Easier Movement, Happier Horses

Reshape Your Self-Image to Move with Ease, Elegance and Balance

March 23, 2023 Mary Debono Season 1 Episode 53
Easier Movement, Happier Horses
Reshape Your Self-Image to Move with Ease, Elegance and Balance
Show Notes

Did you know that YOU get to decide who you are?

Not your parents, teachers, siblings, friends, coworkers, or random people on the internet. 

But most of us don’t realize that. We’ve let others shape us and decide who we are. We create our identities, often at a young age. 

And these identities can often prevent us from achieving our full athletic and creative potential. 

The good news is that you CAN reshape your identity! You can create a self-image that's aligned with who you truly want to be.

This new self-image can help you become a healthier, more elegant move. A more skilled horsewoman. Even a cool-as-a-cucumber artist!   

In this episode, I share simple, effective ways you can reshape your self-image and upgrade your life. Thanks for listening and sharing!

1. Creating an Identity - Take Ownership and Decide Who You Are (00:00 - 06:05)

2. Discover How to Transform Your Self-Image with the Feldenkrais Method (06:05 - 12:02)

3. Shaping Your Identity to Move with Elegance, Grace, and Balance (12:02 - 18:11)

4. Reshaping Your Identity and Giving Your Brain Evidence of Improvement: An Example from Feldenkrais Lessons (18:12 - 23:40)

5. Raise Your Standards To Match Your Desired Identity: How Small Movements Can Rewire Your Brain for Elegant and Powerful Movement (23:40 - 29:35)

6. The Power of Taking Charge: How Your Actions Shape Your Identity To Live Your Best Life With Your Horse (29:35 - 35:18)

7. Thank You For Paying Attention to What Matters: The Move with Your Horse & Effortless Movement Programs (35:19 - 37:09)

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