Marketing Espresso

We are all brand ambassadors with Tegan Purdon

September 06, 2022 Bec Chappell Season 1 Episode 107
Marketing Espresso
We are all brand ambassadors with Tegan Purdon
Show Notes

Are you ever unsure how to market yourself online?

I know when I was in corporate I would often find it tricky to know how to represent the company I worked for (and stay within their lines) as well as finding my own voice and feeling confident to have a presence.

Now that I work for myself it's about finding the balance between what parts of me I want to bring to the business, and what stays personal.

Today we have one of my good mates back on the pod! Tegan talks all things how to be a brand ambassador! 

I hope you love this episode

About Tegan:
About Tegan:

Tegan Purdon is a brand and marketing strategist that supports purpose-driven businesses to have a solid grasp of their brand and implement holistic, strategic marketing. Her aim is to reduce marketing fatigue by providing easy to implement marketing strategies that work for you and removes the ‘spaghetti at the wall’ approach when it comes to messaging and offerings. 

She offers a variety of services including coaching, intensive workshops and consulting – all aimed at being budget-friendly for small businesses looking to grow. 

You can find out more about Tegan on Instagram, Facebook or booking in a free discovery call. 

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Connect with me: Instagram @bec_chappell
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