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Get listed in all directories
Get Listed

Get your podcast listed in all of the top podcast directories

Reach millions of potential listeners by listing your podcast in Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Alexa, Overcast, PocketCasts, Castro, Castbox, and Podchaser.

Podcast Stats

Advanced podcast statistics to track your progress

Get to know your listeners with podcast statistics. See stats like your total downloads over time, what apps people are using to listen to your podcast, and where people are listening to your podcast.

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Magic Mastering

Magic Mastering

Like an Instagram filter for your audio.

Magic Mastering uses advanced technology to automatically sweeten audio files and then optimize them to match the industry best practices for spoken word or music heavy productions.

It's the easiest way to publish a professional podcast, brought to you by your friends at Buzzsprout.

Upload your episode
Easy Upload

Automatic episode optimization

Don't worry about filetypes, bitrates, or ID3 tags. Just upload your audio file, and Buzzsprout will optimize your episodes automatically. Publish your episode immediately, or schedule the day and time you'd like your episode to go live.

Dynamic Contnet

Dynamic Content

Our Dynamic Content tool lets you add and remove pre-roll and post-roll segments to and from your podcast episodes. Send a message to all of your listeners, regardless of the episode they are enjoying.

Transcribe Episode

Make your podcast more accessible with transcriptions

Transcribe your episodes inside Buzzsprout to make your podcast more accessible to search engines, speed-readers, and people who are hard of hearing.

Beautiful podcast player for your website

Add a stunning podcast player to your website with just a snippet of code

Player Controls Controls

Skip forward, backward, or binge podcasts at 2x speed.

Social Sharing Share

Help your fans quickly share your episode on social media.

Customize Player Customize

Create a podcast player that matches your unique brand.

Manage Multiple Podcasts
with Unlimited Team Members

Multiple Podcasts
Manage Multiple Podcasts

Create as many podcasts as you like under one account.

Unlimited Team Members
Unlimited Team Members

Have as many people as you want manage your podcast.

Helpful videos and discounts
Learn & Grow

You'll never have to figure things out on your own

Buzzsprout will be with you every step along the way with in-depth podcasting guides, our YouTube channel, a private Facebook community, and award-winning customer support.


Buzzsprout works with your existing podcast tools

You don't have to piece everything together yourself. Buzzsprout integrates with leading podcast tools to give you a seamless experience. And tech-savvy podcasters can connect directly to the Buzzsprout API.

Promote your podcast with the Visual Soundbite

Stand out on social media with a Visual Soundbite that matches your brand


Celebrate your podcast's success with Buzzsprout

Buzzsprout will never miss a chance to throw a party. We'll send you updates on how your podcast is performing and when you hit important milestones along your podcast journey.

Free podcast website
Custom Website

A podcast website you'll be proud of

Buzzsprout will help you create a beautiful website you can make your own.

Directories Directory Links

Links to your podcast in the most popular podcast apps.

Customize Website Customize

Create a podcast website that matches your unique branding.

Custom Domain Your Own Domain

Put your website on your own custom URL.