….but that’s just part of who I am and what I believe helps us connect on a higher vibration, but it’s not the process. 

Here’s an inside peek to my brain, my dreams and what I am creating…




I wake up in many different places around the world…because I have created a life where I travel and see the world. I have a home base in AZ, but I go stay in places for periods of time so I get to know the culture, the locals, and find my favorite coffee shops.

 I spend a month in Paris at a cool little walk up in an artsy district where I go write each day and drink the most glorious cappuccinos! I have trained them in a French version of my bullet proof coffee so I can continue my fast. Some mornings I mix this up and eat a breakfast full of fat—avocado, salmon, cheeses—or something else to continue mixing up my fasting schedule. Other times I might be resting my gut completely and enjoy water. Either way, I’m enjoying the experience—it’s not about the food. That is to fuel my body…but why not make it glorious, pretty and honor it? But I am also as joyous about the cup of water. 

I get to know the streets of Paris like I know the hometown I grew up in in Michigan. 

I take in the smells, the feel of the stone under my feet as I slip one classy looking sandal off my feet. I feel the warmth of the sun on my face, or enjoy the rain outside my French balcony that looks out over the city. 

I spend a month in Spain on the coast in streets full of joyous people and see why people love this country so much. I go to Denmark and visit friends I have made while in Hawaii and spend some time here traveling with a friend who is like a sister to me who will be living back there shortly. 

Everyone loves Germany…I could spend some time there too! For sure there is Amsterdam…I’m not sure why…the row houses on the river…I want to be in a river boat with a roof top garden where I write a new book. I have a bicycle with a basket and ride through the streets to of course, my new favorite coffee shop. 

I will head up to England for sure and connect with my roots. Glastonbury is on my list to do some witchy woo woo stuff with Rebecca Campbell. To have some experiences in the Earth where I am called to visit and where my DNA screams I am from…why, what is there? Will I have a different energetic experience in that part of the world? 

I will wake up in a quaint English cottage, looking out over gardens that are green and full of flowers. I enjoy High Tea..maybe Lexi is there for this trip, she loves some high tea. Perhaps we have a workshop here and do dances under the moonlight.  

The places I stay will have clean, soft white sheets and wonderful pillows. The Beds are made for my body. There is always just the perfect space to set up for my AM habit stack of Yoga, meditation and then writing my magic morning pages and plan. 

It’s fresh and clean. It FEELS good- the air, my heart, all of it. 

The floor feels glorious under my feet. The views are astounding and I’m always near a small town, village or place where there is a special coffee shop, just waiting for me to write. 

Before I write though, I wake up before the sun—at home in Arizona and when I travel. I want to be sure to see the sun rise, when I can. I wake and do some loving, gentle yoga, limbering up my body for medtiation. 

I enjoy my mediation, so grateful that I created this habit o putting myself first, of meeting myself each morning before I great everyone else in my path. 

After meditation I go on a walk or a hike where I write my magic morning pages and finish planning my day, setting intention for how I want to show up in each moment. 

Enjoying the abundance that is present, all day long—not just in those luxurious sheets, but all day, every day no matter where I am and in each moment.

I might be on a beach, a mountain, a city street, a neighborhood park or even a room---it doesn’t matter WHERE doing this full process: yoga, or physical stretch, breathing and connection, meditation, writing out all the thoughts in my brain, planning and self reflecting in the MEfirst Guide process—this process hasn’t failed in these past few years, when I do it in its entirety to bring me to heart coherence and looking forward to my day—no matter what is on the agenda. 

That’s saying a lot, I know, but I can’t compare it to those days I don’t do the full process—they aren’t as radiant, so I’m not quite sure what piece exactly is IT, but I do know that much of it is universal—it also takes awhile to build and evolves as we evolve through phases.

My future self does this without fail, 100% and perhaps her stack has evolved to include more than I have created so far. 

Time will tell. 

After I complete getting my heart, body and mind in alignment, I head back to wherever I am staying at the time to “get ready”

This was my power habit last quarter—a power habit is the one habit I am working on for that 90 day period that I made the new plan in my Mefirst Guide. Generally, this habit helps support my over-all goal and drives me toward it. 

I have been focusing on weigh loss and you may say, how does getting ready help you with this? It is genius really—first of all, I just FEEL better when I get ready. Also, I asked myself what a best selling author that writes at café’s sits around looking like and she is casual sheik. Classy. Not dressy, she is comfortable…just like lounges around in cashmere and is as comfortable as if it’s a tshirt and sweats but looks and feels amazing. 

