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Free Podcast Hosting from Buzzsprout
Free Podcast Hosting from Buzzsprout

Easy and Powerful Tools

Everything you need to have a successful podcast

Reporting Analytics All Directories Monetization Tools Easy to Use
  • Reporting & Analytics Easy to understand stats
  • Podcast Directories Get Listed Everywhere
  • Monetization Tools Listener support and Buzzsprout Ads
  • Publishing for Everyone Easily create and publish episodes

Free Learning Materials

With our free podcasting guides, video tutorials, podcasting courses, industry podcasts, and the Buzzsprout Podcast Community, you’ll have everything you need to create a successful podcast.

Remarkable Customer Support

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Buzzsprout has made it easy to host 300+ daily episodes.

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Easy to use, no nonsense, and a great way to get the WORD out !

The SLK podcast
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Podcast hosting and distribution so easy, anyone could do it.

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They have highly responsive, helpful and supportive customer service.

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I highly recommend Buzzsprout for their careful attention to clients.

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Full of innovations and the customer service is excellent.

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Buzzsprout blows me away with their user-friendly podcasting experience

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I would recommend them to anyone starting out, like myself.

Joe C.
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User friendly site with lots of helpful suggestions and great customer care.

Jeri R.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ A great package for a great price.

Buzzsprout is an excellent podcast host and easy to use service.

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Can't say enough how much I appreciate every one of them!

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The best provider to help grow my podcast is Buzzsprout.

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Because Buzzsprout gives me so much more value in comparison.

Billy D.
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I wasn’t going to at first, but now I will never switch.

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We chose Buzzsprout and have been extremely satisfied!

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Tools to make your podcast look and sound amazing

Visual Soundbite
Visual Soundbite
Visual Soundbite
Visual Soundbite

Visual Soundbites

Create videos to share on social media to promote your podcast.

Visual Soundbite
Visual Soundbite
Visual Soundbite
Magic Mastering

Sound amazing with
Magic Mastering

It's like an Instagram filter for your audio.

Magic Mastering uses advanced technology to automatically sweeten audio files and then optimize them to match industry best practices for spoken word or music-heavy productions.

Buzzsprout is certified by The Podcast Standards Project

Buzzsprout is proud to be certified by The Podcast Standards Project, a grassroots industry coalition dedicated to creating standards and practices that improve the open podcasting ecosystem for both listeners and creators.