Dynamite Divorce and other matters (DDOM)

Episode 33 PART TWO with Attorney Mark Broaddus - "Guardianship, parents, children, disabilities, power and money"

November 04, 2021 Custody and Divorce Attorneys Barry C. Boykin and Kevin R. Johnson
Dynamite Divorce and other matters (DDOM)
Episode 33 PART TWO with Attorney Mark Broaddus - "Guardianship, parents, children, disabilities, power and money"
Show Notes

Parents.  Children.  Money.  Power.  Control.  Disabled adults.   What could go wrong?

This podcast is about "Guardianship."  It sounds like a blanket of comfort and protection.   "Guardianship."  The power to decide, for adults and children who can't.  Protection against bad decisions and wasted assets sounds good!  But having a guardian could mean the loss of control.   Can you imagine having another person make your medical decisions, sell your house or spend your money?   Who should have this awesome power?

Sometimes, a guardianship clears up uncertainty.  For example, when a single mother has mental or physical challenges and isn't able to raise her children.  The schools or doctors can accept the guardian's decisions, in place of the parent. Or when a child receives a large amount of injury or accident money.  The guardian helps protect and spend that money - under court supervision.   

However, when the numbers are very big, or the emotions are very strong, issues of POWER, MONEY AND CONTROL can rip apart a family.  Some family members have even had fistfights in the hallway of the courthouse.

In this Episode 33, parts One and Two, Recorded on 10/8/2021, Barry, Kevin and guest Mark Broaddus, a very-experienced Chicago probate lawyer, discuss a variety of dilemmas and questions, including:

  • Who can be a guardian?  
  • Do they have to pass a background check?  
  • Can anyone file for guardianship over someone's children? 
  • Do parents have to live in fear of this? 
  • At age 14, does a child have the power to choose a guardian?  
  • Can the child choose to move in with 'Uncle Burt,' because he has more money, and is more fun?
  • How does a guardianship  of a child differ from a child-custody case, or a juvenile-court case?  
  • What advance planning and documents can help prevent family meltdowns over power and money?

Custody and Divorce Lawyers Barry C. Boykin and Kevin R. Johnson have more than 50 combined years of experience.  They know first-hand the court battles, stress and struggles that people endure as disputes are resolved in the family-court system.                

Barry and Kevin try to bring hope and clarity to a troubled world, where lawyers, judges and other professionals see the best and worst of human behavior on public display.      

Our Guest:  Chicago probate attorney Mark Broaddus   (call him at 312-855-4057.)


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