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Kashif Khan

Welcome to the UNPILLED Podcast, hosted by Kashif Khan of The DNA Company, THE innovative provider of FUNCTION GENOMICS SOLUTIONS for personalized and preventative health and wellness.
Live blood cell analysis with Shannon Gregory S1EP31July 04, 2022 Episode artwork Can we live forever W/Kashif Khan S1E30June 28, 2022 Episode artwork What does our DNA say about evolution? - S1E29June 20, 2022 Episode artwork 6 Steps To Changing A Habit W/ Kashif Khan - S1E28May 30, 2022 Episode artwork Do Our Thoughts Affect Our Health W/ Kashif Khan - S1E27May 23, 2022 Episode artwork How To Eat: Why Our Food Doesn't Match Our DNA with Kashif Khan - S1E26May 16, 2022 Episode artwork Optimize Results By Understanding Your Hormone Circadian Rhythm W/ Kashif Khan - S1E25May 09, 2022 Episode artwork Weight Loss, Emotional Eating & Food As A Coping Mechanism W/ Kashif Khan - S1E24 May 02, 2022 Episode artwork The Importance of Sleep & How To Maximize Rest Quality W/ Kashif Khan - S1E23April 25, 2022 Episode artwork Viral Infections & Understanding Chemicals & Inflammation W/ Kashif Khan - S1E22April 04, 2022 Episode artwork Understanding The Human Connection To Food & Ancestral Diets W/ Kashif Khan - S1E21March 28, 2022 Episode artwork Understanding Neurochemicals And Diving Into Success, Depression & Anxiety W/ Kashif Khan - S1E20March 21, 2022 Episode artwork COMBATING THE MEDICAL SYSTEM THROUGH FUNCTIONAL HEALTH CARE W/ DR. LIEF SOSA - S1E19February 28, 2022 Episode artwork FINDING HEALING THROUGH NATURAL MEDICINE W/ BRYCE WYLDE - S1E16January 31, 2022 Episode artwork USING SCALAR ENERGY FOR HEALING W/ TOM PALADINO - S1E15January 24, 2022 Episode artwork UNDERSTANDING THE TRUE COST OF HEALTHCARE W/ TRACY WOOD - S1E14January 17, 2022 Episode artwork OVERCOMING ANXIETY W/ MENTAL HEALTH COACH NATASHA SORELLA - S1E13January 10, 2022 Episode artwork OPTIMIZING YOUR LIFESTYLE THROUGH FITNESS W/ BRYAN CHANG - S1E12January 04, 2022 Episode artwork SURVIVING THREE BOUTS WITH CANCER & USING HIS STORY TO INSPIRE W/ TYMAZ BAGBANI - S1E11December 27, 2021 Episode artwork SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE & MODERNIZING THE WORK WEEK W/ BRUCE BOWSER - S1E10December 20, 2021 Episode artwork REVERSING BREAST IMPLANT ILLNESS W/ SARAH PHILLIPE - S1E9December 13, 2021 Episode artwork DIVING INTO THE WORLD OF PLASTIC SURGERY & AESTHETIC REJUVENATION W/ DR. ROBERT WHITFIELD - S1E8December 06, 2021 Episode artwork NOMADIC LIFESTYLES & HUMAN RESILIENCE W/ DR. GURU & MOIZ QUEREHI - S1E7November 29, 2021 Episode artwork REGENERATIVE URBAN FARMING & NUTRITION PERSONALIZATION W/ MODGARDEN FOUNDER AAMAR KHWAJA - S1E6November 22, 2021 Episode artwork WARRIOR GENETICS, FOREIGN TECHNOLOGY & CIA MISSIONS W/ BOB BAER - S1E5November 15, 2021 Episode artwork