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Episode 76: ACTION!

June 19, 2017 Chris Cooper
Two-Brain Radio
Episode 76: ACTION!
Show Notes

You probably have a great idea. I've never met an entrepreneur who didn't have at least one.

You might even know the steps to get there.

So why aren't you doing it?

If you're a fan of this podcast, you probably own a business.

You probably have an idea to make your business better.

You might not know the first steps. Or (more likely) you're probably chasing TEN ideas and finishing none.

This episode is dedicated to ACTION: doing the things that will make a difference. Knocking over the first domino. Shipping. Publishing.

When I started writing DontBuyAds in 2008, there was a severe lack of knowledge in the microgym community. We didn't know what to charge, or how to sell our services. I was guilty. So as I learned from my first mentors, I published everything on that blog (and then in Two-Brain Business, yada yada.) But in the new age of abundant information, there's a new problem: lack of filtering.

Believe it or not, you probably already know more than you need. The scope of opinion on how to run your business online is vast. Even when it's backed by comparison and data, the sheer volume can be paralyzing. I wrote, "Do You Know TOO Much?" last week, if you want to read more.

There are two parts to the "success" equation: knowledge, and action.

In my first four years spent mentoring other gym owners, I focused on knowledge: my seminars were crazy-long lectures; I sold courses online of my talking head. I no longer do either, because both stopped working for people.

Gym owners would attend these 16-hour knowledge dumps, go home and--take zero action. Or they'd buy an online course, watch a few videos, get overwhelmed, and stop.

When I founded, I took the opportunity to build our programs around what WORKS: mentorship, accountability, AND knowledge. Anyone who compares the 2017 program with the model I used in 2012 (or even 2015) will immediately see a huge difference in the updated delivery...and the results.

Why are TwoBrain gyms so successful? They're coached to take action.

How can I produce this much content, and still have time to take 5-6 phone calls lasting an hour every day? How did I write two books (Help First and Two-Brain Business 2.0) in 70 days? How do I focus on shipping when I have over 80 emails, 40 text messages, and hundreds of Facebook notifications every single day?

This is my strategy for Action.

I share this with TwoBrain gym owners on our regular calls, and I'm sharing it with you now. I know this will probably further the divide between gyms doing very, very well and gyms who aren't going to make it. Gym owners who take action will pull even further ahead of gym owners who don't, and this episode will make that divide even broader. I'm okay with that. To save The Movement, I believe some of us need to push even farther, and then model success for everyone else. Are there millionaire gym owners out there? You'd better believe it. Do they own multiple locations and have thousands of clients? Not most of them. What IS the difference between you and them?


Enjoy the podcast, and when you're ready to take your OWN action, click here to kick off the Incubator.