The clothes slip on my body effortlessly—and I wear them as effortlessly . The labels matter much less than the fell and cut on my body. This makes me think that maybe I DO get that skin surgery after all, but I’m not sure about that yet, but I do see that my clothes are just easy, it’s all effortless, and if I’m tucking in rolls of fat that is hanging…does that feel the same way? I don’t think it does. I thought I was moving away from this skin surgery as I grew in my spiritual journey, but I think my reasons are just changing for why I would do it. We will see though….right now I’m not displeased with the feel in my closthes, but I still have 25 pounds under the skin and it is loose. You will be watching this journey with me. Just know that I am staying open to this, but I do think it’s important that I SEE myself at goal…and I don’t think I see hanging, swinging fat when I am HER….When I feel so good I just slip in my cashmere clothes and tailored pants. I’m going to keep working on this vision and allow it to come to me, without judgement of why I would do it or not. Allow the feeling. 

Of course, my personal stylist BABs is all over finding things that suit my body and personality and I always have something to wear that I don’t have to think about that just looks great, regardless of hanging skin or not—

Soft, thick fabrics in the cooler whether, and light breezy fabrics in the summer. 

I wear comfortable shoes that look great and are easy to walk back and forth to the café. Sometimes I drive or ride my motorcycle, depending on my mood…and I have some gorgeous riding gear…classy, sexy and comfortable. 

After I get ready for the day, I head to the café and write if I am in writing season. When I am not focused on a book, I might be creating something for the podcast or an appearance I am going to make. 

I also run my organization, Namaslayer, which helps guide women through this transformation process, and we are ever expanding to include more tools to help keep women inspired and also keep it simple at the same time. We are creating a band of light warriors, healers..women uncovering their purpose through gaining control of their mind, body and souls! It’s so amazing to be a part of this!!! 

I look forward to my meetings with the heads of each department…the Biohacking wing where we focus on health from a scientific standpoint, marrying this with the ancient life science through Ayurveda, meditation, breathing. Coaching and small groups are part of the norm and the sisterhood is full of love, joy and support for one another. 

Combining and educating our sisterhood on all aspects, as we know that each person is on a different place in their journey and while we can’t provide all information on all topis, we are compiling a wonderful storehouse of motivational, inspirational material  on health, wealth and of course my favorite—future self dreaming. 

We have a clear path from “There must be something more” to becoming a “Light warrior, healer, or ….???”

As women move through each of these phases, or “cabins” if I’m playing off my summer camp dream, perhaps they becoming a Habit Expert or Dream Master and they earn a special crystal or bead for their MEfirst Bracelet. 

The spacers between the beads are stones that can help balance chakras and each of these chakra stones has a small guided course that helps you understand how to balance your energy centers and  activate them. 

When they join they receive a gorgeous box with their tools to get started and a supplemental box each quarter on their journey. 

As the women move through each phase they start to not only see their own transformation, but also find their purpose. They are lead to their dharma through uncovering their magic inside. Through becoming that dream master. Through creating the life of their dreams and they start to help others too! 

This is inevitable as we find how we are to serve, it serves others—in a direct or indirect way. 

After I have so much fun with my round table of Witches' and Bitches that are key to providing this magic to millions of women around the world, I might meet one of my daughters for lunch or shopping. 

I might teach someone to meditate, just because it is my honor and gift to be able to do so. 

I might go on a long epic hike or go explore a new little town I have not seen. Each time I do this I am full of heartsing for the experience of life….

At one point in my future self journey, I am working and living from a yacht for 4 months as it cruises around the world. 

I have at this point bribed my oldest daughter to join me at Namasalyer and to adventure the world with me. She has started a holistic skin care line for our group. This has always been her passion and she travels the world with me looking for new ways to bring sustainable, natural health care to women of all skin types. She also works closely with the Ayurvda wing of Namaslaeyr and the Biohackers to help make sure we are fueling our bodies for a beautiful healthy glow. 

EDIT: I told her about this and she would like to add jewelry to her line up….I told her that was perfect sine we need our Namaslayer bracelets!

MY youngest child is still in school in Hawaii, or off to college and flies in and out wherever I am to stay and have Mommy and Mili adventures. 

I create the time to include these special beings into my world and love being a part of theirs. It is a great part of my joy in this experience. 

The Namaslayer board of Witches' and Bitches which is our master circle which helps me oversee all of these  areas of Namaslayer, which works hand in and like the 8 limbs of yoga, These women fly in to join me quarterly whoever I may be as we have our round table meetings…where we share and learn and grow together. 

Just like the Young Jedi and I did on the beach—I drew a round circle in the sand and it was our office time. We can create this round circle of infinite trust, wisdom and love in our organization. Through each person seeking their heartsing…their desire and teaching and sharing! Open, loving hearts. 

Where every voice is important, heard and valued. 

Where what we do matters every single day as we help more and more women rise up out of their ball of misery. 

I am, of course, a best selling author at this time. I listened to my spirit guides (and everyone around me for the matter) scream NOW IS THE TIME. And I wrote my first book the Fall of 2021. 

