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What you ned to know before you supplement with zinc

August 13, 2020 Lydia Joy Episode 22
A Joy To Be Me
What you ned to know before you supplement with zinc
Show Notes

In this podcast episode, I'm zeroing in on zinc and why you don’t want to just blindly supplement with it. I’ve kept my mouth shut long enough. As I’ve watched all the health recs in holistic circles over this past year, I’ve internally cringed a lot at posts that are DECLARATIVE about what nutrients you need to fight the C word or ‘boost your immune system’.

Let me explain why…

Holistically speaking, you and everyone else are very different in  your current biochemistry
While you may be human and certain nutrients need to be on board for certain things
You are also a complex holistic piece of art who cannot be ‘treated’ like anyone else.

Since zinc has come into the spotlight quite a bit lately, I'm here to give you some insight before you go out and just start taking it blindly.

I have worked with hundreds and hundreds of people (mostly women then kids some men) and observed how zinc can be quite tricky to navigate.

Yes zinc is an amazing mineral, one that is lost during stress quite readily, but zinc is a powerful antagonist mineral as well.

Zinc can also alter your mineral balance. Remember mineral balancing is like playing chess on top of chess, you move one mineral and you have to know how it will affect all the other minerals on board. Most people aren’t asking; "What will their (other minerals) next move be when I bring in 30-50 mg of zinc everyday to ‘prevent C19’ and how will that impact me?"

WHY aren’t they asking? Because they don’t know.

Mineral masters do. Those who understand the intricate balancing act that can occur in the body over time when you give one mineral without know your own current biochemistry to know for sure it’s the right move for you to take.

Yes even in light of C-V-D, especially since it’s gone on for so long with no end in sight. I’m finally divulging my insight because it’s a gift to those who do not have this insight and because I’m all about nuance. It’s why you do not see me posting things about single nutrients for this or that thing anywhere unless I know for sure it’s generally a good thing for most people and even then I disclaim I can’t tell anyone how much or what form to take if they are not my client.

I mentioned a post on the blog from earlier this year with some nutrient recommendations -find that post HERE