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HealTHY Mind Podcast

Tanya Saunders

Just like nature, we are meant to grow. This is a podcast that evolved from the Dreamboard Social Club. Awareness, new experiences, and a vibrational match of how you are feeling inside to the dreams that you are calling in are key to the art and science of manifesting the life you are born for. Backed by neuroscience, psychology, and a proven system of transformation - HEALthy Mind Podcast is a quantum leap into the life you would love. Wife, Mom, Nurse Anesthetist, Certified Breathwork & Life Coach, Yoga Psychology Teacher, & astrologer, Tanya Saunders is your mentor sharing the science and art of manifestation using the HEAL practice. Hit subscribe and tune in on 2 auspicious days every month that has a rich and deep history in how to live a life with intention. Join me every New and Full Moon loves!
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