Advanced Podcast Statistics on Buzzsprout

Buzzsprout Advanced Podcast Statistics

Buzzsprout's advanced statistics provide any Buzzsprout podcaster with a simple way to access comprehensive, at-a-glance data about their podcast's growth and reach.

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Anyone with a Buzzsprout account has access to these advanced statistics to help them measure: 

  1. Podcast performance and trends over time
  2. Episode downloads
  3. Apps & technology used by listeners
  4. Listener location

Podcast apps, devices, and category statistics

Why are podcast stats important?

Objective measurement of show growth provides valuable insight into what is working and what isn't so you can fine-tune your podcast and expand your reach.

By adjusting your podcast based on statistical feedback, you can consistently improve your show, generating more downloads and listener engagement.

Buzzsprout's approach to podcast statistics

Buzzsprout places a high value on providing podcasters with useful feedback within an easy-to-navigate platform. 

Buzzsprout's podcasting statistics are comprehensive, accurate, actionable, intuitive, and beautiful. We've taken considerable time to ensure we're presenting authentic data in a well-designed interface. These advanced stats will be available to all Buzzsprout customers, on all plans.

— Kevin Finn, Buzzsprout Co-Founder

We think you should have free access to your podcast’s data, and that quality statistics can help improve the reach and success of your show.

Tour of Buzzsprout statistics

Buzzsprout's entire statistics package is built around actionability. Podcaster's should be able to use their stats to answer important questions about their listeners.

Podcast Overview: How fast is my podcast growing?

Podcast overview provides convenient, intuitive visuals displaying over-all show performance. The overview graph charts your podcast's over-all trend across time. Switching to the cumulative view allows you to see when your podcast hits various download milestones.

These charts allow you to see how fast your podcast is growing, so you can spot moments where you changed the trajectory of your podcast.

Podcast downloads over the past 30 days

Episode Downloads: What are my most popular podcast episodes?

Episode downloads allows for a deeper dive into individual episode performance and trends across time.

Learn which episodes are the most popular to determine what type of content your listeners enjoy the most.

Episode downloads dashboard

Technology: What apps are people using to listen to my show?

The technology section tracks the apps and devices your audience is using to listen to your podcast and displays the top ranking app, device, and category of technology used.

Podcast statistics dashboard

The apps listeners use to stream a podcast are pulled from over 40 sources and listed in order of popularity.

Podcast apps, devices, and category statistics

Locations: Where are my listeners located?

Listener location will let you see where your listeners are downloading your show. You might have fans in Tajikistan or everybody could be located in your home town.

Podcast location statistics map

The world map provides a high-level view of how your listeners are spread around the globe. Below the map you can get more detailed download numbers by country & city.

Podcast countries and city statistics

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