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Client Confessional: How Christen Stopped Bingeing After 25 Years

February 28, 2023 Michelle Yates, MS, RD, LMNT Episode 24
Nourished & Free™
Client Confessional: How Christen Stopped Bingeing After 25 Years
Show Notes

Ever felt like it just isn't in the cards for you to overcome the toxic cycles you're stuck in?

So did Christen.

She was sure that there was no way she'd be able to stop self-sabotaging.

But she joined Nourished & Free anyway because she knew that if she prioritize this now, she never would.

Because she took an empowering step for herself (not without some fear!), she is now BINGE FREE for the first time in 25 years.

Except it actually is super believable when you hear how she did it in this episode.

Topics Covered 👇 

  • Christen shares how she started binge eating at age 9 [2:40]
  • Christen describes what it felt like to struggle with binge eating before getting help [7:25]
  • The breaking point of Christen deciding to make a change [11:11]
  • Christen describes what binge eating looks like for her [13:04]
  • How Christen stopped her most recent binge eating episode [15:24]
  • Christen describes the diets she’s tried in the past [18:43]
  • How Nourished & Free™ compares to diets she's tried [23:47]
  • What Christen would say to someone that’s struggling with their relationship with food [27:04]
  • Christen’s binge eating journey [30:36]
  • The change in Christen’s relationship with exercise and her body [36:13]
  • Christen describes when she knew she was ready to change her life [40:01]

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