Better Me with BodyByBree

Renew Retreats

May 26, 2021 BreeAnna Cox Season 2 Episode 45
Better Me with BodyByBree
Renew Retreats
Show Notes

If you follow Bree on Instagram, you know that she spent last week hosting an amazing Renew Retreat for women along with her mom, Andrea Carver to focus on mind and body renewal.

In this week's episode Bree is talking about the inspiration for the retreat, her feelings after it, and letting you know how you can join next time!

Some upcoming retreats:

Park City July 8-11, 2021
Laguna Beach September 19-21, 2021
Phoenix November 7-9, 2021

... plus more renew retreats and international trips planned for 2022, including Greece and Bali! 

Learn more about Andrea at

Learn more about Bree and her programs at or follow her on Instagram