The Flow Protocols - a Podcast by Cat Howell

EP 4: Redefining the Occult - Focus Protocols

January 09, 2022 Cat Howell Season 1 Episode 4
The Flow Protocols - a Podcast by Cat Howell
EP 4: Redefining the Occult - Focus Protocols
Show Notes

Yesterday I made a post about my fascination in the occult on Facebook and - perhaps unsurprisingly - it caused a stir with many people advising me I needed to find Jesus or that science and data are the only truths.    

While this only cemented my point that we tend to crush ideas that don't confirm to our own I wanted to clarify how I define the occult and why it is that I believe it is a beneficial practice.

To me I see the occult is a simple and effective way to achieve deep states of intentional focus. 

The human mind is untapped potential, and there is little question that beliefs and perceptions determine the fringe at which reality is experienced.

Any tool that can assist an individual to create new thought patterns or beliefs that are useful to them, should logically be integrated.  

This is not about being a witch in front of a cauldron casting evil spells on people (on the contrary, when I know a loved one or friend is in need I will think of them thriving, feeling, well. This is no different to prayer in many ways), this is about training the mind to become an active participant in thought patterns. 

While you can achieve this through religion or reiki or crystals or dancing naked outside or what not, the reason I like the occult practices specifically, is because it incorporates rituals.

And what I have observed is that across all cultures and borders, species wide - humans love rituals and incorporate them into everything we do - from marriage, to new years, to deaths!  

Our ancestors used them and we continue to subscribe to even the most ridiculous ones - like diamond rings for engagements to crossing ourselves to ward off danger.  They help us to quell anxieties, bond, and give us a sense of meaning. 

I have found rituals especially beneficial in getting my busy mind to settle into focused thought patterns - something I would otherwise struggle with.  I achieve something similar when I meditate but I find rituals are slightly more fun then meditation and are ESPECIALLY handy if you are a kinaesthetic or visual learner. 

So to me "magic" works not because there's anything woo woo about it but because it essentially intentionally focuses your mind even but for a moment by using the power of rituals.

And when you learn to focus your thoughts in such a way and you are in integrity and have love for others, everybody benefits. 

When we soften to these ideas, and accept that science and faith are both just trying to make meaning of the magic that is life, we can begin to unlock the parts of ourselves we have perhaps been led to fear or have lost in the texts of time. 

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