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City After Dark: Rediscovering Sex and the City

Francene & Coryne

Hosted by Coryne & Francene 

Dive into the glittering world of 'City After Dark,' a podcast that takes you on a glamorous journey through the iconic series 'Sex and the City.' Join us as we rediscover the laughter, tears, and timeless moments of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte. Each episode is a delightful stroll down memory lane, featuring witty banter, candid discussions, and a touch of nostalgia. Whether you're a long-time devotee or a first-time viewer, come along for the ride as we explore the city that never sleeps and the friendships that defined an era. And, as we compare our viewpoints from our twenties when we first watched the show to now, you'll witness how our perspectives have evolved with time, adding a unique layer to our reflections on this beloved series.