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Loving Your Life Again


Hi! My name is Christina and I have been on a healing journey, discovering how to love life again after leaving a toxic marriage with a drug addict, who also had narcissistic tendencies. This podcast is about learning how to love your life again after heartbreak and trauma. We will talk about making the choice to stay or leave, rediscovering who you are, and reclaiming your worth. Also, it is about taking back control of your life. Ultimately, finding joy and peace in the midst of life’s struggles. As God intended, we will go on a journey from surviving to thriving. I started this podcast because I felt incredibly alone on my journey, I struggled for a long time with deciding on when the right time to leave was and once I did, I thought now what. I was just surviving, barely hanging on thinking there had to be more to life than this. So I went on a journey, healing my body, mind, and spirit. Now, I want to share that journey with you, to help you on your healing journey, help you feel not so alone, and help you find the right tools for you to love your life again.You can find me at: www.reloadinchrist.com or on Instagram and Facebook @reloadinchrist.com