Elev8 Your Life

#148-The 4 Keys To Taking Action

March 05, 2024 Sheryl Morley & Paul Kroto Episode 148
Elev8 Your Life
#148-The 4 Keys To Taking Action
Show Notes

The actions we take get us the results we have

  1. If you take the 90 essential nutrients every day you will not have the health problems most people have
  2. Working out
  3. The actions you take on a daily basis determines the success of your business

Why are most people NOT taking action???

1. Clarity

Most people think they lack motivation but really it is clarity that they lack



  1. This is HUGE
  2. It can be pain driven


  1. Strategy- A confused mind does nothing!!
  2. What to do
  3. How to do it


Your state determines your actions and your actions determine your results

We just did a podcast on your Emotional Home

State of Certainty

The opposite of certainty is doubt and fear

It does not matter if people believe you or not.

They just have to believe that you believe it!

2 Keys To Being In a PEAK STATE

  1. Physiology 
    1. breathing
    2. move


  1. Potential
  2. Having others believe in you
  3. Cookie Jar


  1. Willpower is developed from doing HARD THINGS