This is me at 50!

I tackled a really big goal of keeping this the same all summer!

August 04, 2023 Missy Propper Season 1 Episode 7
This is me at 50!
I tackled a really big goal of keeping this the same all summer!
This is me at 50! +
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Show Notes

 I just wrapped up my summer goals at the end of July (I’m giving myself August as a rest month) and I am so flippin PROUD of myself! One of my goals - in a certain area was to stay the same- exactly the same! Now that was a new one for me! And it ended up being one of my toughest challenges yet!  

I felt amazing all summer long!!!  With the goal of staying the same! I was so stinkin proud of myself for taking this on! 

Having goals usually means we are driving for big results and working towards something big and incredible….but this summer my big and incredible goal was to feel good in my own body and respect that my body needs different things from me now. It needs me to make different choices….and when I do that - I show up differently! And yes! I feel amazing!!  I am not less than because I can't do the things I used to do - quite the opposite actually- I feel stronger and healthier and more capable because I tackled this really big goal of keeping this the same.

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