Easier Movement, Happier Horses

A Better Way to Improve Shoulder Movement

February 16, 2023 Mary Debono Season 1 Episode 50
Easier Movement, Happier Horses
A Better Way to Improve Shoulder Movement
Show Notes

This episode will introduce a novel way to improve shoulder movement in you and your horse.  And it's all about working with the rib cage!

Mary will describe the innovative way she helps humans and horses overcome ligament and tendon injuries and restore free, healthy movement to the shoulders.

You'll hear what NOT to do as well. Mary explains why stretching the limb may exacerbate the restriction.
Learn why Mary's "Rib Rope" can help horses and humans unlock freer, healthier shoulder and neck movement. It also enhances body awareness and may reduce the risk of injury.  (A link to vide about the Rib Rope is below.)

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Mentioned in this episode:

Click here for video to improve your shoulder movement: https://app.searchie.io/watch/l7qL79owN9  

Rib Rope video:

A short video about human shoulder and rib cage anatomy: https://app.searchie.io/watch/l7qLX83yq9

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Podcast show notes for THIS episode:

All information is for general educations purposes ONLY and doesn't constitute medical or veterinary advice.