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Welcome to the CUES Podcast! Here we’ll talk to industry and cross-industry experts to gain perspective on trends and topics relevant to you and your role at your credit union. Not a CUES member? Learn more and sign up at

Recent Episodes

CUES Podcast 83: How Leaders Can Foster Creativity—an Interview With Beta Mannix, Ph.D.November 11, 2019 Episode artwork CUES Podcast 82: Direct Mail Success Tips for 2020 and Beyond—an Interview With Robert Dudacek and Michael BrooksOctober 28, 2019 Episode artwork CUES Podcast 81: The Value of Having ‘Motivation Conversations’ With Employees and Yourself—an Interview With Susan FowlerOctober 16, 2019 Episode artwork CUES Podcast 80: Tips for Comparing Plans ‘Apples-to-Apples’ and Other Truths About Executive Benefits—an Interview With Ramsay EllisSeptember 26, 2019 Episode artwork CUES Podcast 79: Credit Unions of All Sizes Can Succeed with Cybersecurity—an Interview with Ray Murphy, CRISCSeptember 19, 2019 Episode artwork CUES 78: Connecting Core and Content to Give Members a Great Experience—an Interview With Stephen ComerSeptember 03, 2019 Episode artwork CUES Podcast 77: Using CUES Executive Compensation Survey Data to Create Great Pay Packages—an Interview with Michael Becher, CPAAugust 12, 2019 Episode artwork CUES Podcast 76: How to Recruit, Engage and Retain Millennial Directors—an Interview With James SackettJuly 13, 2019 Episode artwork CUES Podcast 75: Executive Benefits—Less Expensive Than You Think—an Interview With Eric EarleJune 26, 2019 Episode artwork CUES Podcast Episode 74: ‘Try Before You Buy’ CUES Membership Offer Available Through Oct. 31—An Interview With Jimese Harkley, CUDEJune 21, 2019 Episode artwork CUES 73: How to Smash a CEO Interview—an Interview with Deedee Myers, Ph.D., and Peter MyersMay 24, 2019 Episode artwork CUES Podcast Episode 72: CDFI Status Is a ‘Carrot’ for Innovation—and a Possibility for More CUs Than You Might Think, an Interview with Jamie StrayerMay 20, 2019 Episode artwork CUES 71: The Magical Point of Confluence Between Diversity and Inclusion, an Interview with Jerlando JacksonApril 19, 2019 Episode artwork CUES 70: Best Practices for Modern Credit Union Contact Centers, An Interview With Terri PanhansMarch 29, 2019 Episode artwork CUES 69: Marketing Tactics and Strategies From Three Experts’ Perspectives, An Interview With Amy Herbig, Anthony Burnett and James Robert LayMarch 07, 2019 Episode artwork CUES 68: Leadership Behaviors That Engage Employees in Living Your Credit Union’s Mission, An Interview with Jen KuhnFebruary 07, 2019 Episode artwork CUES 67: The Impact of CUES New Membership Structure, An interview with Jimese HarkleyJanuary 13, 2019 Episode artwork CUES 66: 2018 CUES Next Top Credit Union Exec Competition Winner, An Interview with Lynette Cupps, CIEDecember 17, 2018 Episode artwork CUES 65: Leading an Engaged and Inclusive Credit Union: An Interview With Kathleen O’ConnorNovember 13, 2018 Episode artwork CUES 64: Using Charitable Donation Accounts to Be More Strategic in Your Giving: An Interview With Andy RoquetNovember 06, 2018 Episode artwork CUES 63: Using Data to Create Exceptional Member Experiences: An Interview With Brian ScottOctober 22, 2018 Episode artwork CUES 62: Chasing Perfection in Talent Development, an Interview With John PembrokeOctober 01, 2018 Episode artwork CUES 61: Pre-Purchase Analysis of Investments for Funding Benefits Plans, an Interview With Greg SmythSeptember 13, 2018 Episode artwork CUES 60: Talent Hoarding, an Interview with Annette Matthies August 14, 2018 Episode artwork CUES 59: Should Your CU Be Buying into BOLI, an interview with Fred PalmerJuly 20, 2018 Episode artwork