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LinkedIn profile building with Sarah Makris

November 01, 2022 Bec Chappell Season 1 Episode 123
Marketing Espresso
LinkedIn profile building with Sarah Makris
Show Notes

Do you feel like you're doing everything right when it comes to your LinkedIn profile, but you're just not attracting the right client or role? Or maybe you're not quite sure how LinkedIn can help you as an entrepreneur or business owner. 

If you're feeling any of this, then this episode is In this episode you will learn: 

1. How to optimize your LinkedIn profile to attract your dream role 

2. The importance of LinkedIn for entrepreneurs and business owners 

3. The fear around LinkedIn and how to overcome it

Sarah Makris is a professional Communicator with 15+ years of Corporate Affairs Experience. She helps senior executives to attract their dream roles by building successful professional/personal brands. 

She has worked for some of Australia’s most well-known brands and high profile CEO’s and Directors. and now uses her knowledge of what creates successful leaders and memorable brands to successfully coach her local and international clients.

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Chapter Summaries:
[00:00:36] - Sarah Makris Makris is a professional communicator with 15 years of corporate affairs experience. She's worked for some of Australia's most wellknown brands and highprofile CEOs and directors. She helps senior executives to attract their dream roles by building a successful professional personal brand. Sarah Makris is also an expert on LinkedIn profiles.

[00:01:30] - Sarah Makris works with executives to build their personal brands. She created a product called Boost Your Profile Booster to help people boost their LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is important because it increases their influence and their professional value. LinkedIn and Google are great friends. So if you want powerful SEO, LinkedIn is your friend.

[00:04:23] - There's a lot of fear around LinkedIn. It's not just for recruitment anymore. It's about people will go there to find out about you. And before you, people should build their profile around what they want out of their future. LinkedIn is a website for you.

[00:12:22] - LinkedIn is about having everybody accessible to you. And not everyone will reply to your messages. So why not reach out to the person who sent you the email and have a conversation about how you can do better? It was funny enough that it got her attention.

[00:13:27] - There are a lot of workers on LinkedIn. She recommends asking people a question to encourage them to comment and quickly responding to people who do comment on your posts.

[00:15:26] - Sarah Makris recommends Sales Navigator to her clients and LinkedIn to her business. She likes the fact that it's free and that it gives you a lot more scope in terms of what you want to do. LinkedIn is powerful for businesses as well. She advises her students to change the settings so that they don't notify everybody that they've changed a profile setting.

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