A Podcast Plugin for Wordpress

WordPress is an amazing resource, because it allows you to set up your own website with custom pages for your specific needs. To make podcasting with WordPress easy for you, we’ve developed our own WordPress podcast plugin to help you pull episodes from Buzzsprout directly into your site or blog.

Buzzsprout Wordpress Podcast Plugin

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the plugin
  2. Extract into a folder
  3. Upload the entire folder to `wp-content/plugins/` directory of your WordPress installation
  4. Enable it via Plugins panel
  5. Specify the Buzzsprout feed URL you want to retrieve episodes from and other options under Settings->Buzzsprout Podcasting


The Buzzsprout podcast plugin drops a new icon onto your "Upload/Insert" toolbar. Click this icon to select the episode you would like to include within your post.

Once you select the episode you would like to include, a shortcode will be added to your post. Feel free to move this around to wherever you would like the episode to appear within your post.

How to Videos

Our friends over at Odin Spark have put together a great 3-part video series on How To Build A Podcast Site Like a Professional using WordPress and Buzzsprout. We hope you enjoy!

Comments / Questions / Feedback

Please contact us directly if you have any comments, questions or feedback.