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15 Years of WW® (Client Confessional with Alyson)

May 10, 2022 Michelle Yates, MS, RD, LMNT Episode 10
Nourished & Free™
15 Years of WW® (Client Confessional with Alyson)
Show Notes

"WW had convinced me that I was uncontrollable with food, i.e. I could not be left alone with any food. They had scared me to the point where I thought 'only if you follow this will you ever have a normal life again. 

If at any point (in the 15 years of doing WW) I had convinced myself that my body was beautiful, they would have lost a customer. 

In the end, they financially benefited from the fact that I stayed heavier in my weight and the fact that I could not be convinced to appreciate my size."

Nourished & Free alum, Alyson , joins me as we walk down her disordered eating journey with WW that was 15 years long.


  • Alyson’s background and her relationship with food [3:40]
  • The beginning of Alyson’s dieting [14:29]
  • Alyson’s dramatic weight loss [18:25]
  • Alyson’s Weight Watcher’s Journey [20:30]
  • How Alyson stopped thinking about points [27:45]
  • Mental health and dieting [29:13]
  • Body neutrality as a win [33:28]
  • Weight Watchers lifetime membership scam [36:00]
  • Alyson describes how she felt when her weight came back [41:28]
  • Alyson discusses other health-promoting behaviors she has been able to adopt [48:44]
  • Is Weight Watchers a diet or a lifestyle? [58:25]
  • What Alyson would say to someone currently on Weight Watchers [1:04:01]
  • The biggest thing that pushed Alyson towards needing to change her lifestyle [1:06:39] 
  • What Alyson would tell something who may be ready to take the next step in healing their relationship with food/body [1:11:16]

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