This is me at 50!

Who's your I call BS buddy?

June 09, 2023 Missy Propper Season 1 Episode 1
This is me at 50!
Who's your I call BS buddy?
This is me at 50! +
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Show Notes

Shiny, immediate fix solutions don't usually work…in fact they tend to send us in the opposite direction. 

We invest so much time and energy running around trying all of these "quick" solutions hoping this one will be the THING that finally resolves the issue without really having understood the entire problem to begin with. Without really taking the time to think about….what are all of the things I need to consider as I tackle this problem?  What are all of the obstacles, reasons why and challenges that are creating these things I want to fix - and how do I put a plan in place that will once and for find the right solution?  

 That’s where we are beginning today friends….I’m sharing 5 things to arms yourself with for navigating a problem before you start down the road to solutions.

Thanks to Pink Poppy, The Downtown West Bend Association and Plantonic Cafe for their support and sponsorship! 

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