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10 Best Podcast Website Ideas and Templates [2022]

A podcast website is another great way to showcase your content, get subscribers, and build your own podcast brand.

A well-built podcast website can:

  • boost SEO,
  • improve marketing efforts,
  • make monetization easier, and more.

We found 10 unique podcast pages that stand out. Feel free to use these examples as inspiration for your own website.

10 Unique podcast template ideas

#1. Modern Finance

Website builder: WordPress
Price: $8 per month

Modern Finance podcast homepage


  • Latest episode and full description front and center
  • Ability to submit a podcast review via the webpage
  • Separate tab for newsletter keeps the homepage clean and streamlined

#2. Stance Bodega

Website builder: Podpage
Price: $9-$15 per month

Stance Bodega podcast homepage


  • Latest podcast episode featured on homepage as well as featured episodes
  • Facebook page embed on right-hand menu
  • Easy for visitors to leave a review

#3. Zero to Exit

Website builder: Podcast Page
Price: $12-$18 per month

Zero to Exit podcast page


  • Easy-to-spot podcast directory and social media icons
  • Podcast player streaming the latest episode at the bottom of the page
  • Option for visitors to leave voice messages to the host

#4. Buzzcast

Website builder: Buzzsprout
Price: Included with all Buzzsprout accounts

Buzzcast Buzzsprout episode page


  • Customized, on-brand color scheme
  • Subscribe buttons and social media links
  • Short bios and image of each host
  • Full episode archive on one page

#5. The Vertical Space

Website builder: Podpage
Price: $9-$15 per month

The Vertical Space Podpage


  • Podcast player on the bottom of the page
  • Can't-miss subscribe button
  • Meet the hosts page
  • Simple layout that's easy to navigate

#6. The Smarter Sales Show

Website builder: WordPress
Price: $8-$25 per month

The Smarter Sales Show podcast website


  • Visitors can listen to episodes without leaving the homepage
  • Visible subscribe buttons
  • Opt-ins throughout homepage

#7. AfterDark

Website builder: Wix
Price: $14-$23 per month


  • Video header that matches theme of the podcast
  • Very simple home page with About section and social media handles
  • Episodes and Contact tab featured separately

#8. The Friday Habit

Website builder: Squarespace
Price: $19-$33 per month

The Friday Habit homepage


  • Clear messaging and easy-to-click buttons
  • A free offer to build email list
  • Customized episode artwork with guest image for each
  • Short host bios and images

#9. American Purpose

Website builder: Ghost
Price: $9-$25 per month

American Purpose homepage


  • Blog-style template with latest podcast episode and YouTube video
  • Easy-to-spot newsletter and donate buttons
  • Short host bio on top right-hand side

#10. Build Your SaaS

Website builder: Transistor
Price: Included with hosting service

Build Your Saas Transistor podcast page


  • Episode artwork next to each audio file
  • Easy-to-see podcast directory buttons
  • RSS feed URL so you can listen in your favorite podcast app

13 Custom-built podcast websites

#1. This American Life

Podcast type: Non-fiction storytelling

This American Life

This American Life keeps its site straightforward. The latest episode gets the spotlight with large artwork, an episode description, and a big, bold play button.

Visitors can view the whole archive beneath the featured episode, buy merch, or sign-up for the weekly newsletter.

Best aspects:

  • Full podcast archive
  • The latest episode is highlighted and easy to play on the homepage
  • Simple template

#2. The WPMRR Podcast

Podcast type: Business

The WPMRR WordPress Podcast

This WordPress podcast site features colorful icons to their content on Stitcher, YouTube, iTunes, and Google Podcasts. They even have their RSS feed, so you can add their podcast to your favorite podcast player.

The podcast episodes have their own show notes page and coordinating thumbnails in a bright, fun color scheme.

Best aspects:

  • Clean design with functionality
  • Coordinating, high-quality thumbnails for each episode
  • Full show notes pages for each episode

#3. Welcome to Night Vale

Podcast type: Dramatic fiction

Welcome to Night Vale

Instead of making episodes the focus, this award-winning fiction podcast spotlights its positive reviews from big-name media outlets. This page also highlights sponsorships and has easy-to-click donation links.

Best aspects:

  • Highlights positive reviews and sponsors
  • Donation links on the homepage

#4. The Good to Growth Podcast

Podcast type: Nonprofit

The Good Growth Podcast

This nonprofit podcast website focuses on the podcast host and description center stage. There are podcast episodes below, each with a picture of the guest interviewed. There are also free guides and a membership element.

