15 years of Buzzsprout

15 Years of Buzzsprout

Apple added podcasts to iTunes in 2005 and it didn't take long for us to get hooked. It felt like the next evolution of blogging; even utilizing the same publishing technology (RSS).

Podcasting expanded online publishing opportunities and offered a respectful listening experience. It was open, educational, entertaining, and on-demand. We loved it. We wanted to help people create podcasts. The world needed more great podcasts.

At that time, it wasn't very easy to create a podcast. There were a few hosting services, but they were pretty technical and intimidating. That didn't seem right. If the world needed more great podcasts, it also needed great podcast publishing tools.

So in 2009, we launched Buzzsprout. The easiest way to host, promote, and track your podcast.

Buzzsprout website and app in 2009

The 15 years following that launch have exceeded our wildest dreams. We never imagined that Buzzsprout would be the largest premium podcast host in the world, but here we are, hosting more than 123,000 podcasts and continuing to grow.

Along the way we've had the opportunity to support, protect, and contribute to open podcasting. The Buzzsprout team was the first to roll out self-service podcast importing, making it easy to move between podcast hosting services. We were early contributors to the Podcast Namespace, which resulted in industry standard tags like transcripts, podrolls, and RSS feed locking. Buzzsprout is also a founding member of the Podcast Standards Project (PSP), a grassroots industry coalition dedicated to creating standards and practices that improve the open podcasting ecosystem for both listeners and creators.

We have served Buzzsprout customers by adapting technology that was only available at the enterprise level and making it available to all. Tools like Buzzsprout's Dynamic Content use to be locked behind contracts and sales teams; it's now table stakes for any serious podcast hosting solution. Magic Mastering and Cohost AI, speed up podcast production and innovations like Fan Mail let audiences connect with podcasters easier than ever.

Most recently, we're pushing the podcast hosting industry forward with native podcast hosting apps for both iOS and Android and helping podcasters of any size monetize with Buzzsprout Ads and Subscriptions.

Buzzsprout has been proud to support podcast industry events and organizations. Over the years we've brought thousands of podcasters to events like Podcast Movement, Podfest Expo, She Podcast, Blk Pod Festival, and others. We proudly support industry news outlets like Podnews and their podcast counterparts (The Podnews Weekly Review and Podnews Extra). We even get to host and sponsor local podcast meetups around the country, some at our own HQ in Jacksonville, FL.

Of course there is more, and I've probably missed some of the best. But the point is clear. It's been a great 15 years. We're grateful and honored to serve and support podcasters and podcasting.


Buzzsprout is 15, which is like 100 in Internet years. And if we're being honest, there were parts of the brand that were showing their age. The logo was cliché and the interface was feeling a little...let's say over-washed (fine for t-shirts, but not a great look for software). We were really starting to miss some of that crispness you get from a fresh tech build.

We also realized that the mission of Buzzsprout has expanded. Originally designed to help people start podcasting; we're now dedicating massive efforts to help people keep podcasting. Our blog posts, YouTube channel, online courses, weekly newsletter, and our own podcasts are all created with both goals in mind.

Podcast achievements, advanced statistics, mobile apps, and Fan Mail keep podcasters motivated. The Facebook and Reddit Communities, podcaster meetups, and free tickets to podcast conferences allow our customers to connect with other creators in real life. And our dedicated Podcaster Success team helps podcasters overcome hurdles with expert guidance and remarkable support.

So about 8 months ago we began working with the wonderful branding firm GOAL. They helped us freshen things up, while paying homage to the things that make Buzzsprout special.

Today, we’re excited to unveil a refreshed Buzzsprout that captures our mission of helping people keep podcasting.

If you ever listen to Buzzcast, you know that we've been signing off with “keep podcasting” for years. Over time this motto has found its way into our YouTube videos, blog posts, t-shirts, stickers, and emails. We're now thrilled to promote the saying to official tagline status.

Keep Podcasting

Buzzsprout still has the same name, team, and commitment to podcasting, but we have a fresh new logo, colors, typography, and messaging to better reflect our growing mission.

Buzzsprout old vs new logo

We'll begin rolling out and refining the results of this work over the next several weeks. We preemptively ask for some grace as change is never easy and we don't expect to nail everything out of the gate. But we're committed to serving our podcasters and moving Buzzsprout forward; together we can do this.

Thank you all for your ongoing support. We truly have the best podcasters in the world.

Keep Podcasting!
Kevin Finn
Buzzsprout Co-Founder