A Joy To Be Me

Celebrating 2 Years! + Digging Into Glutathione

February 14, 2022 Lydia Joy Episode 104
A Joy To Be Me
Celebrating 2 Years! + Digging Into Glutathione
Show Notes

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I am Celebrating 2 years of podcasting on this heart opening day of honoring LOVE 

If you haven’t listened to my first episode -go back and do so, it’s just under 20 minutes 
Get your spark back! 

I introduced my story and why I started this podcast for you! I share how I got my spark back after many years of deep burnout and why I’m SO passionate about pleasure! 

In this episode, I talk about an important piece in helping us all get our vitality -therefore spark, back or ignited.

Whenever I see patterns emerging in my conversations and my client work or research, I take note. One topic that has been coming up recently is; supporting the body to increase energy and detox better - a big piece is through glutathione production in the body so everything functions better. 

No matter WHO you are or what age this information is crucial. Be prepared to listen and take some action after you do.

*by the way, I recommend listening to my podcast at 1.5x speed  (since I talk *painfully* slow)

Links that were mentioned in the episode if you want to dig further: 

A video chat centered around joyfulness with Max Morris
NSAIDS deplete glutathione {+What's up with NAC?}
Navigating life with chemical sensitivities and mold
The sluggish bile connection to slow metabolism
The dark side of antibiotics
Milk Thistle: A must have for your holistic medicine cabinet
Moms, babies & heavy metals: with an emphasis on lead 

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