Best aspects:

  • Membership options
  • Free offers

#5. The Jordan Harbinger Show

Podcast type: Solo podcaster, interview podcast

The Jordan Harbinger Show

Jordan Harbinger's website is a great example for solo podcasters. The bright, bold buttons and embedded video clips encourage engagement. The site has a featured guests section, testimonials, and a podcast playback menu at the bottom of the page streaming the latest episode.

Best aspects:

  • Podcast player at bottom of page that streams new podcast episode
  • Featured guest section
  • Positive testimonials and reviews

#6. The Media Roundtable Podcast

Podcast type: Roundtable

The Media Roundtable Podcast

This roundtable podcast has a minimalist that features the most recent three episodes front and center. The site also highlights the podcast's YouTube channel and makes it easy for people to apply to be a guest on the show.

Best aspects:

  • YouTube clips on the homepage
  • Recent press coverage
  • Guest form

#7. The Doctor's Farmacy with Mark Hyman, M.D.

Podcast type: Solo podcaster, medical

The Doctor's Farmacy with Mark Hyman, M.D.

Dr. Hyman's podcast page has a beautiful video header and a simple menu separating podcasts, videos, and articles. The right side of the page has social media links, a community sign-up box, and subscribe links.

Best aspects:

  • Video header
  • Articles, videos, and podcast episodes
  • Organized side menu

#8. Crime Junkie

Podcast type: True crime

Crime Junkie

Crime Junkie's website is dark and moody and matches its genre perfectly. The "Listen Now" button stands out against the dark theme, and a scrolling bar highlights organizations supported by listener donations.

The show's latest episodes are featured farther down the page, with unique artwork for each one.

Best aspects:

  • Dramatic aesthetic
  • Scrolling bar of organizations they support
  • Fan club sign-up

#9. Limetown

Podcast type: Documentary-style storytelling


This site combines several elements into one seamless page. There are no other menus or tabs. The artistic layout features a positive review from a major outlet, a clean-lined podcast player, merch, and downloadable transcripts.

Best aspects:

  • Big "Listen Now" button
  • Merch on homepage
  • Downloadable transcripts

#10. We Can Do Hard Things

Podcast type: Multi-host discussion

We Can Do Hard Things

This podcast page features two elements: a podcast player with transcripts and subscribe links and an About section. The theme is big and chunky, with only the basics.

Best aspects:

  • Simple web player with subscription links
  • Episode transcripts for added accessibility
  • Phone line for voicemails

#11. The Money with Katie Show

Podcast type: Advice

The Money with Katie Show

This site integrates a personal blog and podcast with buttons for each front and center. There are tons of free, downloadable guides, tools, and mini-courses. The page also has stunning graphics for every post to encourage engagement.

Best aspects:

  • Features full blog and podcast
  • Free downloadable tools and mini-courses

#12. Freakonomics

Podcast type: Deep-dive interviews, multiple podcasts


Freakonomics makes multiple podcasts and books and highlights them without being visually overwhelming to viewers. The scrolling header includes the latest episode of every podcast and a follow button for each. The books are highlighted at the bottom.

Best aspects:

  • Scrolling podcast player in the header
  • Book promotion

#13. The Rework Podcast

Podcast type: Business


  • Unique layout with easy-to-navigate left-hand menu
  • Episode-focused template that allows for detailed descriptions of episodes
  • Simple contact options
Alban Brooke

Alban Brooke

Alban Brooke is the Head of Marketing at Buzzsprout and the co-host of Buzzcast. Have any questions about this guide? Reach out on Twitter.


Do I need a website for my podcast?

It’s a good idea to have a podcast website to help with marketing, monetization, and SEO optimization to boost visibility in search engines. A podcast website is also a great way to build your email list and support a successful podcast marketing plan.

How do I make a podcast website?

You can make a free podcast website through most podcast hosting platforms like Buzzsprout or Libsyn. A paid web hosting site like WordPress or Squarespace offers more customizable features and templates.

What should be on a podcast website?

Your podcast page should include:

  • your podcast RSS feed to display audio files,
  • a podcast description,
  • an email sign-up,
  • an audio player,
  • social media links,
  • subscribe links to your podcast, and
  • links to your content Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, and other podcast directories and podcast apps.