Marketing Espresso

Is social media dead with Siobhan Mulvahil

November 22, 2022 Bec Chappell Season 1 Episode 129
Marketing Espresso
Is social media dead with Siobhan Mulvahil
Show Notes

Is social media dying?
"Diversity in business is always something I teach people is you've got to have multiple marketing streams."

Siobhan Mulvahil is the owner and founder of Marketing with Zest. She has over 20 years of freelance marketing consulting experience. Having worked in a range of small businesses, from IT right through to Offshore Energy, she is an expert in marketing that can adapt to the needs of any organisation. She has a BA in Media, Graduate Certificate in Business, Certificate in Digital Marketing and is a Certified Marketer with the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI).

In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. The changing landscape of social media, and how businesses need to adapt
2. The importance of market research and understanding your audience
3. The importance of having multiple marketing streams


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