The Pelvic Floor Project

1. How well do you know your pelvic floor?

March 16, 2021 Melissa Dessaulles from Mommy Berries Season 1 Episode 1
The Pelvic Floor Project
1. How well do you know your pelvic floor?
Show Notes

When asked what they know about their pelvic floor, most clients would say “umm I don’t know… kegels?” 

I wanted to kick off this podcast the same way I start with most of my clients. I put a call out in my instagram community for 2 women who had never seen a pelvic health physical therapist and who felt clueless about their pelvic floor. 

Join them in this episode to see how much you can gain from some simple verbal instructions. 

Thank you to my guests: 

Sarah from Regina Saskatchewan who is expecting her first baby and curious to know how the pelvic floor relates to birth 


Lauren from Kelowna British Columbia who is 4 months postpartum and wanting to return to exercise, but feeling she cannot trust her body. 

Key Points:

  • A bit about me
  • Why is the pelvic floor so mysterious?
  • Introduce Sarah and Lauren who both feel clueless about their pelvic floor
  • Walk through exercise to help you understand where your pelvic floor and how to feel a proper kegel and relaxation
  • Why is this relevant?
  • What’s next?

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