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Are Ghosts Really so Scary? (Risky Business Series: Part 3) 👻

October 17, 2023 Emily Aborn
Content with Character
Are Ghosts Really so Scary? (Risky Business Series: Part 3) 👻
Show Notes

Research shows that up to 23% of people have been ghosted in the US. Other terms closely related to this phenomenon include "breadcrumbing," "benching," "the slow fade". 

But these aren’t as spooky as straight-up ghosting. Why is the ghosting technique becoming more prevalent in the online business world with collaborators, connections, clients, and even contractors? 

In this week's episode, I wanted to take some time and first share some examples of where I see ghosting happen with connections, clients, and collaborators, then talk about WHY it might happen, and then talk about some ways to prevent it. And when not preventable, what to do about it. 

We get into: 

  • Why there's an increase in ghosting due to a rise in technology
  • Who is guilty of ghosting in a professional setting 
  • Reasons collaborators, connections, and clients might ghost
  • Ideas on how to prevent or lessen the prevalence of ghosting 
  • How ghosting has almost nothing to do with you, the ghostee
  • What to do about it when it happens 
  • And more! 

While you may be tempted to take it personally or write a story about why they ghosted, what it means about the person doing it, or what it means about you... the truth is, there are lots of reasons ghosting happens. The most likely explanation is almost never that the person on the other end is cruel or uncaring, it might actually be the complete opposite! 

So, maybe we should just let sleeping ghosts lie… 

Resources mentioned:

Desiree Stanley's Pockets of Knowledge Podcast episode featuring yours truly :)
Alesia Galati's Listeners to Leads Podcast and Galati Media Website

Connect with Me:

I’m Emily Aborn, I’m a Content Copywriter, speaker, host of Content with Character, as well as the She Built This podcast. I'm a dog mom to Mr. Clyde and wife to my favorite person in the whole world, Jason. Our happy little family lives in the backwoods of New Hampshire where we spend time hiking and investigating fungi in the woods, reading, and sitting on the back porch (when it's not snowing) doing crosswords, word games, and drinking coffee.  

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