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Ballet & Diet Culture with Elizabeth Sterling

April 12, 2022 Michelle Yates, MS, RD, LMNT Episode 8
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Ballet & Diet Culture with Elizabeth Sterling
Show Notes

I'm so thrilled to have Elizabeth Sterling (@TheWholePointe) join me today as she shares her story. Listen as we walk through her experience as a professional ballerina and the damaging comments that led her to disordered eating. She now coaches her students to embrace their body rather than work against them. Elizabeth is an advocate for intuitive eating, intuitive movement, and utilizing a mindset that is FOR you rather than AGAINST you (my kind of gal).

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Elizabeth's bio:
Elizabeth is an IACT Certified Hypnotist and Peak Performance Coach based out of Denver, CO who uses a combination of hypnosis, NLP, EFT and coaching that creates powerful changes for her clients. As a ballet coach and former professional dancer she is exceptionally thrilled to be bringing these tools into the dance world because she knows, first-hand, just how life-changing these tools can be within the dance community.


  • Meet Elizabeth [1:55]
  • Elizabeth’s experience with Ballet and her body image [5:09]
  • How comments on her weight impacted her enjoyment of dance [8:09]
  • Michelle looks back on her experience with dance [10:25]
  • Elizabeth discusses how she looks back on her professional dance experience and depression [11:57]
  • Elizabeth’s experience and how it impacts how she teaches [14:47]
  • Things Elizabeth heard as a dancer that were unhelpful [17:22]
  • Elizabeth describes how she became healthier after dancing [20:05]
  • Thoughts on body positivity and dance [25:42]
  • Elizabeth discusses her role as a hypnotist and coach [28:42]
  • The problem with ballet/nutrition workshops [33:40]
  • Intuitive eating messaging with children [36:55]
  • Elizabeth’s credentials explained [39:14]
  • How intuitive eating isn’t simple after years of a poor relationship with food [41:52]
  • Elizabeth’s current projects [43:07]

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