Citing a podcast on the web

How to Cite a Podcast [MLA, APA, & Chicago Styles]

Gone are the days of citing only print resources and web pages. In 2020, audio podcasts are an ever-growing source of unique content with valuable (and citable) information.

No matter which citation style you use, you'll need to find some basic information on the episode. Here's a list of the key elements you'll need (and how to find them): 

  • Author/creator
  • Title of the podcast
  • Title of the podcast episode
  • Publisher 
  • Date episode was released 
  • Podcast URL 

Note: If the podcast you're citing doesn't have it's own website, you can use the URL from your podcast player, instead.

Podcast in iTunes app with arrows pointing to information needed for citing

The good news is, most of the information you'll need is easy to find between your podcast player and a quick Google search — but how do you know whether you have to cite a podcast to begin with?

When you need to cite a podcast episode

Before you learn how to cite a podcast, let's review how to know whether it's necessary in your unique case.

Ask yourself these questions to determine whether you need to give credit to the show's creator:

  • Am I quoting the host/episode word-for-word?
  • Did I use information, data, or facts I found in a podcast?
  • Have I summarized ideas or paraphrased the thoughts of the creator?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you'll need to cite the podcast to give credit to the host, or guest, whose work you reference. Review the following citation formats to learn how!

Note: These citation formats are for academic, scholarly, and professional uses and can be used for citing podcasts in research papers, articles, books, and print pages.

Choose a citation style

A square for each citation style and images indicating the subject matter of each one

Citing your work involves using both in-text citation (or endnotes, in the case of Chicago Style) and a reference list. In-text citations let you cite sources within the body of your text and a reference list includes more details on those sources at the end of your content.

With Chicago style, you use endnotes to cite your information after the main text — but before the reference list— instead of using parenthetical citations.

To cite your podcast, pick the format that best matches the subject of the episode you're citing and plug in the relevant information!


Used for: Humanities (English, drama, religion, philosophy, law, & politics)


Last, First, M.I. of creator. “Title of episode.” Name of Podcast, Name of publisher/where you listened to episode, Date it was posted, URL.

MLA 8 reference example in a green box

In-text citation:

(Host's last name, start time of revelant section-end time of section)

MLA 8 in-text citation example in a green box


Used for: Social sciences (psychology, sociology, science, & medicine)

APA style asks for the "contributor title "( i.e. the title of the person you're citing). Most of the time, the contributor title will be "producer" or "host", but it can also be the episode's guest if you're citing their material.


Last, First, M.I. (Contributor title). Date episode was published (Year, Month Day). Podcast title [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from URL.

APA 7 reference example in a green box

In-text citation:

(Podcast Title, Year)

APA 7 in-text parenthetical citation example in a green box

In-text direct quote:

(Host's last name, year, timestamp)

APA 7 in-text direct quote example in a green box


Signal Phrase: “Kauffman (2020) said in his podcast…”

Chicago style 

Used for: Business, history, & fine arts (mostly used for published, scholarly works)


Last, First, M.I. “Title of Podcast.” Produced by Company. Name of Podcast.  [Podcast audio], Month Day, Year episode was uploaded. Podcast URL

Chicago style podcast reference example in a green box

Endnotes (no in-text citations)

First, Last, M. Date of podcast. “Name of podcast.” Podcast audio. Episode title. Publisher. File type. Accessed Month Day, Year. Podcast URL

Chicago style endnotes example in a green box

Additional tools & resources:

Check out these helpful citation tools and guides to make the podcast citing process as quick, easy, and accurate as possible!