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Two Sales Gurus, Growth starts with a conversation!

Chris Singleton and Anthony Singleton

The business growth podcast hosted by Two sales gurus, Chris and Anthony Singleton.

Two sales gurus will be asking the tough questions to help senior executives, entrepreneurs, business owners, growth leaders and practitioners, to navigate the world of growth and sales within the technology and services sectors.


Honest, open and topical debate is the order of the day, with meaningful insight and regular guest opinion if you’re in the world of technology and services and your keen to grow, this should  be a listen for you.

Two sales gurus have between them decades of growth experience in the technology and services sector’s, having started their careers like many, from the bottom of the rung it’s fair to say they have learnt the hard way. 

Chris and Anthony have strong track records of success from delivering big ticket deals through to sales leadership and strategy. Anthony having spent the last decade or more in C-level executive and non-executive roles with a number PLC organisations.

Over the years they have worked together competed against each other in competitor organisations, mentored each other at different points in their careers, engaged in sibling rivalries, but overall are like minded with complimentary skill sets, and a no nonsense, honest approach.


Today they are still the driven and passionate individuals they’ve always been, back on the same team having founded Ciyga a growth enablement management consultancy working with technology and services  organisations of all sizes from start-ups to PLC's, assisting and supporting them on the growth journey.