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Become A Trauma Informed Coach

Lindsay Poelman

Are you a coach who's afraid to use the "T" word (Trauma) on your calls? Or you that trauma is a thing, that it happens, but not much more (because you’re not sure if you want to know more)? If any of this resonates (or you just want to know more about how, as coaches, we can support clients carrying trauma), this podcast is for you. Bringing our lack of understanding into the light is necessary to support ourselves—and clients—during calls. Now coach, I am NOT HERE to induce fear or paralysis in your coaching—bleh. I am here to help you 1) see what you’re potentially not seeing, 2) reaffirm 10000% that you absolutely can do something about it, and 3) reinforce the notion that we all start somewhere (it’s ok to be where you’re at right now)! There is SO MUCH you can do to support clients carrying trauma—as well as understanding the limitations we have as coaches—so that they can receive the care they are in search of. I believe that being Trauma-Informed is an Essential Standard of Care for every coach in the coaching industry. I have a vision of every coach being Trauma-Informed.
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