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Setting Up Your Buzzsprout Subscription

We are excited to introduce Buzzsprout Subscriptions! Now, you will be able to set up a subscription for your podcast, which will give your listeners a simple way to contribute to your podcast monetarily.

Here we will cover how to get set up with your Buzzsprout subscription from the podcaster's side, so if you are a podcast listener who is looking to support a podcast, check out this article: Buzzsprout Subscriptions | FAQs for Supporters

How to Set Up a Subscription for Your Podcast

Setting up your subscription will only take a few minutes and it will give your listeners a way to send money to your show. This can be a great way for you to earn revenue through your podcast!

Start by heading to the Monetization page in your account and click on the Subscriptions tab. As long as you are on a paid Buzzsprout plan, you will be able to set this up!

There you will begin filling in your Subscription Settings.
  • Title: We will default your subscription title to your podcast name plus "+". But we recommend that you update the title to be something original to your show. 
  • Type: There are two types of support you can accept for your show. You can either accept Recurring Support from your listeners. Or you can create Premium Content and give your supporters the ability to access that content by supporting your show. Learn more about the support types here: Subscriptions FAQs
  • Additional Info: This info will appear on the sign-up page and will give potential supporters more information about your subscription. You can also use this space to thank them for their support of your show. This section is optional.
On the right side of this page, you will see an example of how the subscription will look on your Buzzsprout website and the different payment options that your listeners can choose from.
Subscription Settings.png
If you decide to use the Premium Content option, then you can mark your episodes are premium content within the episode details page. Just click the Edit button on the episode and then check the box beneath the player to make the episode subscriber only!
CleanShot 2023-01-20 at 11.45.00@2x.png

Accepting and Tracking Your Support

Once you save your subscription settings and publish your subscription, your listeners will be able to subscribe and support your show directly from your Buzzsprout website. As you gain subscribers, you will be able to track your monthly revenue on the Subscriptions page.

We will show you your subscribers, their email and subscription information, and their personal emoji identifier! You will also get an idea of your projected earnings and be able to track past revenue.
CleanShot 2023-01-20 at 12.04.01@2x.png As soon as someone subscribes to your podcast you will see the revenue in your Buzzsprout Wallet. You will be able to apply the revenue toward your monthly Buzzsprout charges or cash it out via PayPal.

Check out this Buzzsprout tutorial for a detailed walkthrough for Buzzsprout Subscriptions!

As you get started with Buzzsprout Subscriptions, please email our support team ( with any questions you have and they will help!