I wrote from my heart. Joyously. I got in my travel adventure RV and headed out on the road to write, write, write while I was feeling all of this energy I feel as I explore and spend time with me. 

I opened up that 300 pound ball of misery, got her on the page. That girl I’m so glad listened to that little voice in side. 

I shared my story which started as me just wanting to be a skinny biker bitch. I shared my journey through over eating, over drinking, and into creating my dream life and awakening to the magic of my soul. 

My intention with the book is to inspire others to believe it is possible—to start seeking. 

To get up. To start seeking that small voice inside. 

To believe it is possible that they are magic inside too and they just need to start listening, watching, learning and seeking. 

It was heard by thousands at first. It was shared organically, parts of it before it was even published. 

It all happened so quickly I’m not even sure how I got to be sitting on Oprah’s couch talking about Souls, but I was there, and, yes, it was as cool as you would think. It is so amazing to speak to other Light Warrios and we have so much in common, albeit from much different paths, but I guess I don’t need to tell you what happened to Namaslayer once I hit Oprahs couch. 

And, for this I’m grateful that I took my time to really build the runway for Namaslayer, to have the pieces start to take shape, because it all happened so quickly and  to have the systems ready and the process in place was key to my sanity!

Knowing exactly what I want it to look like—the group, the organization, my life and how to help women through this journey because I watched and listened for my signs and watched and listened to them as I was teaching all of these years. 

Once I understood that feeling in my body—the KNOWING, and started to look for the doors the Universe was cracking open for me…..all of the breadcrumbs leading me to uncover the greatest magic of all—that of our highest self—of my highest self!

That feeling guided me to this place. 

To my home that is built in the mountain, that I have seen since the beginning and sharing here with you. There is a room where the floor and the wall is actually of the mountain. I can get my lightening bolts grounding WHILE In my home. 

There is space for my children, and their children, should they choose to have them. There is more white linen and clean, uncluttered space. 

Warm woods, white, soft colors, bedding, towels, curtains. Just all light and airy. 

The library is the only exception—although it is light as well, but houses floor to ceiling book shelves packed with my favorites, and my books. 

I also have one treasure from each of the special little towns I have visited on my travels.

I write in here when I am home sometimes. 

I also love nothing more than to curl up in one of the big comfy chairs by the window looking out of the mountain a I read a book. 

My home is stocked with healthy foods, all on my Viome. 

My personal assistant and I consult on the menu and she takes care of the rest as I need to fuel my body for my creations. And, I don’t clean the home…I hire people that do because that’s their zone of genius…not mine and I am so grateful for them!

I do yoga overlooking the pool and mountain before the sun rises, but with the ambient lights on reminding me of the promised magic to come just over the next mountain top. I meditate and swim on mornings as warm and beautiful as this and then I do the rest of my AM habit stack. 

I have a full recording studio in this house. I go in here to record podcasts but also videos that are later edited by my amazing production crew. 

We are really doing it! Elevating the vibration of the planet and helping women all over the world! My heart bursts it’s so amazing to even think I created this….sitting in and airplane over the Pacific Ocean, DARING once again to dream what is possible. 

My books sell more and more with each version of myself I create. I’m never out of material, because I’m always on to a new version of me—never again to fall into victim mentality, allowing life to happen to me. 

No sireee! 

I happen to life! I create it and I help millions of others create theirs too,. 

I employee hundreds of women, and we help educate those that may not be able to afford our services. We teach meditation and habit building to women’s organizations that are assisting women on getting back on their feet. We go into the prisons. We reach the parts of society that may not have access to this knowledge and gift in a voice that is their own—that they can find inspiration in. We reach women of all color. 

I am so, so grateful for this experience I was given to experience again the joy of creating in this world, in this human form. 

All of these lessons that we must go through, and the cycle that starts over and over as we grow. 

I do know this—my soul was sure as hell spot on when it told me, high on my mountain, fresh in a meditation one day shortly after my 2017 ball of misery phone, when I heard the voice that old me…slayer it is so much bigger than you can even imagine. 

Dream bigger. 

As my spirit guides told me, “my soul did not come all the way from the stars to be small, polite or to fit in.,” hell no!
 Did yours? 

What will you create? 

What are you ordering from the Universe? 

Message me, email me, share with me! I want to know it all! Dare you write it out? 

Dare you take an hour for yourself to dream crazy awesome dreams that you can see and feel? 

I double dog dare you my witches and bitches!
Until next week my witches and bitches! I’ll see you in the next Heartsing Podcast creation as we move toward Namaslayer, Slayer Version 3.0. 

How many of you are all in on my vision for me? Can you be as all in on your own? 

Let’s light this B up! And by B, I mean world. 

Slayer our!