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Secrets To Scaling Your Ecommerce Brand

Jordan West & Sean Lang

Are you an entrepreneur or ecommerce store owner looking to scale your business? Then join ecommerce marketing experts Jordan West and Sean Lang as they reveal what’s working in online marketing today to scale your business. Twice a week they walk you through what’s working in paid ads and talk to successful ecommerce business owners that have scaled their businesses to 7 figures and beyond. Learn from gurus in paid traffic on Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Google Adwords (now Google Ads), Google Shopping, Bing Ads, Bing Shopping Ads, retargeting, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn ads, Google Analytics, landing pages and more. We talk about how to write good ad copy, create banner ads that sell, which creative works for which ad platform and more. We talk about everything that is working right now (and not working) to help you scale your business so you know exactly what your next year of online sales is going to look like. Once you nail paid advertising it is like a faucet that you can turn on and off at will. Let’s show you how to build the paid traffic faucet!

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