This is me at 50!

Pelvic Floor Health with Jordan Weyker, DPT

July 30, 2023 Season 1 Episode 6
This is me at 50!
Pelvic Floor Health with Jordan Weyker, DPT
This is me at 50! +
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Show Notes

As a Professional Health Coach, I have a collection of highly qualified resources that I refer clients to when they need additional support or guidance in their health journey. One of the goals of This is me at 50!  is to introduce you to those health and wellness practitioners and advocates in our community and share with you their areas of expertise. 

I’ve been having the most wonderful coffee chats, lunch & dinner meetings with area professionals that I am excited to bring to you here! We are identifying topics, conversations, and learning tools that create a space of knowledge and education around women's health and wellness, specifically targeting perimenopause and menopause years.  

I am thrilled to bring you our first guest - Dr of Physical Therapy - Jordan Weyker. She will have a recurring monthly episode addressing ways you can effectively include movement as part of each season in your life. She is kicking off her series focusing on Pelvic Floor Health. Take a listen- it's great information!!

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