This is me at 50!

Sugar Sabotage!

July 16, 2023 Missy Propper Season 1 Episode 4
This is me at 50!
Sugar Sabotage!
This is me at 50! +
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Show Notes

SUGAR!!! It’s the tastiest root of all evil that I think there is! 

Hands down- managing your sugar intake will have a direct impact on your weight and overall health…but these days - I’m most obsessed with how it negatively impacts my hormones! Even more specific than just “hormones” - I’m interested in how it affects the way my body shows up for me every day. 

It used to just be 1 week of PMS….and for me- it was always the week I was ovulating - usually about days 18-19 in my cycle-that I would start experiencing PMS symptoms. I would get tired, food cravings like a roller coaster, bloating, headache…just feeling crummy overall. But as I inch closer and closer to menopause - the last several years - it's no longer just the week I have PMS symptoms…. it's becoming every day. Like every day's a new surprise- each morning I wake up and think-well what's today going to be like? It's no longer limited to just the week I would be ovulating (cause that's all over the place these days) Oh-and don't get me started on body temperature and hot flashes- those lovelies like to show up at the least opportune times and I become a hot sweaty mess. 

Investigating and identifying the healthiest ways to manage and balance my body and hormones is a BIG part of my life these days - for myself as well as my coaching clients! 

So today- let's chat about the one thing that directly impacts all of those symptoms….SUGAR!

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