Dynamite Divorce and other matters (DDOM)

Episode 38 with Clare McMahon - "Best Ideas and Worst Ideas in Family Law"

December 13, 2022
Dynamite Divorce and other matters (DDOM)
Episode 38 with Clare McMahon - "Best Ideas and Worst Ideas in Family Law"
Show Notes

Back from a summer break, Barry and Kevin are again ready to ruminate and pontificate on the practice of family law.  They are joined today by Chicago Attorney Clare McMahon from Hoffenberg & Block , who bravely wades into this wide-ranging discussion about the "Best Ideas and Worst Ideas in Family Law."  

In this Episode 38 - recorded in early December, 2022, Clare, Barry and Kevin gather around the (virtual) table to debate and explain some basic family-law concepts, as well as more-complicated techniques and battle-proven strategies.  These three experienced attorneys pull out some tools from the family-law toolbox (some well-known and others not-so-well-known) , examine them in the light of experience, and discuss how they are useful, time-wasting or harmful.  Terms and phrases like, "Discovery," "Deposition," "Deception," "Testimony," "Spew," and "Financial Affidavit" are tossed around freely, and mixed in with some war stories, anecdotal evidence and questionable opinionating.  

Why can't these intelligent people, these experienced practitioners, simply agree on one, efficient way of doing things?  Could it be that practicing family law is more art than science?  Might the complexity of human relationships have something to do with it?  

Listeners to this cacophonous, unscripted debate may learn some secrets of navigating family-law disputes arising from broken dreams, broken promises and broken relationships.  They may even gain some hope, inspiration and a feeling of encouragement.  

Chicago Lawyers Barry C. Boykin and Kevin R. Johnson have more than 50 combined years of experience in Custody, Divorce and other Family Law matters.  They know first-hand the court battles, stress and struggles that people endure as disputes are resolved in the family-court system.                

Barry and Kevin work to bring hope and clarity to a troubled world, where lawyers, judges and other professionals see the best and worst of human behavior on public display.      


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